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                                          7th Grade Science


                       Welcome to Seventh Grade Science!

We have an exciting year planned in science. Our studies will take us from the very small to the vastness of space and many areas in between. 

Our second unit is The Human Body. We will begin with the Digestive System.



Assignments: December

 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Body Organization: cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, complex organisms



go over notes from body organization. Introduce osmosis and diffusion



 Diffusion lab and diagrams



 Diffusion lab and diagrams



Diffusion lab write up



A Trip Through the Digestive System Project assigned

Due 12/19

Set up osmosis lab

12/9 class time to work on Digestive System Project

Check on eggs for osmosis lab

12/10 Osmosis lab

work on Digestive System Project

12/11 Osmosis Lab

work on Digestive System Project




Osmosis lab ends

Digestive System Project



Two Postcards are due today

Digestive System Project

Check below for a completed outline of Chapter 2, sections 3&4

12/16 Digestive System Project



12/ Concert in the afternoon, schedule adjusted

 12/19 Digestive System Projects due at end of class
 12/22 12/23  12/24 No School  12/25  12/26

12/29   Winter Break


12/30   Winter Break


Winter Break


Winter Break


Winter Break




Resources: Look here for class notes, articles, and websites.

For an online edition of Human Body and Health go to: and use one of these generic logins.

 username:  MansfieldCT10, password: Hunter1, MansfieldCT11, Hunter2, MansfieldCT12, Hunter3, MansfieldCT13, Hunter5

MansfieldCT14, Hunter6

Body Organization notes: click here

Digestive System Project assignment sheetclick here

Digestive System info website: click here

Digestive System website: click here

Digestive System website: click here

Digestive System website: click here

Chapter 2, section 3 notes: click here

Chapter 2, section 4 notes: click here



Extra Credit: Look here for extra assignments and enrichment opportunities.

See me for directions to Egyptian Origami Birds (Avis Papyrus) lab. Complete the experiments and write up for extra credit.

Like gross stuff? Listen to this podcast on parasites.