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Monday 1/14: Spelling Activity, Category 2 due tomorrow- Use all your Unit 6 words 

Tuesday 1/15: Spelling Activity, Category 3 due tomorrow- Use all your Unit 6 words

Wednesday 1/16: Take Spelling Pretest at home using Unit 6 words, due tomorrow- directions are below.  Test TOMORROW

Thursday 1/17: Unit 6 Spelling Test TODAY

Friday 1/18: No Homework- Have a good weekend!


Monday 1/14: No HW

Tuesday 1/15: No HW

Wednesday 1/16: No HW

Thursday 1/17: No HW

Friday 1/18: No HW- Have a good weekend!






For each night you are assigned spelling homework, you must choose 1 activity from the assigned category.  Be sure to use ALL your spelling words for the activity, and underline the words.  Follow the directions for the activity carefully.

CATEGORY 1: Look at your words more closely

1)   Group the words into categories you create.

Ex: Spelling Patterns, Nouns, Adjectives, Words That Start With “H”, Words With Five Letters, Cooking Words, etc…

2)  Write the word, followed by the part of speech in parentheses.

Ex: country (noun), vain (adjective), invent (verb)

3)  Write the word, followed by its definition which you must look up in a dictionary.

4)  Create a chart with 3 columns.  Write the words in the first column, a synonym for the word in the second column, and an antonym for the word in the third column.

Ex:   Words              Synonyms                  Antonyms

        coarse              rough                                smooth

5)  Write the words and divide each word up into syllables.  Place a dot over the vowels in each word.  Now, study at the patterns you’ve created for help with spelling.  Look at the number of consonants between vowels.  Are the vowels long or short?

Example of dividing: gen/tle/men (then dot the vowels)



CATEGORY 2: Using your words in writing

1)   Use all the words to create as few sentences as possible.  The sentences must make sense.

Ex: The company makes a good plastic suitcase.

2)  Use all the words in an original short story or poem.

3)  Create newspaper headlines using the words.  Each headline must be a complete idea.

Ex: Terrible Comic Recites Bad Jokes

4)  Create a greeting card using your words on the front and/or for the message inside.  Be sure to include a picture.

5)  Write a friendly letter to someone using all your words.

6)  Cut a picture(s) out of a magazine.  Use your words to help write an advertisement.

7)  Create a comic strip.  Use your words in the speech bubbles.



CATEGORY 3: Word Work

1)   Create your own riddles with the words as the answers.

Ex: A two-syllable word that relates to sound. (loudness)

2)  Create a word scramble puzzle.  Be sure to create an answer key.

Ex: aolevs (loaves)

3)  Carefully alphabetize all of your words.

4)  Create a word search on graph paper.  It should be no larger than 5 inches by 5 inches.  Hide your words then list them at the bottom of the page.  Give your puzzle to a person and have them find the words.

5)  Create sets of two words that are related to each of your spelling words.  Then, add your spelling words correctly to each set.

Ex: cookout, picnic, barbeque




How to Take a Spelling Pretest

This homework assignment will be completed the night before a spelling test.  It is a great way for you to find out which words you really need to focus on for the test.  It is also a great way for you to share with a parent or guardian some of what we are doing in classJ


1.    Get out your list of spelling words, a pencil, and a piece of notebook paper.

2.    Ask an adult in your home to please read the list of words to you.  You will number on the notebook paper, and try to spell all the words by writing them out.

3.    At the end, ask your adult to check your work and mark missed words.

4.    Then, the adult MUST sign your notebook paper.

5.    Then, look for any patterns in missed words.  Try to make a connection that will help you remember how to spell the word.  Are there words in the words?  Ex: together= to+get+her

Is the word part of a word family with a similar sound or spelling pattern? Ex: crooked= book


6.    Finally, any words you missed must be written out 5 times each. 


7.    GOOD LUCK!