Mansfield Middle School
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Classwork:  Author's Craft

                    -Library every other Tuesday - remember to bring back your books!

                      Library visits:

                                                 Tuesday, January 16th - Book Selection

                                                 Tuesday, January 30th - Book Talk

 Homework: Read a minimum of 20-30 minutes each night Monday - Thursday and fill in reading log - due

                    every Friday.

                    Try to find time to curl up with a good book and read some on the weekends!

                    -On your jots collect evidence of  author's craft. You will be writing long about this in your


                      Example:  This is what a jot should look like:

                                          Name ______________________________________________          P. ____

                                          Technique: Figurative language (idiom)

                                           Example: (Copy the words exactly from the text)

                                                             Ganwar said to Kek after he chose pajamas from the box to wear to

                                                              school, "The kids will eat you alive."

                                           Goal: I think the author chose this figurative language (idiom) because he wanted to

                                                      build a mood.  When Ganwar says this it ends up creating a funny situation. 

                                                      We understand that Kek doesn't understand English very well because he

                                                      literally thinks "America" people eat each other.  I couldn't help but laugh at




 Classwork and Homework: Grammar work: nouns, commas, spelling, Nonfiction Writing: Expert Pieces.

-Proper nouns, common nouns, and plural nouns - QUIZ - Friday, January 12th. Use your packet

  to study the rules.

 -Spelling - 2 Homework Activities due on Wednesday, January 17th

-Spelling Test - Thursday, January 18th

-Information Article Draft due Thursday, January 18th