Mansfield Middle School
Mrs. Andrews
Homework Page

Monday, December 15 - Friday, December 19



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Language Arts:

Monday,  12/15            Classwork: Finish Information Writing Assessment; Revision work and type Fairy Tale

                                      Homework: Unit 4 Spelling worksheet - Due Wednesday, 12/16

                                      Spelling Test: Friday, 12/19

Tuesday, 12/16            Classwork: Revision work and typing fairy tale; Homework Due: Spelling Worksheet

                                      Homework: Practice Spelling Words

Wednesday, 12/17      Classwork: Revision work and typing fairy tale

                                      Homework: 6X each due Thursday, 12/18


Thursday, 12/11         Classwork: Fairy Tale revision and typing; Homework due today - 6X each

                                    Homework: Study for Spelling test tomorrow


Friday, 12/12               Classwork: Unit 4 Spelling Test


Social Studies       

Monday, 12/15              Classwork: Notetaking from articles

Tuesday, 12/16             Classwork: Notetaking from Culturegrams

Wednesday, 12/17      Classwork: Culturegrams: Research work

Thursday, 12/18          Classwork: Culturegrams: Research work

Friday, 12/19               Classwork: Culturegrams: Powerpoint Work