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September 2016

5th Grade Reading

Class 5


 Homework:Read 20 minutes each night

(bring book to school each day) 

 Teaching Topics September:

  • Building reading stamina-how to log reading
  • Genre: fiction or non-fiction, narrative or non narrative
  • Picking a just right book
  • Story (narrative) elements: Climbing a mountain (characters, setting, events, problem, rising action, suspense, climax, falling action)
  • Reading of Biggest Bear
  • Changing a sticky note into a jot
  • Library: book talks and book selection
  • Reading Plus and Read Live

    Next Library Date: Wednesday September 28

  6th Grade Reading

Class 2


  •  30 minutes each night.
  •  Bring book to school each day.
  • 2 Jots each night starting 9/28/16, for a total of 10 per week.

September Teaching Topics:

  • Review of Genre
  • How to log nightly reading
  • Narrative story elements
  • Characters change as the story progresses
  • How to change a sticky note into a jot
  • 4 parts to a good jot
  • Make a movie in your mind as your read
  • Starting to read Heartbeat by Sharon Creech