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                                          7th Grade Science


                       Welcome to Seventh Grade Science!

We have an exciting year planned in science. Our studies will take us from the very small to the vastness of space and many areas in between.  Our first unit will be Our Changing Earth where we sill examine how Earth has changed over its 4.55 billion year existence. Some of this unit will sound familiar as you studied some aspects of Earth's geological past in sixth grade. We will review some of these changes.but our main focus will be on how life began and changed over time.





 Monday              Tuesday                Wednesday        Thursday             Friday              
    8/27  no homework  8/28 no homework  8/29 no homework
 No School  9/2  9/3 finish Asteroids and Dinosaur worksheet 9/4 Asteroids and dinosaur worksheet due 9/5 Work on Deep Time Timeline
 9/8  9/9 Deep Time Timeline Due 9/12  9/10  9/11  9/12  Timeline Due

9/15 Early Earth Storyboard -

finish for homework if not finished in class

9/16 Notes on "What is Living?" and

The Origins of Life. We will finish in class on Friday

9/17 - Classification discussion 

first half. Classification Web Quest

second half - finish for Friday if not completed in class

9/18 - Classification discussion first half

second half Classification Web Quest

- finish for Friday if not completed in class

9/19 - Finish notes from

Tuesday, continue Classification discussion

Resources: Look here for class notes, articles, and websites.

Class notes Asteroids and Dinosaurs: click here

Class Notes Early Earth - Not a nice place to live!: click here

Intimate Strangers:Tree of Life: movie summary: click here

Extra Credit: Look here for extra assignments and enrichment opportunities.

The Big Bang Extra Credit Assignment: click here