Mansfield Middle School Mrs. McAlduff Homework Page

Welcome September 

 6th Graders 

Weeks Of November 17-21 November 24-26

6th Grade Reading 

   Read 15-30 minutes each night 

   You should be bringing the SAME book to school and home each day!

Signposts learned for internal thinking while you read:   1. Aha Moment   2. Contrast & Contradiction  3. Tough Question  4. Memory Moment  5.  Words of the Wiser  6. Again and Again

3 Sticky Notes due Friday November 21

Reading Plus Dashboards should be completed by Friday.  Every week!!!!!

Library Dates: 11/18,  12/ 9


6th Grade Study Skills A

 Monday Tuesday Friday

Room 103 or 209    Bring:

  • trappers
  • math materials
  • independent reading book
  • owed homework/classwork
  • math, reading, writing interventions 


6th Grade Study Skills B

Tuesday Wednesday Friday


  • trappers
  • independent reading book
  • Tues/Wed: Rdg/Writing Intervention
  • Friday: Intervention



6th Language Arts

Fiction Unit

Planning and Drafting Realistic Fiction or Fractured Fairy Tale!

Andrews: Spelling Unit 3                                  Assignments due 11/21  Test Mon 11/24

Learning the genres