Mansfield Middle School
Mrs. Andrews
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Classwork:  Unit 1: Character Work

                    -Library every other Tuesday - remember to bring back your books!

                      Library visits:

                                                 Tuesday, November 28th

                                                 Tuesday, December 12th

 Homework: Read a minimum of 20-30 minutes each night Monday - Thursday and fill in reading log - due

                    every Friday.

                    Try to find time to curl up with a good book and read some on the weekends!

                    -On your jots collect evidence of character.  Look for what your character thinks (thoughts), says

                     (dialogue), does (actions), and feels (feelings).  Copy down the evidence directly from the text

                      and write the page number on your jot.  As you read, think about theories you are developing

                      about the kind of person your character is.  You will be writing about this in your journal.

                      Example:  This is what a jot should look like:

                                          CHARACTER THOUGHT          P. 24

                                           I nod to say yes, I understand, but I wonder if I will ever understand,

                                           even if Dave stands here, pointing and thinking forever.



 Classwork and Homework: Grammar work: nouns, portfolio work, Introduction to Nonfiction

                                               Writing: Expert Pieces.


                                               -Students need to shaer their Slice of Life essay with parents and

                                                 return by Friday, November 17th.