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Simple Machines Vocabulary Quiz Class 4

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Simple Machines Vocabulary:


Simple Machine



Types of machines that do work with one movement. There are six classes (types) of simple machines which belong to one of two families – the inclined plane family and lever family.




Inclined Plane




A sloping surface that helps us move a load by applying an effort force over a longer distance.







A simple machine that helps us split things apart.








An inclined plane wrapped around a rod.








A straight rod that pivots on a fulcrum and helps us move a load by applying an effort force.





Mechanical Advantage






The amount of effort saved when using a simple or compound machine. The number of times your effort force is multiplied by a machine.






Wheel and axle





Two circular objects, or a wheel and rod that are connected and rotate together.





A wheel that has a groove around the outside edge that helps us lift a heavy object.



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