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We'll spend some time

at Bicentennial Pond this week

(and studying watersheds in class)



* Vocabulary – Studying Populations (pages 13-20)

Limiting Factor - An environmental factor that causes a population to decrease or remain the same. For example, if there is not enough food, then a population of deer will be reduced. Lack of food, water, or shelter would be a limiting factor.

Population Density – The number of individuals in a specific area.

Carrying Capacity – The largest population that an area can support.


Vocabulary – Interactions Among Living Things (pages 24-31)

Adaptation - A behavior or physical characteristic that allows an organism to live successfully in its environment

Competition – A struggle between organisms to survive as they attempt to use the same limited resource.

Predator - An organism that kills another for food (obtains energy by feeding on other organisms)

Prey - An organism that is killed and eaten by another organism.

Symbiosis - An interaction between two organisms which benefits at least one.

Mutualism – A relationship between two species in which both species benefit.

Commensalism – A relationship between two species in which one species is helped while the other is neither harmed nor helped.

Parasitism – a relationship in which one organism lives on or inside the host organism and harms it.

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Archived Math 5 Homework Records

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