Mansfield Middle School
Ms. Poller
Homework Page

Homework is a vital part of a student's growth.  I encourage students to try their best and to ask for help when needed.

Please contact me at or at 860-429-9341 ext 7199 if you have any questions.


We want to develop confident practitioners. 

Click here for nightly assignments/weekly assignment sheet.

  • Students must come prepared to each class with a pencil, textbook, binder/graph paper, workbook, and a willingness to work (and even struggle a bit!).
  • Homework is assigned every night and checked every class. Students' assignment sheets are stamped to indicate completion.  Students will lose points for late homework, but are encouraged to do it, even if it will be late!  
  • HW hints are available online, but are not a substitute for trying on your own.
  • NOTE:  A parent guide is available online.  This link also provides access to additional problems for practice. There is a helpful introduction as well.


Social Studies

The 7th grade social studies website has unit assignment information as well as many interesting sites for students to explore.  

Click on the unit to research interesting topics about the culture / time period we are currently studying.

See below for specific assignments.

We also encourage students to be aware of current events around the world.


Nightly homework is listed on students' weekly assignment sheet.  Changes during the week (based on progress in class) will be reflected on this page.

8/31 - Students should cover their textbook.  They have been given a URL and password to allow them access to the e-book.





Welcome (back) to 7th grade!

Students have received an overview of the course.  They will receive their textbooks on 8/31.  These books should REMAIN AT HOME.  We have copies at school for them to use (in class and/or for HW assignments), as needed.