Mansfield Middle School
Mrs. McMunn

Grades 5-8 Enrichment and Grade 8 Social Studies

Grade 8 Social Studies Homework (most recent on top): 

Final Exam: Friday, June 13th
     - will cover content from the following units: Reformers, Civil War, Immigration, 20th Century
    - This PowerPoint will guide your review.
    - must prepare one 3 X 5 notecard (one-sided) to use for study hints during the test.  You can write any terms, people, dates, hints you choose on this card.  It is due the day of your test.
     - Review Quia quizzes and tests to study.  All tests from the second half of the year are available for you to take multiple times as practice
     - See Mrs. McMunn at X for study strategies and tips!

Decades Packet:  Classwork until 6/5; finish whatever is not completed for Thursday, 6/12.

Update:  Ellis Island handwritten letter will be due Thursday, 5/29 (so you can concentrate on studying for your test tonight!) 

Our Edmodo assignment for 5/13-5/16 (if not finished in class): 

a.)  Read the article and watch the video clip I've posted.

b.)  Reply, answering the following: Describe a debate or issue that we've learned about this year in U.S. history that reminds you of this story.  To support your claim that the issues are similar, reference specific details from the article AND about the historical topic you choose.  Response should be at least 5 sentences.

c.)  Additionally, respond once to a classmate's reply (2-3 sentences). 

d.)  Print off your Reply and your Response and pass them in by classtime on Friday, 5/16.


Updates to Immigration Unit due dates (due to SBAC schedule changes):
Jewish farmer assignment due Monday, 5/12
Ellis Island Character Autobiography due Tuesday, 5/20
* Other due dates as listed on assignment sheet (see below)

4th Quarter Extra Credit:  Watch Ken Burns' new documentary "The Address" .  

Post a one-paragraph response to the film on our class Edmodo site by Friday, 5/23.  The film examines the context of "The Gettysburg Address" and chronicles several modern students with learning difficulties who tackle the challenge of memorizing and delivering this speech.  

Revised Edmodo assignment starting the week of 4/28:  Type your reaction paragraph and peer response (non-poster) or article summary and two peer responses (poster) on a document before posting them on the Edmodo site.  Print and hand in the document by Friday of each week.  Remember that for 4th quarter you are not be able to pass in an Edmodo assignment for a given week any later than Friday of that week.  
Immigration Unit: 4/21-5/29. Unit assignment sheet, including quiz and test dates, is here

 For April break:

 1.  Relax, enjoy time with family and friends, and GET OUTSIDE!

  2.  Family immigration history due Tuesday, 4/28.  Try to see what interesting stories you can uncover about your past.  No relatives to chat with? or Ellis Island will let you do some research before they start charging you money. 
3.  For extra credit, watch the premiere of Ken Burns' "The Address" on PBS on April 15th at 9 p.m.  We will post discussion questions about this on Edmodo.  Share the experience with family members or friends- the documentary looks inspiring!

Civil War Jeopardy: review sample terms and content for the 4/11 test.  Be prepared to apply, analyze, and connect these ideas in writing!

Last Edmodo cycle of 3rd quarter will be from Tuesday, 3/25 to Tuesday, 4/1.  Responses and reactions to the week's student posts are due by 4/1.   

Civil War Unit: March 24-April 11.  Unit assignment sheet is here

     Major due dates at a glance:

     Textbook question response Part 1 due Tuesday, April 1.
Textbook question response Part 2 due Tuesday, April 8.
     Unit Test: Friday, April 11.  If you know you will not be in school on that day, please arrange to take the test ahead of time.  
Updates to Reformers Unit (due to schedule changes):

     Unit Assessment:  Thursday, 3/20.  Students will be able to use all notes and worksheets.  The assessment will involve responding to short essays in writing.
     Movers and Shakers project due:  Friday, 3/21.  See below for link to assignment details.

Edmodo Weekly Current Events assignment obligations:  3/10 and after
     If you are assigned to POST:
        - post article by 8:30 a.m. on Monday
        - 5-sentence summary of article due (printed) by Tuesday SS class
        - Respond at least twice to your own discussion thread (3-sentence responses) by the end of the day on Friday.

 If you are a NON-POSTER:

        - 5-sentence response to an article due by Thursday
        -3-sentence response to your peers due by Friday

Movers and Shakers project: assignment details here.  

     Note check:  3/11
    Project due:  3/18
Current Events classwork  obligations (finish at home if not done): Week of 3/4-7.

Frederick Douglass website for class 

Reform Unit: 2/20-3/21.  Unit assignment sheet- which includes assessment and homework dates- is here

Midterm Test: Friday, 2/14.  Study details- including mandatory index card assignment- here.
   Jeopardy Review game.  This may be helpful for reviewing a sample terms, events, and people.
  Note: If Thursday is a Snow Day, the test will still take place on Friday.  In the event that Friday is cancelled as well, the test will be the Wednesday after break.  Oh, the joys of New England!

 Hints: Review old quizzes, tests, and maps.  Questions will be based on this content.
     Please see Mrs. McMunn at X if you would like individual or small-group guidance.  Some class time during the week of 2/10 is designated for review.

Edmodo log-in for Current Events

    Barilla Taylor simulation questions due FEBRUARY 11- REVISED DUE TO SNOW DAYS.  3-5 hand-written sentences will suffice.   Spend the week of 2/10 focusing on Midterm Exam studying.  

Extra Credit option: Watch President Obama's "State of the Union" speech and complete yellow analysis sheet distributed in class.  This is due on 1/30.  If you do not have the ability to watch the broadcast, you may use (and submit) a newspaper article on the speech.

Industrial Revolution Unit: 1/21-2/14.  Unit details here.

  Summary of due dates:
  Read pages 382-7 and take notes (Consider: outline, web, bullets.  Tip:  notes should not total more than 1 page.)  Quiz on these pages and introductory video questions (from class) on
January 24th.  
   Farm or Factory? letter due on
January 31st.  Rubric is on "unit details" link.
      Midterm Exam: February 14th.  Further information and study guides to come!


Classwork essay:  What law would you change or implement?  Why?  due by Monday, 1/13 if absent or not finished.              - Essay must be between 750 and 1000 words.  
      - May submit to Representative Haddad's essay contest via by 1/14 for extra credit.  If choosing this option, please CC Mrs. McMunn at
2013 Year in Review assignment due Friday, 1/17.  You will have some time to research in class; print and electronic sources will be available.  Justify each of your category choices with a paragraph of about 5 sentences.       

Over break, consider watching, reading, or listening to 2013 year in review coverage.  We will do a current events project on this topic in January.
     Westward Expansion vocabulary extra credit worksheet due by Friday, 1/3.

Westward Expansion Unit (12/2-12/20):  Unit assignment details are here.  Critical due dates are below.

    Unit Assessment (primary source analysis essay): Friday, 12/20.  If you will miss class due to math Counts, please pass in your essay by the end of the day.
        -Examine the painting "American Progress" by John Gast.
       - Infer and support the artist's opinion on "Manifest Destiny."
      - As support for your inference, reference and explain three historical events that you see depicted in the painting.  One of these events must involve Native Americans.    
    Outline notes of Indian removal article due: Tuesday, 12/17
    Map packet due:  Tuesday, 12/10.

Government Unit Test: Monday, November 25th.  Study guide is available here.  

   In addition, please make a study guide that incorporates 15 unit terms for Tuesday, 11/18.  (Consider flash cards, a two-columned chart, or a mind map)

Model Congress: Friday, 11/22.  Dress professionally.  Clothing is available to borrow- see Ms. Szych.

Quiz on Chapter 7 questions: Friday, 11/15.  

Borka Debrief Questions due Thursday, 11/14.

American Government Unit assignment sheet.  10/31-11/27.  Questions 1-7 of American government reading assignment due Friday, 11/1.  

Colonial Times and Revolutionary War Test: Friday, 10/25.  Study Guide with topics and focus areas is here.

Web sources for oral presentation project

Oral Presentations are due on Friday, 10/11.  Assignment sheet and focus questions by topic are here.  The grading rubric is here.

REMINDER! Final draft of persuasive editorial essay for or against Revolution due Tuesday, 10/1.

Revised Chapter 5 HW questions due Tuesday, 9/24.  This assignment is required if you earned below 60% on your original assignment.  This assignment is optional for other students.  Original and revised grades will be averaged.

American Revolution and Colonial Times Unit Sheet.  This document outlines homework due dates and assignments, unit objectives, and a summary of topics to be studied.  Unit concludes on 10/25.

Read the Columbus journal entry and answer the first two questions on the worksheet.  Due Thursday, 9/5.

Revised Chapter 5 HW questions due Tuesday, 9/24.  This assignment is required if you earned below 60% on your original assignment.  This assignment is optional for other students.  Original and revised grades will be averaged.

Grade 6 Reading

Character Study project due Thursday, 10/31.

Book Fair is on Wednesday, 10/23.

Sticky Responses due Tuesdays and Thursdays

 - choose one based on Character Questions and one based on General Response Questions