Mansfield Middle School
Mrs. Andrews
Homework Page



 Homework:  -Read at least 30 minutes in your fiction book each night, Monday - Thursday.  

                    -Collect evidence about your character's traits on sticky notes.  See the directions on the paper I handed out. 

                    -2 character jots are due on Friday, October 5, 2018

Example of a character jot:  (Write the following on your jot)

 Name__________________ R_____

Main Character’s Name: Kek

Trait: respectful

Evidence from text:

The helping man asked Kek,” Do you like the cold?"

 Kek thought to himself, I want to say No, this cold is like claws on my skin!

 But he doesn’t say that.  (p3) Instead he looks around and says,

“How can you live in this place called America?  It burns your eyes!” (p 4)



Homework: No homework this week.

                       This week we are learning about Native American homes.  Students will begin working on a project this week.  They will select a Native American tribe to research and teach about.