Your homework for orchestra is to practice your instrument daily. What and how you practice, as well as consistency are more important than how much time you spend practicing. The amount of time will vary from person to person. Some tips and quotes about practicing:
  • Practice smaller tricky sections first, before playing through a piece.
  • "Tempo of success:" play slow enough to get it right before moving the tempo faster.
  • "Practice makes permanent, NOT practice makes perfect:" practice it more times right than wrong.
  • Be specific when evaluating and reflecting: what sounded good and what can you do to keep playing it that way? What specific section, measure, or note did you not like, and what could you improve about it? What is your first step to make that improvement?
  • "Knowledge does not equal skill. Knowledge plus ten thousand times equals skill."--Dr. Shin'ichi Suzuki
  • "Secret Ingredients" for playing fast: 1. Practice it SLOW. 2. Practice staccato, moving fingers before the bow. 3. Make all motions smaller (less bow, hover fingers, reduce string crossing angles)
  • Listen to recordings!
  • "One must practice slowly, then more slowly, and finally slowly."--Camille Saint-Saens