Mansfield Middle School Mrs. McAlduff Homework Page

June 16-20



5th Grade Reading:  

       Class 3          

    Read 20 minutes each night even during the summer!

 Gregor the Overlander in class. Special Activities 6/17

  5/2 TFK due Monday 6/16

Look for Summer Packet-parent signatures required!!!



 6th  Grade   Reading 

       Class 2         


Read 30 minutes each night, even during the summer!

Tornado TFK due 6/18

Look for summer packet! Parent Signature required!

Can you name text features often found in informational text?Can you name the story elements found in narrative text?

 5th Grade LA
Class 1

Turn in Published How To/Expert

Working on Personal Essay in class!

Happy Summer!                         


5th Grade Reading w/Mrs. Dickinson
           Class 5

Gregor the Overlander

Special activities 6/17!