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                                          7th Grade Science


                       Welcome to Seventh Grade Science!

We have an exciting year planned in science. Our studies will take us from the very small to the vastness of space and many areas in between.  Our first unit will be Our Changing Earth where we sill examine how Earth has changed over its 4.55 billion year existence. Some of this unit will sound familiar as you studied some aspects of Earth's geological past in sixth grade. We will review some of these changes.but our main focus will be on how life began and changed over time.




Assignments:  October                                                                                       

 Monday              Tuesday               Wednesday        Thursday             Friday              
    9/1  finish vocab sheet

10/2  finish vocabsheet

10/3 Vocab sheet due

Interactions, Fungi and Protists

Guided note sheet finish if not completedin class

10/6 Interactions, Fungi, and

 Protists Guided Note Sheet


10/7 Yogurt Lab

Pre- Planning

10/8 Yogurt Lab 10/9 Yogurt Lab 10/10 Yogurt Lab Write Up
 1013 No School  10/14 No School

10/15 4 Billion Year War


10/16 4 Billion Year War


10/17  Study Guide Due

Review Session for Test


Test - See Study Guide for topics

10/21 Fungipails

10/22  Eternal Arms Race video

Student note sheet should be completed by Friday.

(See below for completed note sheet)

10/23 Eternal Arms Race video

(See below for completed note sheet)

Student note sheet should be completed by Friday

10/24 Coral Reef Connections

10/227  Variation and

Selection lesson                  10/28 A Mutation

                                                Story                  10/29 Bead Bug

                                                                                 Lab                10/30 Bead Bug

                                                                                                                     Lab                    10/31                                                                                                                                                                      Pigeon article and                                                                                                                                                     Yogurt Lab Write Up                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Resources: Look here for class notes, articles, and websites.

Class notes Asteroids and Dinosaurs: click here

Class Notes Early Earth - Not a nice place to live!: click here

Intimate Strangers:Tree of Life: movie summary: click here

Interactions, Fungi, and Protists:click here

Oct. 20 Test Study Guide: click here

Completed Study Guide for Oct. 20:  click here

Four Billion Year War video note sheet completed: click here

Completed vocabulary sheet: click here

Eternal Arms Race video notes: click here


Extra Credit: Look here for extra assignments and enrichment opportunities.

If you scored below a 70% on the Microbe and Fungi Test, you may raise your score to a 70% by reading the Chapter on Bacteria and Viruses (Chpt. 2) in the green science book and answering the questions on pages 69-70, 1-22. Use complete sentences and evidence from the text where appropriate.

Enrichment Opportunity, Interested in how humans evolved? Check out this assignment: click here