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Language Arts

Students are focused on finding solutions to problems in their local and school communities. They will be writing argument letters to persuade others to implement these solutions. 

Surveys for Research

Styrofoam Trays

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School Lunch

Star Testing

Bottle Bricking

Too Much Homework?

Movement in School

Standardized Testing


Movement in School (2)

Vinton Traditions (Former Vinton Students Only, Please)

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Gymnastics Equipment

Math Homework

Electric Scooters

5th and 6th Grade Sports

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East Brook Mall

Trash In Your Neighborhood

Dogs Pooping On Your STREET!

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School Schedule

Sidewalks in Mansfield

Class Choice

Get Your Energy Out

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Roaming Animals

Too Much Homework? (2)

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School Start Time

5th and 6th Grade Sports (2)

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Summer School

Bullying in School

Social Studies

No current homework due.

In class, we are studying child labor around the world. We are also reading  Iqbal, a novel about children working together in a carpet factory.