Mansfield Middle School
Mrs. McMunn

Grades 5-8 Enrichment and Grade 7 Social Studies  The link to the left is for 5th and 6th grade Enrichment! 

Welcome to Mrs. McMunn's homework page!  Assignments are listed chronologically with the newest obligations first.  If you are absent from class, please see me upon your return in addition to checking this page to pick up classwork and notes.  

Details and websites of interests on the units and topics below are posted on the Social Studies web page.

Interested in participating in History Day?  Submit your "Intent to Participate" essay by Monday, 12/1 to Mrs. McMunn.  Each group member must submit a unique essay.


Final Exam: Thursday, 6/11

    based on the whole year! Study details are here.

    For HW, you MUST prepare one 3 by 5 inch, one-sided study card.  You may use this study card during the test.

Medieval Faire:  Thursday, June 4, 3-5 p.m.

    Preparation for your booth will occur in class.   


Finish Samurai and Shogunate questions (based on article from class) for Friday, 5/8. 


Chap 26 Questions due Friday, 4/24 

Quiz on West African Trading Kingdoms:  Thursday, 4/2. 


Sutton Hoo questions due on Thursday, 3/12.  Article distributed in class.

Early Middle Ages Project: See assignment details

Note check:  Monday, 3/2

Project due: Friday, 3/6 Monday, 3/9 at the start of class.  (Revised due date because of snow interruptions.)


Rome Unit Test: Friday, 2/20.  Study Chap 14 and 15 notes, worksheets on architecture, army, Justinian Code, and the fall of Rome. 

Chap 15 outline notes due Friday, 2/6 

Chap 14 Guided Reading on Rome due Tuesday, 2/3.  (See SS web page- link above- for link to document) 


Midterm Exam: Multiple Choice/fill-in on 1/22.  Essays  on 1/26. Study guide and index card assignment are here.  

Greece Unit Quiz on Thursday, 1/8.  Review the worksheets listed here.  Jeopardy review game is here.


​Greece Guided Reading Sheet for Chap. 11 due Thursday, 12/11 


Quiz on Asian river Valleys: Monday, 11/24.  Study guide is here

in-class study of Asian River Valleys (ancient China & India)

Egypt Unit: 10/3-10/21.  Webpage link here.  Key dates:

Guided Reading sheet due: Tuesday, 10/7.  (Yes, the main SS page is due 10/6, but it is due on the 7th for you!)  The actual worksheet is posted on the SS webpage; link is above.

Project note check: Thursday, 10/9.  Please have organized, bulleted notes from 3 sources in your own words.  

Project due: Monday, 10/20 at the start of class.  
make sure to have:
- at least 2-3 pages of information that addresses your research questions somewhere in your project (e.g. cut up on your poster, imbedded in your Power Point
- a creative visual (poster, model, media presentation with graphics and/or animation)
- a Works Cited page of at least 3 sources.  Use MLA format (see or the "Citing Works at MMS" sheet.

Mesopotamia Test:  Go on Quia between 10/3 and 10/10.  Take the test as many times as you want.  The highest score you earn will be averaged with your original test score!

Mesopotamia Unit: 9/10-9/23.  Webpage link here.  Key dates:

Guided Reading Sheet due: Tuesday, 9/16

Unit Test: Tuesday, 9/23

Archaeology Day: Tuesday, 9/30

  "Toward Civilization" pre-video learning sheet due Thursday, 9/4 at the start of class.  Base responses on your textbook.