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Grade 8 Math (CC3) Classwork and Homework Listing

Geometry Classwork and Homework Listing



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Links and connections for other activities:  We may use these throughout the year, but you are welcome to explore at any time!

Leap Day Activities

 Tiling and Tessellations


Why is a number to the zero power equal to 1?

Main GeoGebra Page 

GeoGebra Quickstart

Learn to make shapes

 GeoGebra Shapes 

 Pythagorean Theorem

a2 + b2 = c2  Visual Proof

 Shoot the Hoop??  Rubber Pencil Illusion

Graph the Line!


 Tesselation Tiles  Physics!  Masses and Pulleys
 Bezier Curve String Art

 The Triangle Paradox

Can you answer it??

 Model of the Earth System

 Mystic Rose - 

Regular Polygon with 


 Math is Beautiful

Play with this!!!

Four Stroke Engine

Can you explain what's 

going on here?

Reaction Time Tester


Imbalance Problems





Homework instructions for success:

  1. Do your homework on graph paper
  2. Use a pencil for all math homework
  3. Be sure to put your name on your work before you start!
  4. This information should be on your homework paper: Name, Class, Date, Assignment.  I have a rubber stamp that you can use at the top of your papers if you like.
  5. Always use a straight-edge for lines.  It does not need to be a ruler – it can be an index card, a pencil, etc.
  6. Please make a line across the paper at the bottom of each problem so I know where one ends and the next begins and also clearly indicate your answer when appropriate.  Use a straight-edge for the line.
  7. Homework problems do not need to be correct, but they do need to be your best effort.  If the answer can be checked you should show all work for doing this.  You are encouraged to use hints and help as a tool, but if you copy it directly without showing that you can do the work, you will get zero credit for the assignment

You will not get full credit for your assignment if you do not follow these instructions


Silent Board Game

CC2 Math Homework 2013-2014

Fibonacci Video 

Mashable Math is Awesome

Hard math for the phone company


Old Geometry Page