December 2 – December 23, 2014




 TEST DATES CHANGED-SS 1, 3-DEC. 18; SS 2, 4, 5-DEC. 19



This unit deals with the growth of the United States as a country, the westward movement of white settlers, and the effect of that movement on Native Americans.  Students will examine and map the territorial expansion of the United States from 1776-1853; they will learn about the Louisiana Purchase and early explorations (e.g., Lewis and Clark) of this newly acquired territory.  Students will examine factors which encouraged settlement of the expanding nation such as Manifest Destiny, the gold rush, available farm land,  religious freedom, and railroad construction,  and study the experiences of citizens moving and settling the west.  An important component of this unit will be an examination of this expansion from the Native American perspective. 






1.    Participate in class activities and complete in-class assignments.  During this unit you will be asked to use a variety of primary and secondary sources to solve problems, answer questions, and/or make decisions.  You will receive a class activity grade for your participation in each activity.  There will also be review quizzes of the information learned in the previous class.  (You might want to review what you learned in one class before coming to the next one.)


HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS are listed below.  More information will follow.  You are responsible for recording and keeping track of due dates.


2.  MAPS Using your textbook and the map outlines you are given, create three maps. (See the scoring rubrics for specific details.)  Maps are visual; they should be colorful, neat and easy to read.


Mountains: Appalachians, Rockies, Sierra Nevada, Cascades

Bodies of water: Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, each of the Great Lakes, Great Salt Lake, Lake  Okeechobee, Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of California

Rivers : Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Columbia, Snake, Colorado, North Platte, South Platte, Yellowstone, Gila, Rio Grande




 * Your maps are due at the beginning of class on Thursday, Dec. 11 (SS 1 and 3) and Friday, December 12(SS 2, 4, 5).


*Any student may test out of this assignment by scoring 90% or higher on a map pretest Wednesday, Dec. 3 or Thursday, Dec. 4, during X Bloc

3.    Complete the “Indian Removal” reading (PAGES 355-359) FOR EXTRA CREDIT, OUTLINE THESE PAGES Due at the beginning of class on Thursday, Dec. 18 (SS 1 and 3) and Friday, December 19 (SS 2, 4, 5). 

4.    Study for the Unit Assessment which will be given on Monday, Dec. 22 (SS 2, 4, 5) or Tuesday,

       Dec. 23 (SS 1, 2, 3).   A study guide will be provided.  More details will follow.