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Mansfield’s Vision for the Future

In 2035, the Town of Mansfield will be a community of historic rural villages, flourishing farms, and protected open spaces, and the home of the University of Connecticut’s flagship campus. Through a smart growth approach, Mansfield will accommodate growth in designated areas of compact development, avoiding sprawl and preserving rural character. The compact development areas include a vibrant town center and neighborhoods with diverse housing adjacent to campus, attractive mixed-use centers at Four Corners and in southern Mansfield, as well as room for new businesses at Perkins Corner and the Depot Campus area. These areas will provide compact and walkable locations for growth. Outside of these designated areas, Mansfield will promote rural character, agriculture, and natural open space, through preservation and stewardship.

We are committed to supporting diversity, sustainability, arts and culture, economic viability, an excellent public school system, and a high quality of life and sense of community for all residents. These commitments are reflected in our community institutions such as our library, public education system, recreational programs, and town events. We value our natural resources and our cultural and historic heritage. Our goal is to pass them on to future generations. As the University’s host community our town has a mutually beneficial and respectful relationship with the University as an institution, a campus and an academic community rooted in Mansfield.

For more information concerning Mansfield’s vision, please consult the Mansfield Plan of Conservation and Development, Chapter 1: Mansfield Vision for Tomorrow.


Achieving the Vision

To help us achieve this vision and make Mansfield the preeminent location for business in eastern Connecticut, we have identified the following goals:

  • Mansfield has balanced economic development efforts with sensitivity to preserving the town’s unique blend of rural character and college town amenities to create an attractive location for businesses, workers and residents.

  • Mansfield has an entrepreneurial environment that supports business formation, expansion, and retention.

  • Mansfield has a growing and diversified economy that helps to maintain the high-quality services desired by residents.

  • Agriculture is valued by the community and expanding with increased acreage, higher production and growing market opportunities.

  • Mansfield’s land use regulations are farm-friendly and support business retention and expansion efforts while protecting community character.

To learn more about how we plan to turn our vision into reality, check out the Mansfield Tomorrow Plan of Conservation and Development, Chapter 6: Diversifying the Economy.