Mansfield Middle School  Mrs. Dickinson - Homework Page

Homeroom:  Welcome to Mansfield Fire Safety Week in Grade 5 Science!  MMS Book Fair runs this week in the Library Media Center.


Reading Class 1:    .Read 20 min each night in an SSR free choice book; Scholastic News: Heads Up! and worksheet due Friday this week. No class on Thursday due to the Internet Safety presentation in the auditorium.  UConn tutors are available on Wednesday and Thursday during X-Block for reading HW help. 

Our current read aloud is Missing in the Mountains by T.S. Fields

Science overview:   We begin each day with a read aloud story by Ivy Ruckman, Night of the Twisters.  We use lab explorations  to understand air pressure, convection currents (wind) and the water cycle. 

Science 2, 3, 4 & 5:  no specific HW this week - please check Power School for missing assignments and/or assignments that may need to be revisited.