Mansfield Middle School
Mrs. Batulevitz

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Language Arts 2 -

Week of 2/24

No Homework


At-Home Writing Journal Expectations:

Each week you will write at least 1 page in your at-home writing journal.

Each entry could be written on one topic or you could work on a longer story that continues from entry to entry.  If you choose to write a story, then just write the date each time you start a new entry and continue working on the same story.

Each entry is a minimum of 15 minutes of writing time.

Entries are places to play with ideas, words, genres, strategies, and structures.

Entries should be typed on Google Classroom.

Possible Entry Topics for At-Home Writing Journal:

Write a short fiction (realistic, historical, fantasy, sci-fi) story.

Write about a character that you might want to use in a future story.

Write long about some of the ideas you have for fiction pieces. (I am thinking that…..)

Write a poem – rhyming or free form.

Write about a trip you went on or a trip you’d like to go on.

Write about something you are worried about.

Write about the best day of your life.

Write about the worst day of your life.

If I were the president, I would….

If I were the principal of the school, I would….

In ten years, I think I will….

Write about your favorite baseball/football/basketball/hockey player or team.

Write about your favorite singer or band.

Write about your favorite television show or movie.

Write about the first time you ever did something. Write about the last time you ever did something.

Write about your favorite book/author/character/series.

Write non-fiction pieces (biographies, How-to Books, All About books)