Mansfield Middle School Mrs. McAlduff Homework Page

 6th Graders 

Weeks March 30-April 2, April 6-10

6th Grade Reading 


Historical Fiction Unit

Students will be reading historical fiction books about The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 during class. They will not be taking these books home.  They will do in class reading, sticky notes, and discussion with their group members. 

Homework Read 30 minutes each night. Because we will be using class time to read historical fiction homework time for the next three weeks should consist of the following:

   1. Reading Plus

   2. Time for Kids: 

Signposts learned for internal thinking while you read:   1. Aha Moment   2. Contrast & Contradiction  3. Tough Question  4. Memory Moment  5.  Words of the Wiser  6. Again and Again

Reading Plus Dashboards should be completed by Friday.  Every week!!!!! This is a reading comprehension grade. This can be worked on at home!

Library Dates:    3/31

6th Grade Study Skills A

 Monday Tuesday Friday


Room 103 or 209    Bring:

  • trappers
  • math materials
  • independent reading book
  • owed homework/classwork
  • math, reading, writing interventions 


6th Grade Study Skills B


Tuesday Wednesday Friday


  • trappers
  • independent reading book
  • Tues/Wed: Rdg/Writing Intervention
  • Friday: Intervention

Just Words Unit 7




6th Language Arts

Research Writing Unit

Publishing Research

Post Assessment Information/Research