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        Social Studies Homework:

 The Three Branches of Government, history and how our government works. What are the duties of our branches of government?


        CONTENT READING Homework: 


 Study Southeast Region States spelling, abbreviations, capitals and locations. Quiz Friday April 4th.

      ******** REMINDER: Use the Quia page and Teacher Homepage for practice.  ********                     

         (see link at bottom of page)

              Social Studies Quizzes and Test: 

Government Make Up Quiz Friday April 4th

Class #3 Content Reading Quizzes and Test


  Test on Friday April 4th on Southeastern States spelling, abbreviations, capitals and locations.


        Classwork: Poetry Unit

        Homework:  Read and fill out Reading logs(4 entries this week) March 24-28

Use your sticky notes to write about your reading: I think... I learned... I wonder... and One connection I made......


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