Mr. O'Donnell's Homework Page

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Language Arts

Writing is all around us!

Always reflect on your experiences outside of class: You never know what might make an incredible story.

Students are currently learning and practicing grammar rules that will help them edit their "Activist Research Articles."

They will turn in their articles on Monday, January 7th.


Social Studies

We are now beginning our exploration of the Middle East, past and present. 

Students are exploring the history of Afghanistan to prepare for a class reading of The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis.

This story follows an 11-year-old girl and her family living in Afghanistan in the 1990s. 



Review your continents and oceans on Sheppard Software!

How well do you know the world's flags? Set a high score, then try to beat it!

Can you deliver pizzas using latitude and longitude?

Find Ancient Artifacts and Determine How They Were Used

Use Activism To Solve a Problem You Care About!