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Mansfield Middle School
Mrs. Szych's Homework Page

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Click here to access CNN Student News! 

 Social Studies Homework 

 Due Dates

 Extra Credit, Upcoming Events, News, etc.

 To streamline homework assignments and to embed documents more easily, homework for SS can be found at Google Classroom! 

Announcements can also be found there!

SS 1           SS 2            SS 3            SS 4          SS 5



Here is a great link for some Geography games! Get to know the world better and have some fun!



 Due Tuesday, March 1 or Wednesday, March 2:

Read Chapter 11, Section 1 (381-387).  Take notes in outline format, making sure you hit all bold terms from Industrial Revolution on page 382 through "factory conditions" on page 387.

You will have a quiz on this reading and the class video on Wednesday.  If you come prepared with full notes, you may work on this quiz with a partner who is also prepared.  If you don't have your complete notes, you will need to work on this quiz individually.

 2-15-16  The Social Studies Midyear Exam is on Tuesday, February 23 and/or Wednesday, February 24! See Google Classroom for materials to help you prepare.  2-23/2-24

New Unit: Industrial Revolution!


Current Issues Quiz postponed until February 11/12!

Westward Expansion Unit Test postponed until February 17!



The Social Studies Midyear Exam has been postponed until February 23/24!

  2-1-16  Westward Expansion Unit Test will be next Tuesday, February 9th or Wednesday, February 10th! See Google Classroom for review questions (we will be preparing in class as well).


 Report Cards were distributed last Friday, January 29th. Please return the sign-off sheet as soon as possible!



Westward Trails Maps are due Tuesday, February 2 or Wednesday, February 3.  There are multiple sources available online to assist you.  Here are two you might consider:




2-2 or 2-3


Westward Expansion Extra Credit Option: Read The Water Seeker (this may also work as your choice book for Lit class--ask your teacher) and see me for an assessment task once completed. I have a couple of copies of the book and so does our school library. This is a wonderful historical fiction novel about moving west in the mid 1800's.


Physical Features Map assignment is due on Thursday, January 21 or Friday, January 22. 


Reminder: The next Current Issues Quiz will be on Monday, January 25th. The quiz will be on the CNN stories from January 12, 14 and 19. Notes are in Google Classroom.







Extra Credit Option:

*Completion of the "There Ought to be a Law" essay for Representative Haddad has been extended to Friday, January 22! This is Extra Credit! See Google Classroom to submit!


The next Current Issues Quiz will be on Monday, January 25th. The quiz will be on the CNN stories from January 12, 14 and 19. Notes are in Google Classroom.






*"2015 Year in Review" project is now due on TUESDAY, January 12th or WEDNESDAY, January 13th!  This gives you an extra day or two!! See the full assignment/document in Google Classroom. You must submit your project by the time your class meets on the 12th  or the 13th.


 History Day Students-for field trip Tuesday, January 5th:

-Bring a backpack and pencil (Dodd Ctr does not allow pen), notebook, History Day folder and printed copy of existing notes for reference (if using Google docs).

-For lunch, students should bring money for the SU or a bag lunch.

-We will be walking around campus, so students should dress comfortably and for COLD weather.

- We will meet in my room after HR and return for the end of the school day. Students are responsible for seeing teachers about missed work.




 Next current issues quiz:  MondayDecember 14.  This quiz will cover just one day's broadcast (Monday, December 7.)  Notes are available in Google Classroom.  

The Government Unit Test will be Monday, December 21.  No current issues quiz that day.  (This date has been rescheduled from December 18.) **There will not be a Current Issues Quiz on the 21st due to the unit test. Check out Google Classroom for most of the material we covered in the unit. Hopefully, our study session on Thursday and Friday will give you some great strategies for preparing for the test. Remember: studying is active; what are you going to "do" to study? Flash cards, highlight, reread, list, quiz yourself, etc? Also, play this game:

 American Government

On Thursday, December 17 and/or Friday, December 18, we will have a study activity to help you prepare for the unit test on Monday, December 21.  Be sure to have these materials with you in class:

*Notes from PowerPoint about types of government (monarchy, dictatorship, democracy, etc.)

*Chapter 7, section 1, questions and answers.

*Notes from Three Branches of Government PowerPoint.

*Checks and Balances worksheet.

*How a Bill Becomes a Law PowerPoint notes.

*Notes from Borka simulation

*Reflections on Model Congress

*Preamble coloring book

*Bill of Rights notes and activity materials









12-17 or 12-18

Extra Credit Options:

*Completion of the "There Ought to be a Law" essay for Representative Haddad is due January 15, 2016 by the end of X-Block. This is Extra Credit! See Google Classroom to submit!

*You may also complete your Preamble Coloring Books we started in class for Extra Credit. This will be due by Friday, January 8, 2016!

*There is an extra credit option available in Google Classroom.  You may add up to ten points to your mid-unit quiz on government by completing this option. Due: 12-18-15

*You may also memorize the Preamble to the Constitution and recite it to me for extra credit! Due 12-23-15


Field trip to CT Capitol this Friday, December 11.  Please dress appropriately.  Remember to bring a lunch if you are in Group C.  This trip is at no cost to our students thanks to the Dorothy Goodwin Bequest Fund!

--Borka Questions (Google Classroom) due Thursday, December 3rd **If you were absent the day we did Borka, read Chapter 7 Section 2 and answer questions 1-6 on page 217.

--State Capitol permission slip (free!) is also due Thursday, December 3rd

--Model Congress is this Friday, December 4th (dress like a Representative/Senator--we have clothes to borrow if needed)



There will be a mid-unit Quiz on Monday, 12-7 or Tuesday, 12-8! Review Chapter 7 Sections 1 and 2; Forms of Government packet; Borka questions; The Great Compromise worksheet; and the Three Branches PPT packet.


 State Capitol field trip on Friday, December 11th!

 HW: Chapter 7, Section 1 Reading and Questions. 

You can access the SS book online or view/print the pages here: Ch. 7, Sec. 1 Reading

Chapter 7, Section 1 Questions

 November 19 or 20

 Reminder that Current Issues Quizzes are the first class of each week! Review the notes through Google Classroom and/or re-watch the CNN stories!

American Revolution Editorial (mostly finished in class) is due the next day if you did not finish in class. Be sure to print and turn it in with your blue rubric worksheet!

 November 10-12  

*New Quarter starts on Monday! The American Revolution Test will be put on the 2nd Quarter.

**There is no Current Issues Quiz next week, November 9th due to the unit Test. The next CI Quiz will be on Monday, November, 16th.

 American Revolution Presentation Project. Much of the work will be done in class, but your homework is to finish your project and prepare to present to your classmates. The assignment sheet has been shared through Google Classroom.

No Current Issues Quiz this Monday, 11-2-15!

Looking Ahead: American Government Unit Test will be on Thursday, November 5th or Friday, November 6th. Play the Review Games, review old homework assignments, review old quizzes, etc. 

 10-29 or 10-30


Monday, 11-2!

 **Grades close next Friday, November 6th! All make-up work should be completed or turned in by then! 

 Reminder: Current Issues Quiz on Monday, 10-26-2015



 Play the following game for at least 20 minutes by Tuesday, October 20th--the day of your mid-unit quiz! **YOU MUST LOG-IN TO GET CREDIT. 

The Road to Revolution 2015--Homework


Reminder:  Play these American Revolution Games to practice and review the material we've learned so far this unit!

The Road to Revolution 2015

 A mid-unit quiz is scheduled for Tuesday, October 20th or Wednesday, October 21st. Play the games above, review notes, review homework assignments. Plan ahead! :)

   Update: I will no longer be posting the link to the day's CNN videos (the links were not reliable). Use the CNN Student News link above and then find the date you are looking for!

The Notes for the stories will be shared through Google Classroom from now on. (Once again, the link/word document was difficult for some to access).

Current Issues Quiz on Monday, October 5th.

HW (see below) due on Tuesday/Wednesday!

Play these American Revolution Games to practice and review the material we've learned so far this unit!

The Road to Revolution 2015




Read the following in AMERICA  HISTORY OF OUR NATION : (Access your online textbook or use this LINK to view the copied pages.)

     (Finish reading--started in class) Chapter 5, Section 2 (The Colonists Resist Tighter Control), p. 145-149

        Answer “Check Your Progress” questions (p. 149) - 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 4, 5, 6

      Chapter 5, Section 3 (From Protest to Rebellion), p. 150-153 (you do NOT need to "Cornell Note" this section for HW)

                  Answer “Check Your Progress” questions (p. 153) – 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 5, 6, 7

Your assignment must be typed with question numbers clearly labeled.  Be sure to TTQA, use your own words, and include all relevant information that answers each question.  Use complete sentences and correct grammar, mechanics, and spelling.         

10/6 or 10/7   

**Be sure to try and access your online Social Studies book from home! Remember that your username MIGHT have "ss" in front of it if yours was already used and your password starts with an "s" and may have an added "0" at the end.


If using a chromebook, use this website to access the textbook:


 Reminder: Current Issues Quizzes are every Monday (or the first day of the week)!

CNN Story: 9-29-15


9-29 Notes Link removed morning of Quiz

 CNN Story: 10-1-15


10-1 Notes Link removed morning of Quiz



 Explorers Quiz this Thursday, 9-24 or Friday, 9-25. Use your packet and flashcards to study!

9-22-15 Tuesday CNN Story:


9-22-15 Notes (link removed Monday morning)

9-24-15 CNN Story


9-24-15 Notes (link removed Monday morning)

 9-24 or 9-25

 **Be sure to try and access your online Social Studies book from home! Remember that your username MIGHT have "ss" in front of it if yours was already used and your password starts with an "s" and may have an added "0" at the end.


9-14-15 Monday CNN Story


Notes are removed the morning of the quiz.

9-17-15 Thursday CNN Story


Notes are removed the morning of the quiz.



Cornell Notes Example

 Explorers Homework:

-Create 7 notecards/flashcards; one for each explorer. Bullet point three important facts about the explorer and his discoveries.

-Complete the final paragraph on the back of the packet. Use complete sentences and use details from the information in your packet to support your responses.

Explorers Packet Answers--link removed morning of quiz.

Due: This Thursday, the 17th or Friday, the 18th

 9-17 or 9-18  

Current Issues Quiz on Monday, September 14th.

9-10-15 CNN Story

http://www.cnn.com/2015/09/09/studentnews/sn-content-thurs/index.html9-8-15 CNN Story:

9-10-15 Notes


9-8-15 Notes


Good Deed Challenge: After watching 911day.org, students were asked to perform at least one good deed over the next few days and write about what s/he did and briefly about the experience. This is extra credit, but good deeds are always highly encouraged!


Current Issues Quiz on Tuesday, 9-8 or Wednesday, 9-9

 9-3-15, Thursday CNN Story:


9-3-15 Notes 

9-1-15, Tuesday CNN Story:


 9-1-15 Notes



Extra Credit: Submit an application to become a student reporter for Scholastic! See Mrs. McMunn for more details. Deadline is 9-25-15


Extra Credit: On Thursday, September 10th, Mrs. McMunn is giving a presentation on Hurricane Katrina's relief efforts in recognition of the 10 year anniversary. This will be at 12:05 in her classroom, 112.

Your first current issues quiz is Monday, August 31.  If you'd like to review the story, check this link:



Please be sure to turn in the packet of paperwork from the first day of school as soon as possible. Thank you! 

We are off to a great start to the year!!!


You may earn 5 bonus points on current issue quizzes by watching and discussing the broadcast with an adult.  Bring in a note to indicate you have done so.






The Road to Revolution 2015
The Road to Revolution 2015