Mansfield Middle School  Mrs. Dickinson - Homework Page

Homeroom:  Enjoy the vacation week! Smarter Balanced Assessments continue the week following vacation. Please be sure to sleep and eat a good breakfast before coming to school.

Reading:    . Please refer to your child's planner for specific homework.

Reading Class 2: Read 20 min in SSR book of your choice. - Homework: Time for Kids due. Mr. Kevin from EASTConn Thursday with a birding lesson.

Reading class 2 will also participate in the EastConn Going Green grant to learn about watersheds, environmental impacts, and carrying capacity of our planet. Students will work with other students from Coventry and Hartford. Clean water and recycling are key concepts that will be reinforced through hands-on activities and readings (fiction and nonfiction).

Reading Class 5:. Read 20 min in SSR book of your choice - Homework: Scholastic NEWS due Friday, April 4th  .

Reading class 5 will also participate in the EastConn Learning Lands multidistrict grant - Coventry, Sterling and Windham MS students join our MMS students for low-ropes adventure challenge and studies of the vernal pool. We also participate in the CT River to Salmon School program. We'll raise 200 wild Atlantic salmon eggs and release the young fish into the CT River. Classes are co-taught with the EASTConn staff.

Science overview:  We finished studying light and the human eye. We will move into health - ticks and Lyme Disease, head lice, and smoking in connection to the nervous system and circulatory system. Our next unit of study in science will be Plant and Animal Cells.

Science 1, 3 & 4:  Please refer to your child's planner for specific homework.