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May -June 2017

5th Grade Reading

Class 5

Jot example

 Homework:Read 20 minutes each night

(bring book to school each day) 

 Teaching Topics

  • Logging daily reading
  • Story (narrative) elements: Climbing a mountain (characters, setting, events, problem, rising action, suspense, climax, falling action)
  • Make a movie in your mind as you read
  • Purpose of non-fiction: to learn new information
  • Word Work: closed syllables, multisyllables
  • Reading Plus (log onto from MMS website)         
  • www.kidsa-z  (go onto the website)                                      Classroom passcode: SharonCline                                     Student Password: FirstnameLastinitial  JSmith

    Next Library Date:May 24th

  6th Grade Reading

Class 2

Jot example

Homework: Read 30 min each night

(Bring book to school each day)

Teaching Topics:

  •  Log nightly reading
  • Genre and story elements of fiction
  • Characters change as the story progresses
  • Theme: the book's life lesson
  •  Make a movie in your mind as your read
  • Non-fiction: main ideas supported by details
  • Word Work: open syllables, multisyllables
  • Reading Plus
  • www.kidsa-z.com (see password info under grade 5)

     Library: WednesdayMay 24th