Mansfield Middle School
Mrs. Andrews
Homework Page   9/15/14 - 9/23/14

Language Arts:

Monday,  9/15         Classwork: Spelling Pretest - Unit 1 Homophones; Homework: Due Wednesday, 9/17 Flashcards: Write your word on the front of the

                                 card, and on the back write the definition and a sentence that shows you know the meaning.

Tuesday, 9/16         Classwork: Memoir Entry Work - Writing about a special place.

Wednesday, 9/17    Homework Due Today: Flashcards.  Homework Due Thursday, 9/18: Sentences.  Write a complete sentence for each word showing you

                                 know the meaning.

                                 Classwork: Memoir Entry Work - Strategy for Generating Ideas for Writing: Emotions

Thursday, 9/18       Homework due today: Sentences; Homework Due Friday, 9/18 1 activity from Category 3

                                Classwork: Memoir Entry work: Generating entries from your emotions chart

Friday, 9/19            Homework Due Today: Category 3; Homework Due Tuesday, 9/23 Write your words 6 times each

                                 Classwork: Information Writing Preassessment

Monday, 9/22          Homework Due Tuesday, 9/23: 6X each    UNIT 1 SPELLING TEST TOMORROW, 9/23!

Tuesday, 9/23         Homework Due today: 6X each  UNIT 1 SPELLING TEST TODAY; Classwork: Any remaining time will be spent on entry work


Social Studies        915 - 9/23

Monday, 9/15            No Homework; Classwork: Introduction to the Heifer Project; The Promise Video

Tuesday, 9/16           No Homework; Classwork: Introduction to Dan West, Founder of Heifer International and the Heifer Website

Wednesday, 9/17     No Homework; Classwork: Constitution Day: What is the Constitution?  What are our rights under the Constitution?

Thursday, 9/18         No homework; Classwork: Heifer Project: Bringing an End to World Hunger

Friday, 9/19               No homework; Classwork: Promise Video:  What are the many products we get from animals?

Monday, 9/22            No Homework: Classwork: The Bridge: Paragraph Writing

Tuesday, 9/23           No Homework; Classwork: Introduction to Text Features