Mansfield Middle School
Ms. Poller's Homework Page

Homework is a vital part of a student's learning and growth.  It provides individual practice and preparation for future instruction.  I encourage students to try their best and to ask for help when needed.

Please contact me at or at 860-429-9341 ext 7308 if you have any questions.


We strive to develop confident practitioners. 

  • Students should come prepared to each class with a pencil, textbook, graph paper, toolkit, and a willingness to work (and even struggle a bit!).
  •  Homework is assigned every night and checked every class. Students' weekly assignment sheets are stamped to indicate completion each class.   
    • Late homework is accepted, with a lower grade.

  • HW hints are available online if a student is stuck.
  • Learning Logs are a critical tool for me to check student understanding.  They can be written on this or on any paper to be passed

  • Parents:  A parent guide is available online if you are looking for support to help your child(ren).  This link also provides access to additional practice problems.
  • Here is the Open House presentation if you missed it!  Please be in touch, as needed.

Social Studies

 We strive to develop informed, empathetic, active citizens.


The 7th grade social studies website has many interesting sites for students to explore.  

We encourage students to be aware of current events around the world.

Please consider participating in HISTORY DAY!  It is an awesome opportunity!   



    Welcome to 7th grade!  We look forward to a great year.


9/14:  1-70+1-71,1-80 to 1-82 (due 9/17)

9/12: 1-56 (LL), 1-57 to 1-62, 1-72 to 1-74, 1-83+1-84 (due 9/14)

9/11: Fraction add/subtract (due 9/12)

9/10:  1-45 to 1-49 (due 9/11)


9/7: 1-35 to 1-39 (due 9/10)

9/5: 1-18 to 1-22 

9/4: 1-11 to 1-15 (due 9/5)

8/30: Cover textbook*.  Complete Mathography in Google Classroom (due 9/5)
* If you have computer access at home, consider using the CC2 ebook so you don't have to lug the textbook home and back!



Welcome to 7th grade!  We look forward to a great year.

9/5:  "Map About Me" due 9/11