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* Community Preparedness: Promoting awareness among community people about what to do in an earthquake. Mock Drill is very effective for raising awareness. (pg. 22-29) (VERY high level) (long but simple lists, this is for California but could be used to make one for Dhaka)


* Earthquake Resistant Buildings: Constructing earthquake-resistant community buildings and buildings (used to gather large groups during or after an earthquake) like schools, dharamshalas, hospitals, prayer halls, etc. especially in seismic zones of moderate to higher intensities. (good level article with two videos included)  (look at first three pages) (video about engineering earthquake resistant buildings) (very structured, could be for lower level with guidance)


* Retrofitting: Retrofitting of weak structures in highly seismic zones. It is very important for Dhaka city as 60% building of this city are not able to survive against ground shaking. (Retrofitting) (video and article) (list of questions people have asked about retrofitting and answers for real people) (very long article but lots of specific aspects of retrofitting)

* Building Codes: There should be appropriate standard building codes and specifications in construction practice to safeguard against seismic forces. (lack of building codes in Haiti)


* Seismic Risk Map: Bangladesh should prepare a proper seismic risk map. There should be detailed seismic risk map especially for Dhaka city considering its poor physical structure and high population density. (higher level) (what are seismic risk maps?) (color in map of US could be included on poster)



Source for open note quiz: Earth Shaker Mountain Maker -

BANGLADESH (Risk of Earthquakes) - Stop Disasters Game- Go to "Earthquake", Select the Easy Level -- Fill in chart question 3 based on information in video.