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Work hard.  Play hard.  Have fun.  Learn!


                 READ for the joy of it!

               WRITE for the joy of it!


          LITERATURE classes





06/05: read Bronx chapters handouts/do chart for each chapter (no other reading required)

05/21: BOOK REVIEW work as assigned due start of class 06/01

05/20: BIG QUESTION quiz: due start of class on Friday 5/22. 

05/18: EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: POEM based on unit vocab words. Due Tuesday, typed/ title/by line/ simile & metaphor (OR propose other literary device you'd like to explore) DUE TUESDAY, May 26th.

5/12: Fear Poem: typed/by line/1 simile/1 metaphor/spell-checked, due 05/18.

05/12: 20 MIN NIGHTLY; 1 sticky: topics as assigned in class.  If absent, do "choice." 

05/05: EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: symbolic self-portrait/full color. Due start of class on Friday, 05/15.

04/29: read and complete Langston Hughes worksheet [no reading required] Due at start of next class. 

04/20: Unless stated otherwise, please read 20 minutes & 1 sticky note nightly.

04/10: must finish novel for this quarter by end of vacation (Monday, April 20th)! Selecting new unit books when we return: realistic fiction. (bring finished novel to class) Happy vacation!

04/01: study guide due Monday, 04/07. TEST Tuesday 04/07 & WED 04/08 or THURS 04/09.  

03/23/15: UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE: READ 20 MIN nightly/ 1 sticky note; weekends READ 40 MIN total/2 STICKY NOTES/ bring novel daily 

03/03: book review part 1 & 2 rough draft in class. TYPE final part 1 for Friday 03/06 (save all typing to google docs!).  Weekend: TYPE PART 2 for Monday 03/09.  Monday in class: part 3 & Monday night: TYPE final part 3 for Tuesday 03/10. Review Part 4 in class on Tuesday, final art due FRIDAY 03/13.  FRIDAY at start of class,  COLLECTION OF ALL PARTS TYPED FINAL & art.

03/02:  book review (pdf) book review (doc) bring BR book in on Monday [all makeup entries due start of class]

02/27: journal mid-term check: all journal zeros must be made up by Monday, March 2, using the appropriate form

02 /18: read 20 min nightly/1 sticky note of choice/bring novel daily: ....................finish novel by 03/02/15 for work on book review. Details will follow

02/06: Read 30 min. nightly/ bring book daily. Friday, Sat, Sun, = 90 min/

                   IF there is a SNOW DAY Monday, READ 30 MIN that night as well,

                   = 2 hours  for   Tuesday

01/26: read twenty min nightly/one sticky note per night : focus CULTURE, ANY ONE ASPECT (ab2c) . STAY WARM & BE SAFE!

01/13: complete rest of study guide for test MONDAY & TUESDAY. 

01/13: study guide Question 1 + Visions for quiz Friday 

01/05: Book review part 1: due Mnday 13, & Part 2 Due on block day / Jan 14 or 15.

12/16 continue reg. reading assignment (see 12/05) 

12/05 make-up format to be used up until 12/23 to get rid of any zeros!

 12/05: get yellow ZERO count signed.

12/05: read 20 min nightly/1 sticky of choice. Grapes = 30 min/1 sticky of choice.

11/18: extra credit opportunity:DRAW contrasting landscape/seascape in The Pearl.  OR  WRITE one page essay contrasting the landscape/seascape in The Pearl. DUE MON 11/24

11/16: read 20 min nightly/ bring novel daily (Grapes: more as needed/parent signature)

11/14: read 40 min/ get Myth test signed 

11/07: read 20 min nightly; long weekend: 60 min for Classes 4 &5, 80 min class 3 

10/24: Part 1 of STUDY GUIDE DUE Monday 10/27 

10/23: Part 2 of STUDY GUIDE DUE Friday 10/24

10/17 Part 1 book review due today 

10/10: plate /feathers colored; book review book ; part 1 book review due Firday

10/07: BOOK REVIEW NOVEL TO CLASS, finished dreamcatcher feathers, and plate (not colored) due at start of class. 

10/06: see (10/03). Cut and color dream catcher feathers for Tuesday 10/07.

10/03: FINISH NOVEL by WED 10/08. BRING NOVEL TO CLASS.  Book review work to begin in class. ALSO: enrichment activity ~ bring feathers and beads if available!

09/09: READ a minimum of 20 min. nightly. Bring novel daily. 



What to expect 2014-2015: (wonderful, challenging literature!)

Choose a novel with teacher/parent guidance. (Details in class)

Read a minimum of 20 minutes nightly. Bring book daily! Due Sept _____

Finish Writer's Survey Due Sept: ________

Exploring Symbolism; Visual literacy / symbolism postcard quiz  Due Sept ______

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Please read a minimum of 20 minutes nightly.

Bring novel daily.

Read a minimum of 40 min. total each weekend.



06/05: study for spelling test Monday, 06/08 

05/30: spelling unit 5 work as assigned. All packet work due Friday, 06/05 at start of class 

05/18: be prepared to present INFORMATION powerpoint to class 

05/12: final REVISED for credit  INFORMATION due Friday, START OF CLASS.

04/10: must finish INFORMATION writing for Monday, April 20th; at least 2 parenthetical documentation in each body paragraph, typed in google docs. 12 pt font, times new roman, double spaced. Happy Vacation!

04/01: currently no homework unless otherwise stated 

03/24: finish/TYPED/PRINTED sports argument 2, due start of class Thursday, 3/26 

03/06: reminder; spelling test  

03/06: spelling test unit 4; all packet work due TUESDAY, 03/03

02/24: spelling unit 4 

02/23: DUE START OF CLASS ON TUESDAY, final argument/typed/revised/edited/ self-eval sheet due start of class, PRINTED 

02/20: rough draft typed at start of class FRIDAY

02/18:Due Thursday : first 3 paragraphs/documentation for Sports  

02/06: Due Tuesday: Umbrella organizer: 3 main arguments / supporting details taken from you T-chart. 

01/06:Due MONDAY: Read and underline important facts 10 articles.   Finish T-Chart (at least 30 for each side) RESOLVE: CT should ban competitive sports in school. 

01/26 Finish reading and note taking for all 4 articles given in class/mark each for important facts/create separate notes on white-lined paper. STAY WARM & BE SAFE!

12/19 SPELLING TEST Monday/ all packet work due  

12/16 spelling unit 3; packet work 1 & 2 due Thursday start of class

12/05 typed friendly letter due start of class 

11/14. Unit 2 spelling list: # 4 on back due Monday

11/12: Unit 2 spelling list: do #1,#2,#3 on front page/  # 3 on back page due Friday

11/07: MOOD worksheet due

11/04: Tell-tale Heart Comparison Essay due

10 28: Letter to Simpsons producer due

10/24: Raven cut out due

10/20: parent signature on autobio poem & memoir due

10/9: Write one sentence for each unit 1 spelling 1-20 list words & MUSCLE words. Due Friday at start of class.

10/7 ALL SPELLING due on Thursday start of class. Test: FRIDAY 10/10  Bring spelling pretest and all spelling packet work.

10/06: Spelling unit 1 pretest in class on Tuesday 10/07. Misspelled words x10,  alphabetize entire list, and work of one category of choice for Thursday start of class. 

10/03: Memoir final due/ all rough drafts at end of class


09/09: AUTOBIO-POEM. FINAL, TYPED, FINISHED border, due start of class on Thursday 9/11.


What to expect 2014-2015: (exciting writing & presenting opportunities!)

Finish Spelling inventory.  Due Sept. _____

Finish Parts of Speech and Parts of Words  Due Sept _____

Moving on to study language: Pretests: parts of words, parts of speech (Greek and Latin forms), spelling, and vocabulary. Due ____________

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 



Have a SAFE and RELAXING SUMMER!  See you next school year! Can't wait! 


Farewell, LA students of 2013-2014!  YOU DID IT!!! Happy 8th grade!



June 2: flashcards for all unit 6 spelling words and Latin forms due Tuesday June 3.  UNIT 6 TEST POSTPONED; to be combined with YEAR-END; LATIN & GREEK FORMS (PREFIX, ROOT, SUFFIX). Date of test TO BE DETERMINED.

May 27th: spelling unit 6 work continues in class. TEST TUESDAY, JUNE 3rd. 

May 23rd: EDITED, REVISED, FINAL/works cited/url page, PRINTED. All in GOOGLE DOCS ~~~~ DUE START OF CLASS! 

May 19th: Informational essay complete with Works Cited page

April 28th: working on approved INFORMATIONAL research topic of choice in class.  If absent, make up class work at home.

APRIL 11: V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N! It's been a LONG, HARD winter! NO HOMEWORK! Enjoy your well-deserved break! 

April 10: STUDY: Friday SPELLING TEST; spelling, part of speech, proof 

April 8: spelling packet completed in class or continued as homework. PACKET DUE AT START OF CLASS ON THURSDAY. [STUDY 20 min. nightly as needed]

March 4 Spelling unit 4 test 

Feb 28th: spelling unit 4 packet due Monday

Jan.30: Unit 3 spelling: work packet due Tuesday, Feb 4.  Test: Thursday, Feb. 6

Jan 22: read and underline important facts in Scope Mag articles; to be used in debate: Should Your School Get Rid of Sports?" due start of class Thursday.  Put facts & personal experiences in T-chart on Thursday, and start rough draft essay. Rough draft of argument paper using recipe due end of class Friday.  Typed argument essay due TUESDAY START OF CLASS. 

Jan 13: Argument writing in class; using "recipe" and transitions sheet, complete rough draft 5 part essay "Everybody should get Trophies ? 

Dec. 20: memoir/cover due by end of class'; extra credit art due end of class
Dec 19; SPELLING UNIT 2:  Words wrong x 10 DUE MONDAY, test Thurs. 12/19
DEC 13; start of class collection: final memoir/rough drafts/ 2 explosions/ REVISED TITLE
Dec 9: Due Tuesday, DEC 10: two typed memoirs/ 2 explosions in favorite memoir

Dec 4; due at start of class; complete memoir #1 typed, 1/2 memoir #2 typed
NOv 19: three different timelines for possible memoirs. (Include characters, setting, climax, LESSON)  DUE THURSDAY, Nov.21, start of class

Oct 28th Raven cutout/moody words from the Raven

Oct 22: using notes from Simpson's Raven video, create a brainstorm to write to this prompt: Would Edgar Allan Poe have approved of this rendition of his poem?  Why or why not?

Oct 21: Be sure you have read both articles on Poe's life and complete the worksheet.  Use complete sentences & write a paragraph per answer.

Oct 17: complete the reading of POE & do the worksheet corresponding worksheet.  Use front and back to write paragraphs and complete sentences. Due Friday.

Oct 9: finish typing descriptive FALL writing/thesaurus revision for rich language /"exploding the moment" 

Oct 7th: write  3/4 page descriptive (5 senses) writing from class notes on "fall"

Also: your address written in your planner ~proper format (parental check!)

Sept 27: write wrong words from spelling test x 20. Due MOnday.  Finish typing and revising persuasive letter to parents about puppy.

Sept 19; pre- test in class. COMPLETE spelling packet; each wrong word X 10, choose 4 activities (2 circled & 2 others), complete back of spelling page, STUDY; UNIT 1 TEST Thursday, 9/26/13.

Sept 13: Happy weekend! No Homework!

German Exchange PPT Information

Sept 7: Auto-bio poem final /thesaurus due Thursday start of class.  FINAL revised & EDITED  due typed/ ART Friday, Sept 13th (yikes! scary date!)  Bawhahahahaha!

 Aug 29: finish spelling survey for Friday 8/30

 AUG 29, 2013; new year!


June 1: MEMOIR final typed due Wed June 12

April 30: write short story using all spelling list words.  Underline each spelling word. 

April 29: spelling unit 7; wrong words X 10 each, alphabetize list, front & back of sheet due TUESDAY.  TEST FRIDAY.

April 20: Have a safe and fun vacation! Writing for argument unit continues after break.  Deciding a charity to receive our tag sale money!

April 2: ADVERTISEMENT/ donation/ permission slip due Wed April 3 at start of class.

March 18th extra credit: link to ad

March 1: bring in three advertisements or one magazine for Monday

Feb 22 Spelling unit 6; pretest Monday, Feb 25, packet work & test Friday, March 1

 Jan. 29: spelling unit 5; pretest today. Incorrect words X 10 & Cloze activity due Wed. start of class. Identify & define prefix/root/suffix.  TEST FRIDAY  02/01.

Jan 11: spelling unit 4;pretest today. Assignment and packet work due day of TEST, TUESDAY, JAN 15

Jan 4; Person of the Year ; typed, research due Monday, ROUGH DRAFT due TUESDAY, FINAL TYPED due Wed.

Dec 11: Choose one topic, write 3 body paragraphs, use transitional phrases/ & 3 Fs / 3 different elaboration strategies DUE: wED 10/12

Dec 3: spelling unit 3; misspelled words x 10, alphabetize word list, do assignment as indicated on spelling list.  Spelling work due at end of class, Tues. 12/04 & TEST = WED, 12/05.

Nov. 14: typed rough drafts of 2 different moods (1/2-3/4 pg), due end of class Friday Nov 16th.

Oct 23: poetry packet; parent sign for Oct 24


Oct 17: TYPED final PANTOON poem due Friday, Oct 19 

Oct 17: parent signature on spelling test; due Friday

Oct 10: spelling unit 2: incorrect words X 10/ alphabetize list/ complete word clues/complete one category (one choice/all words)by Monday10/15. Test & Packet due 10-/17.

Sept 7: revised rough draft autobiopoem/ thesaurus due MOnday Sept. 10 at start of class.

Sept 4: rough draft (hand-written) autobiopoem due Friday Sept 6th

 Aug 29: Finish Writer's Survey due Friday, Aug 30th