Mansfield Middle School
Mrs. Andrews
Homework Page

Monday, March 23 - Friday, March 27



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Language Arts:

Monday,  3/23               Classwork: Finish Ryan's Well Info Piece; No homework

Tuesday, 3/24               Classwork: Information Writing Post Assessment - Day 1 - Notetaking; No homework

Wednesday, 3/25          Classwork: Information Writing Post Assessment  - Day 2 - Notetaking; No homework

Thursday, 3/26             Classwork: Information Writing Post Assessment - Day 3 - Writing the piece; No homework

 Friday, 3/27                  Classwork: Information Writing Post Assessment - Day 4 - Finish writing draft; No Homework


Social Studies       

Monday, 3/23               Classwork: One World: Islam - text coding and questions

Tuesday, 3/23              Classwork: What You Will See in a Mosque; No homework

Wednesday, 3/24         Classwork: Current Events; begin compare/contrast analysis of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; No homework

Wednesday, 3/25         Classwork: Compare / Contrast Judaism, Christianity, and Islam;  No homework

Friday, 3/27                  Classwork: Venn Diagram comparing religions; No homework