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Homework Page

Homework is a vital part of a student's growth.  I encourage them to try their best and to ask for help when needed.

Please contact me at or at 860-429-9341 ext 7199 if you have any questions.


We want to develop confident practitioners. 

Click here for nightly assignments/weekly assignment sheet.

  • Students must come prepared to each class with a pencil, textbook, binder/graph paper, workbook, and a willingness to work.
  • Homework is assigned every night and checked every class.  Students will lose points for late homework, but are encouraged to do it, even if it will be late!  
  • HW hints are available online, but are not a substitute for trying on your own.
  • NOTE:  A parent guide is available online.  This link also provides access to additional problems for practice. There is a helpful introduction as well.


Social Studies

The 7th grade social studies website has unit assignment pages as well as many interesting for students to explore.  

Click on the unit to research interesting topics about that culture.

See below for specific assignments.

We also encourage students to be aware of current events around the world.


Click here for nightly assignments/weekly assignment sheet.

1/13 - NOTE that assignment sheet students were given will differ from the actual assignments this week due to snow day on Monday. 

1/9:  Only homework over the weekend is to finish problem 5-65 (and any overdue homework).


Consider these New Year Resolutions

  • Always try your best
    • Do all your homework on time
    • Actively participate in group/class discussions
      • Take risks - suggest strategies / solutions others might not have considered
    • Learn from your mistakes
      • Check your homework answers and ask if you are confused about your mistakes
  • Be organized
    • Number problems in your classwork and homework
      • Keep papers in order in your notebook
  • Be ready to learn – a positive attitude will take you a long way.

NO NEW homework over break.  Use the time to make up missing work. Have a wonderful vacation.  

CH 4 INDIVIDUAL test on Friday, 12/19 

CH 4 TEAM test on Friday, Dec 12

Team Test Topics:

  • Order of Operations (terms, integers, etc.)
  • Proportional Relationships, including recognizing these relationships on graphs and tables
  • Scale Factors
  • Associative and Commutative Properties
  • Area and Perimeter with Algebra Tiles

Use the long weekend to catch up on missing homework.  Enjoy the holiday! 

Ch 3 INDIVIDUAL test on Friday, Nov 21 

Ch 3 TEAM test on Friday, Nov 14 

10/31 -  Please do this homework sheet INSTEAD of what is listed on your weekly homework page for the weekend.  Get Q1 gradesheet signed

10/27: INDIVIDUAL TEST (Chapters 1+2)

10/20: Team test (Chapter 1+2)

Individual Test:  10/1 ( classes 4+5) or 10/2 (class 2).  Review team test to decide where to focus your studying/practice.

9/23: Team Test.  Start thinking about what topics in chapter 1 have confused you.

Click here for Open House (9/10) presentation


History Day participants are conducting research and preparing for trip to UCONN on Thursday, 1/22.

CLICK HERE FOR HISTORY DAY milestones.  You can also see Mrs. McMunn's school History Day webpage.

1/26 - ROME Unit has begun!  Ch 14 notesheet is due Tues, 2/3.  

1/13 - SS midterm will be given in two parts:  part I (multiple choice/fill-in) on Thursday, 1/22* and part II (essays) on Monday, 1/26.  Get papers organized!  Index card HW (to be used on the test) is due at the start of your test.  Card will be collected at the end of part I and returned to you to be used on part II.
  *History Day participants will take part I on Wed during A+A (since we will be at UCONN on Thursday!)

1/9:  Students who earned less than 70% on the Greece unit test may RETAKE the test with notes. I will average your two grades for a maximum new grade of 70%. Deadline:  end of the school day on Wed, 1/14/15.  Link to test is at

1/8 - In Persia unit.​ 

Greece Unit test on Thursday, 1/8.  We will review in class on Tues, 1/6.  No homework over break except for History Day research for those who are participating.

Guided Reading sheet due on Monday, 12/8.  Extra credit if completed by 12/5. 

HISTORY DAY LETTER OF INTENT due Monday, Dec 1. Don't miss out!

11/14:  Finish brief write on Caste System in Centers packet (due Monday) 

11/6:  Finish Indus River Civilization maps and questions for Friday, 11/7

11/3 : Get Q1 gradesheet signed

10/31:  Please complete the similarity/difference question on the China Webquest worksheet completed in class today (along with at least 2 of the required topic sections).

10/23:  Egypt crossword and 2 questions on China timeline due 10/24

Egypt (Ch 4) Guided Reading sheet due Monday, 10/6
Egypt Research Project due dates:
 - sign up (alone or with partner): Monday, 10/6
 - source/note check: Thursday, 10/9
 - in-class work time: 10,5; 10/7; 10/16
 - final project due: Monday, 10/20 (presentations Mon and Tues)


9/30 - Archaeology Day.  Come with a pencil and excitement to explore!

9/26 - Finish Climate Change article and questions if you didn't finish in class. 

9/19 - Unit test on Tuesday.  See SS webpage for study guide and Jeopardy! game. 

9/11 - Mesopotamia Guided Reading sheet due 9/16; unit test 9/23 

9/5 - Finish "Time Revolves Around ME!" timeline and Qs 

9/4 - class 3 only:  Finish "Toward Civilization" classwork page for HW