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 Language Arts 2, 4, & 5        Literature 1 & 3    
 Date Assigned  Assignment  Date Due    Date Assigned  Assignment Date Due 
  Poster due             

    Same as below - journal entry should focus on character development  


Rewrite/revise 20+ minutes nightly

Final poem must be typed - use rubric; Bring 2 copies printed and one electronic to class

Bring magazines, materials, mementos for poster


Read 20+ minutes nightly

Bring novel and journal to class - remember what to include in journal!

"The Lottery" questions due Monday

  1/2 page - 1 page entry due

  Finish rough draft of model of "Where I'm From" poem   

Read 20+ minutes nightly

Bring novel and journal to class 

 1/2 page - 1 page entry
     Complete at least 3 questions on prewriting sheet - ELABORATE!



Complete survey -  both sides! 

Bring novel to class daily