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Homework Page

Homework is a vital part of a student's growth.  I encourage students to try their best and to ask for help when needed.

Please contact me at or at 860-429-9341 ext 7199 if you have any questions.


We want to develop confident practitioners. 

Click here for nightly assignments/weekly assignment sheet.

  • Students must come prepared to each class with a pencil, textbook, binder/graph paper, workbook, and a willingness to work (and even struggle a bit!).
  • Homework is assigned every night and checked every class. Students' assignment sheets are stamped to indicate completion.  Students will lose points for late homework, but are encouraged to do it, even if it will be late!  
  • HW hints are available online, but are not a substitute for trying on your own.
  • Parents:  Are you looking for ways to help your child with his/her math homework?  A parent guide is available online.  This link also provides access to additional problems for practice. There is a helpful introduction as well.


Social Studies

The 7th grade social studies website has unit assignment information as well as many interesting sites for students to explore.  

Click on the unit to research interesting topics about the culture / time period we are currently studying.

See below for specific assignments.

We also encourage students to be aware of current events around the world.

 Parents: Here is a copy of this year's Open House PowerPoint.

Hope you enjoyed HISTORY DAY!  Awesome opportunity!


Nightly homework is listed on students' weekly assignment sheet.  Changes during the week (based on progress in class) will be reflected on this page.  Learning Logs can be written on this or on a paper that can be passed in. 

6/7:  Use this link for classwork:  8.3.4

6/1-2:  Use these links for classwork:  
8-81a and 8-81b

5/23: TEAM Test (Chapter 9 and Ch 8 data analysis) on  5/31

4/26: Equation Editor (please practice)

4/25: Ch 7 INDIVIDUAL test 4/27 (cl 4)or 4/28 (cl 2)

4/6:  Ch 7 TEAM test on Tuesday, 4/12

3/22: Ch 6 INDIVIDUAL test on Tuesday, 3/29

3/7:  Ch 6 TEAM test on Tuesday, 3/15 

2/29 - Students who have not gotten to 6-74 in class must complete remaining problems for homework.

2/19:  Ch 5 individual test.  Review Team test and HW quizzes (and HW) to prepare.

1/22: STAR Math testing on 1/29.  Ch 5 Team test on Tues, 2/2

1/4:  Ch 4 INDIVIDUAL test on 1/8 

12/21:  Create CHART to gather data for problem 5-35.  No homework this week or over break (unless classwork is not completed or work is owed).

12/18:  Ch 4 INDIVIDUAL test will be after break: 1/8/16

12/17: Skip LL 5-28 (we are behind in classwork).  

12/11: Ch 4 TEAM test on Tues, 12/15.

11/13: Ch3 INDIVIDUAL test on Wed/Thur next week. 

11/9: Get gradesheet signed. 

11/6:  Ch 3 TEAM test on Tues, 11/10. 

10/23: HW CHANGE: worksheet (see nightly page for link) 

10/9:  HW CHANGE for long weekend.  

9/28:  For Monday classwork:  

9/18:   We are well into the first marking period.  Students (and parents, if they are willing)  should review the organization strategies in use.  Can you find previous questions easily?  Do you have all the papers you need?  If not, let's try something different!

8/31 - Students should cover their textbook.  They have been given a URL and password to allow them access to the e-book. 





SAVE THE DATE:  Medieval Faire, 6/9@ 3-5pm


6/10:  Faire reflection (in Google Classroom) should be finished over the weekend if it was not completed in class.

Charity presentation (extra credit) due Monday, 6/13 (in Google Classroom)

5/23:  Students were given (purples) permission slip for the Faire.  ALL students are expected to attend-- and we hope families will attend as well!.  Any scheduling issues, please let us know ASAP.  Students may not sign up for an activity until they have brought in their slip.  Costumes and slips MUST be in by 6/2.  COME JOIN THE FUN!

5/4: Final Exam preparation is underway (in class and hopefully out of class!).  Essay part will be on 5/18 (class 5) or 5/19 (1+3).  Multiple choice section will be on 5/20.
Jeopardy games are still linked to the SS website and Google Classroom.  You can also find your old tests (with answer keys) in your GMAIL inbox (look for emails from "noreply") and can retake the midterm and Africa/Americas quiz via Classroom and get instant feedback. is another resource kids are using.  Study in chunks and focus on what you don't know... YET!  Study sessions after school on 5/12, 5/16 + 5/17.  Come one, come all!

5/2:  Class 1: finish questions on warrior behavior codes by next class (Wed).

4/25: Reminder that optional/extra credit projects are due on Friday, 4/29.  Also, "blog" entry on lives of medieval European women is due Thursday for classes 1+3 and Friday for class 5.  

4/11: Gradesheet (and self-evaluation) to be checked and signed.  Corrections to grades due by 4/12; signed sheets by 4/14.

4/5:  Ch 26 questions assigned (yellow paper - also in Classroom).  Responses due on Monday, 4/11. Optional enrichment project due on Friday, 4/29

4/1:  Jeopardy PPT is on the SS homepage (right under the midterm game).  (Consider using Open Office if you don't have PowerPoint.  Might help it play as a game?)

3/31:  Finish feudalism questions based on article (all in Google Classroom).  Due on Monday, 4/4.

3/23 - Quiz on medieval West Africa (mostly Mali), Incas and Aztecs on Tues, 4/5 to help "chunk" learning about the medieval world.  Study materials.

3/18 - Answer questions on back of Inca video sheet.

3/14 - Finish worksheet that accompanies article on Mansa Musa (for 3/15)

3/11 - Extra Credit opportunity:  write a folktale.  Due by Friday, 3/18.  See Classroom for details. 

3/8 - Early Middle Ages map and questions due on Wed (class 5) or Thur (class 1+3)

3/4 - Early Middle Ages Crossword completed in class.  TRY to find any missing clues (we will review on Monday). 

3/2 - Project reflections due Friday, 3/4.

2/25: Students should be finished/finishing their research and planning their exhibit.  Classtime Mon and Tues will be for construction.  Project is due at the END of class Tues.

2/17:  Early Middle Ages project has begun.  Continue on your research from in-class (see links on SS website!).  Assignment is linked in Classroom if you forget your green sheet at school.  Museum exhibit is due at the end of class 3/1!  Not far away!

Due to Mother Nature, we will continue to review for the midterm on 2/9.  Notecards will be due on 2/10 (class 5) or 2/11 (1+3).  We will combine the multiple choice and essay portions into the one class, but will have students only respond to one essay.

Plan Ahead:  SS midterm will be 2/9-2/11.  Start making flashcards, reviewing past tests and Jeopardy games, etc! 

1/26: Roman Army article and notes due next class.  Ch 15 outline due date moved to 2/1. (No paper given - either type or write notes on chapter.) 

1/22:  Outline of Ch 15 due on 1/29.2/1  Students should choose only main ideas and supporting details from each section.  INDENT to show different "levels" (main idea vs. supporting detail) of information.  I have created a Google Classroom starter if you want to use that!

1/15:  Ch 14 Reading Guide due 1/22: 

Greece + Persia Unit quiz will be on 1/15.   

12/17+18:  Finish judgement of Sparta and Athens facts and write "position statement" paragraph with specific evidence to support claims.

12/11:  Finish "Famous Greeks" inferences and final thought question.  Due Monday, 12/14.

12/7:  Finish inference question on Olympics paper if not finished in class.

12/2:  Ch 11 Guided Reading Sheet assigned.  Due 12/7. 

12/1:  Students are given until the end of the day Wed (12/2) if they do not finish their second test essay during class.

Asian River Valleys (China/India) unit test on Tues, 12/1.  Study Guide handed out 11/17.

11/19: Finish question on Ashoka if you didn't finish in class. 

11/16:  Finish questions on inventions (text and worksheet on Classroom if you need them). (Finish maps if you didn't!)

11/13:  Current Events quiz next week 11/20. (11 stories - NOT open note.)

11/12:  Ancient India map due Monday (in Google Classroom!).  Be sure it include a color key. 

11/9:  Get gradesheet signed! 

11/6:  Philosophy WS: decide on action representative of each culture; choose at least 2 quotes and explain which philosophy you think it came from and why.

11/3:  Grade and letter to Qin's parents (based on your research) due next class.

10/16: Students should spend some time over the weekend practicing the presentation (M/T of next week) of their research project.

10/9:  Students have been researching their topic in class .  They should coordinate with their partner (if they have one) to make sure they have sufficient information to answer the questions asked, and to decide what materials they need to create their visual(s) to teach the class about their topic.  Next week's classes will be devoted to creating the projects.  Presentations will be the following week.

10/5:  A current events quiz will take place on Friday, 10/9.  Students should review their notes from the 8 stories so far. 

10/2: Ancient Egypt research project is underway.  Some time will be given in class, but additional time will be needed.  See assignment and rubric for guidance. 

9/25: Ch 4 Reading Guide (green) due Friday, 10/2. (Th for German Exchange folks).  Friday we will also choose topics (top 3 choices) for research project.

9/21:Students should complete "after video" section of Daily Life video sheet.  Due Tues, 9/22.  Students should use study guide (distributed today) to direct their review for Friday's test.

9/15:  Students should organize their pre-history and Mesopotamia papers in preparation for their unit test on Friday, 9/25.  There will be an in-class review on Tues, 9/22.

9/11:  Students should complete their (blue) Ch 3 Guided Reading sheet for collection at the START of class on Fri, 9/18.

9/8: Students should complete their "Personal timeline" and the 2 questions following.  Due next class. 

Students have received an overview of the course.  They will receive their textbooks on 8/31.  These books should REMAIN AT HOME.  We have copies at school for them to use (in class and/or for HW assignments), as needed.