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Sixth grade math and science



Science :


Beginning Ecology Unit.

Students have been given a vocabulary list for the unit. Begin studying NOW!

 Quiz on first two sections of vocabulary on Wednesday, 5/9

Populations, habitat, organism, biotic and abiotic factors, photosynthesis, species, ecosystem, ecology, limiting factor, population density, and carrying capacity


Food Web vocab quiz - 6/1 




 Class 2 Homework:

Discounts POW 2  due Friday

We are working on a checking account activity for the rest of the school year that incorporates skills learned this year.

Mon. No School

 Tues. Begin POW, Mrs.



  Friday:Puzzles due today,  

  Class 3 Homework:

Count the DIscount POW due Friday

Friday, 6/1

Mon. Hunter: begin POW

        Baker: take home quiz due tomorrow, start POW


Tues: Hunter:



Friday. Puzzles Due today

 Copy of POW: click here