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September 4– October 24, 2014



This unit deals with the transition from American colonies to the United States of America.  We will begin with an examination of explorers who opened the New World, then focus on colonial dissatisfaction and unrest which resulted in the American Revolution.  Students will study and discuss the relationship between the American colonies and England and examine the grievances listed in the Declaration of Independence.  They will study the American Revolution and discuss the conflict between colonists who favored revolution and those who preferred to remain loyal to the king.  A highlight of the unit is a field trip to Boston where students will walk the Freedom Trail.


  • Students will determine the reasons for exploration of the New World and learn about those who made the voyages and their impact on settlement.
  • Students will analyze the causes of and the events leading to the American Revolution from both the British and colonist perspectives, then decide whether they would have supported revolution or remained loyal to England.
  • Students will examine primary documents to try to learn who started the Revolution.
  • Students will interpret the Declaration of Independence’s grievances and purposes.
  • Students will analyze the Revolution both chronologically and geographically, then discuss reasons the colonists were successful.
  • Students will develop their ability to conduct independent historical research and present their findings.
  • Students will use historical fiction to study the Revolution.



        More details will follow.  Please write due dates in your planbook. 


  • Read the following in AMERICAHISTORY OF OUR NATION :



      Chapter 5, Section 2 (The Colonists Resist Tighter Control), p. 145-149

                  Answer “Check Your Progress” questions (p. 149) - 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 4, 5, 6

      Chapter 5, Section 3 (From Protest to Rebellion), p. 150-153

                  Answer “Check Your Progress” questions (p. 153) – 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 5, 6, 7

Your assignment must be typed with question numbers clearly labeled.  Be sure to TTQA, use your own words, and include all relevant information that answers each question.  Use complete sentences and correct grammar, mechanics, and spelling.        

Assignment due at the start of class:

                        Class 1, 3 – Thursday, September 11

                        Class 2, 4, 5 – Friday, September 12



  • Read My Brother Sam is Dead, Chapters 1 and 2, and be prepared to discuss the reading in class.Highlight the terms and arguments that support each side of the Revolution -use a different color for each.(You may read the whole novel for extra credit-see your SS teacher.)

Description: Brother Sam is Dead: Independent Reading Assignment

Read Chapters 1 and 2 of the historical fiction novel My Brother Sam is Dead by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier.  Use a highlighter to mark terms and arguments that are in favor of the Revolution in a designated color.  Highlight terms and arguments that are opposed to the Revolution in a different color.

As you categorize passages as either for or against the Revolution, consider:

  • What individual words have positive or negative connotations?  (For example, consider  the word fragrant versus stinky.)

  • What passages show the logic- or lack of logic- in the arguments for or against the Revolution?

  • What passages describe possible positive or negative outcomes either for or against the Revolution?

  • Do characters mention other people who support their point of view (bandwagon persuasion)?


                        Class 1, 3 – Thursday, September 18

                        Class 2. 4, 5 – Friday, September 19





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Write a one to two page editorial to The Connecticut Courant dated July, 1776.  In your editorial, support a central thesis favoring or opposing revolution.  Support your thesis with at least 3 pieces of evidence from the unit’s work.  Include logical reasoning to connect your evidence to your main claims.  Use the 5-paragraph format for a persuasive/argument essay.  Your rough draft is due for SS 1, 3-Thursday, September 25, and for SS 2, 4, 5-Friday, September 26






-          Your essay includes the required components of a 5-paragraph persuasive/argument essay. 

-          Your central thesis and main claims are clear and obvious to the reader. 

















-          You use ample specific, historically accurate information to support your claims.

-          The evidence you use is relevant to the main idea you are supporting.



















-          You include statements that use logical reasoning to explain how the evidence you chose supports your claim and/or central thesis.















-          Your writing clearly conveys your ideas.

-          You use specific, varied vocabulary and varied sentence structures.
















Conventions of Language:

-          Your writing has no errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, or mechanics.













-          Your planning sheet and rough draft were handed in.

-          Your essay is in Size 12, Times New Roman font and is double-spaced.


(Either planning sheet or rough draft was not handed in.)













What is a “Thesis”?


 A thesis statement is the main idea of your editorial that declares what you intend to “prove” in the piece..


A strong thesis statement includes:


  • What your position is.  (i.e. If I were alive in July, 1776, I would have supported (or opposed) the Revolutionary War…)


  • How your topic fits into the larger context of colonial unrest and Revolution (historical context


    Make your thesis statement clear and support it with your research!  In this case, your research includes text sections, Chapter 5, Sections 2 and 3 (specifically your homework questions); class activities-poster and poster presentations, and “Who Fired First?”; your reading of My Brother Sam Is Dead, chapters 1 and 2;



Your thesis statement should be part of your introductory paragraph.  All subsequent evidence and explanation

should support and tie to your central thesis. 





                  Due when you come to class:

                  Class 1, 3  – Thursday, September 25

                  Class 2, 4, 5 – Friday, September 26


      Part of class will be devoted to a peer revision workshop.


  • Final draftDue when you come to class:

                  Class 1, 3 – Tuesday, September 30

                  Class 2, 4, 5 – Wednesday, October 1

You should hand in your planning sheet, your rough draft and your final draft at this time.

Please see scoring rubric for Connecticut Courant editorial.

  • Research your assigned topic as part of your group’s presentation dealing with one aspect of the American Revolution.  You should be prepared with notes you will use to present the important information about your topic to the class and your source list.

















For this project, each student will be assigned a different topic to research and present to the class.   A list of sources (bibliography) used must be handed in when you present to the class.  You may present your topic using a power point, a poster, a skit, a video, or anything else you think would teach us the information.  (Just check with your teacher.)  Remember, you will be responsible for teaching the class about your topic.

We have scheduled some class time for you to research and plan your presentation, but remember, this is also your homework assignment for this time.   You should use your textbook as your first source and for context.  Chapter 6 (pages 158-185) provides an excellent overview of the Revolution and will help guide your research.  


Research Topics:

Each topic will be presented with other similar topics:  Causes of the Revolution, Important people (and groups) in the Revolution, Important battles in the Revolution, Foreign help in the Revolution, Effects of the Revolution.

Reminder: you will need to include visuals and present your research clearly to the class.  Practice!  Pronounce names of people and places correctly. 


TOPIC_______________________________________ Circled items missing; underlined items present.





You clearly presented your thesis, using the context provided by the focus questions.


30 points

You presented a thesis/main idea.  You addressed the focus questions.



25 points

Your thesis/main idea was unclear.  You generally addressed the focus questions.


20 points

You provided accurate and relevant evidence to prove your thesis.  You explained how the historical facts you used connect to your thesis.




30 points

You provided mostly accurate and relevant evidence to prove your thesis.  You included some explanation of how the historical facts you used connect to your thesis.


25 points

You provided little accurate, relevant information to explain your topic.





20 points

You created or used visuals which provided important information to support your thesis.


20 points

You created or used visuals which provided information about your topic.


15 points

You didn’t create or use visuals OR the visuals didn’t clearly connect to your topic.


10 points

You spoke slowly, loudly, and clearly.  Your presentation reflected practice and was 3-5 minutes in length.


10 points

You spoke somewhat slowly, loudly, and/or clearly.  Your presentation was shorter than required.


5  points

You did not present.





0 points

Your bibliography included at least 3 sources, 2 of which were print, and was properly cited


10 points

Your bibliography included fewer than 3 sources or 2 print sources or was not properly cited


5 points

You did not turn in a bibliography.




0 points



  • Notes, source list, and presentation due:

Class 1, 3-Thursday, October 9

Class 2, 4, 5-Friday, October 10


  • Be prepared to actively participate in the Freedom Trail activities during our field trip to Boston on Friday, October 17. Turn in the Boston worksheet/crossword puzzle in your next class on Monday, October 20.



  • Study for a unit test to be given on:

                        Class 1, 3 – Thursday, October 23

                        Class 2, 4, 5 – Friday, October 24



  • After school movie “1776”Thursday, October 2 (2:45 – 5:40)(permission slip needed)