Mansfield Middle School
Mrs. Andrews
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Monday, November 10th - Friday, November 21st  



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Language Arts:

Monday,  11/10            No school

Tuesday, 11/11            No School

Wednesday, 11/12      Classwork: Fractured Fairy Tale Unit: Work on beginning lines and exposition for fractured fairy tale.

                                      Homework: Class 3 only  Choose one event in your story to write about.  Use as much detail as you can.


Thursday, 11/13          Classwork: Planning story map; No homework


 Friday, 11/14              Classwork: Spelling Pretest: Unit 3

                                     Homework Due Tuesday, 11/18  Flashcards


Monday, 11/17            Classwork: Fractured Fairy Tale: Scene Development

                                     Homework Due Tuesday, 11/18: Spelling Unit 3, Flashcards

Tuesday, 11/18            Classwork: Fractured Fairy Tale: Scene Development

                                      Homework Due today: Spelling Flashcards;  Homework Due Wednesday: Spelling Sentences

Wednesday, 11/19       Classwork: Fractured Fairy Tale Drafting                              

                                       Homework Due today: Spelling Sentences; Homework due Thursday: 1 Activity from Blue Sheet

Thursday, 11/20            Classwork: Fractured Fairy Tale Drafting

                                        Homework Due today: 1 Activity from Blue Sheet; Homework Due Friday: 6X each

                                        SPELLING TEST TOMORROW! STUDY 

Friday, 11/21                  Classwork: Unit 3 Spelling Test


Social Studies       

Monday, 11/10            No School

Tuesday, 11/11           No School

Wednesday, 11/12     Classwork: Latin America Postcard - text and illustration due by end of class Friday

Thursday, 11/13         Classwork: Latin America Postcard; No homework

Friday, 11/14              Classwork: Latin America Postcard; No homework