Mansfield Middle School
Mrs. St. Jean Room 100

Language Arts and Social Studies
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Language Arts Due Dates 

Week of 9/15 - drafting; revising leads 

9/12 - at least 1 and 1/2 pages in Notebook on either: Most Frightening Moment or First Loss  remember to use "Reactions to Moments" in your entry.

Week of 9/8 - collecting ideas for memoir

9/3 - Final draft completed with significant images, symbols or words

9/2 - 1st draft of autobiographical poem (typed). Make sure you have an electronic version of your poem through email or on your flash drive; bring in   items for autobiographical poem

8/29 - Bring in magazines to cut out pictures and words for your poem (optional)

8/28 -   Decorate your Notebook (optional)









Social Studies Due Dates

9/30 - Archaeology Day! 

9/23 - Pre-history-Meso Test 

9/19 - Finish Cuneiform name and Hammurabi worksheet

9/16 - Blue guided reading (GR) sheet  

9/10 (SS 4, 5) or 9/11 (SS2) -  Questions at the bottom of simulation wkst 

9/8 - Time Revolves Around Me wksht

9/3 or 9/4 - Toward Civilization wkst  (voc)

8/29 - Student survey