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        Social Studies Homework:

We are beginning our unit on the 13 Original Colonies. Students have been working on their Colonial reports and will soon be sharing. USE  teacher Homepage to practice geography!!!!!

 We are also working on our Geography terms in class and Students should be studying list 1 & 2 for upcoming quiz


              Social Studies Quizzes and Test: 

Geography Dictionary Quiz  List 1 & 2 on Friday January 20th.



      Classwork: We started our Reading Strategy lessons in Reading Workshop.

We have moved into our Nonfiction unit on vocabulary, summary and Main Idea.

   Homework:  Read for enjoyment, 20-30 minutes a tonight. Record

your reading on your record sheet.

Students should have a nonfiction book they would like to read.


Use your sticky notes to write about your reading: I think... I learned... I wonder... and One connection I made......


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