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Algebra HW 

Today's Date 

Science Assignments  

Due at the beginning of class on this date:
 June 4

Make a note sheet for the final exam. This is a requirement. You may recycle and use the one you created for the mid-year exam. Just add on! The note sheet must be hand-written. 

The extra credit Powtoon project is also due tomorrow. 


Tuesday, June 5


Please attempt to earn an A- or better on this practice quiz. Repeat as needed. However, please STOP after 5 valiant attempts! If you have 3 Bs, you will earn an A-. 

2018- 15 Random Questions about Forces and Motion! Review Assignment


Optional Extra Credit - Powtoon Project due Tuesday.

 Monday, June 4



Optional Extra Credit - Powtoon Project due Tuesday.


The science final exam will be given on June 7/8. Please earn an A- or better on this practice quiz. Repeat as needed. 

2018 - 20 Random Science Midyear and Final Questions


Extra Credit Powtoon Project Opportunity! Go to google classroom and see. You might be able to work with a partner too. See me for details. The Powtoon Project would be due Tuesday, June 5th. 

 Wed, May 30

Female test this Thursday/Friday. Some male questions too.

Review your notes and play this game for at least 20 minutes. Play 5-10 minutes a night.

2) Female Reproduction Jeopardy - with pics - 2018i

May 24/25 

Prepare for a test on male reproductive anatomy. Review your notes and play this game for at least 20 minutes. Play 5-10 minutes a night.

(1) Male Jeopardy Review Game with Pics (2018)


Remember content? I hope so! Please answer these 17 questions. 

2018 NGSS/CMT Content Review HW #1 (Random General Stuff) - 17Q

 Monday, May 14 for classes 1, 2 and 3.

Tuesday, May 15 for class 4. 


Another Data Analysis Assignment:

2018 - NGSS - Data Analysis HW #2 (10 Questions)


Science 1 may have until Monday, May 14.


Finish this by next class:

2018 - NGSS - Data Analysis HW#1

 Next Class
5-3  Finish the back side of the BNSG probability worksheet. Show your work.  Monday, May 7

Now that you have made candy molecules, answer these questions!

2018 Genetics - DNA HW (17Q)

 Monday, April 30

Earn an A+. 

2018 - Genetics HW Questions #1 (15Q)


Wednesday, April 25 

 4-12 Read the assignment again and finish your Genetics Speech Presentation. You will be presenting first thing on Monday. If you are absent on this Monday, you will present first thing on Monday, April 23. April 16 

This is due Monday:

2018 Genetics and Probability Qs

 Monday, April 9
2018 Genetics - Evolution

Earn an A+.

3-28  Weight Data Analysis and Graphing Worksheet 3-29. Tomorrow! 

Invest 10 minutes on this game. In addition, you must get to the top at least twice.  

2i) 2018 - Energy Millionaire Game - (With Heat)-pics

3-19  Work Sheet! A sheet about work!  Tuesday, March 19 

Prepare for a Solo Test on Heat and how it affects the Kinetic Energy of matter.  Read these pages and add to your notes: 

Convection, Conduction, and Radiation:

How atoms and molecules are affected by Heat:

March 12 

Earn an A+ on the following questions. Repeat as necessary. Heat quiz = Thursday/Friday

2018 Heat and Energy HW Questions (20Q)

HW =Wed

Quiz = Thurs/Fri

March 6 

Earn an A+ on this. Repeat as needed. 

2018 Conduction, Convection and Radiation Take-home Quiz (15Qs)


Due to the snow storm and lack of power, I have delayed the due date until Tuesday, March 13.


Wednesday, Mar 7

If we have a snow day... it will be due before the next class. 

March 5  Finish both sides of the Cloze Activity on Land and Sea Breezes worksheet.  Tomorrow, Mar 6 
March 1 

Earn an A+ on this. Repeat as necessary.

Energy Qs - Heat and Diffusion

Monday, March 5

It is clear from our discussions that there is some confusion concerning the Ozone Layer and the Green House Effect and what is responsible for warming the planet. Research the answer. Compare and contrast. Write your conclusion using Haiku. You should type at least 3 Haiku poems. Submit your work in classroom. 

Sample Haiku

Tuesday, Feb 27 

Projects are absolutely due on Tuesday, February 20. They must be done BEFORE you walk into class. 

Tuesday is showtime!

Coordinate with your team members to polish your work over the weekend! 

Tuesday, February 20 
 2-14 Projects are due tomorrow. I will give you 20 minutes to place the final touches. Work tonight to get it done.  Tomorrow. All classes are tomorrow! 
2-12  No HW! Use your time to study for your social studies mid-term.   

Earn an A+ on the following practice quiz. Repeat as needed. 

2018 Midyear Review - Chemistry (20Q)


Also... continue to add to your midyear note sheet. Your note sheet must be hand-written. You may write on both sides of a piece of standard paper. Remember, the note sheet is a requirement. 

Try the many sample questions that are available at the main Quia page. 

We will continue working on your media projects after the midyear exam. You may continue working on it on your own. 

Monday, February 5th

Due to last week's snow and ice, this will be due Wednesday, Feb 7th for all classes

 1/31 Finish the Midyear Review Guide. Feb 1 or 2
 1-22 Study for your Forces and Motion test. Understand the review guide. The test is tomorrow! Practice questions can be found at QUIA.  Tomorrow

Forces and Motion Review Guide must be completed (both sides) by Monday, January 22. 

Notes can be found here:

  Forces and Motion


Invest time with this game. Earn at least 2 Million "Miles/Hour/Second". Remember, you may use the backspace key to avoid going back to the bottom. 

You must invest at least 10 minutes. 20 minutes = A+.


2 Newton's Second Law! Fnet = MA - 2018 pics


1/8  F = MA Graph and Conclusion (Lab Report)
Go to Google Classroom for directions!

Submit your work to Google Classroom. Add your doc and turn it in!


Read the following page and take notes.

Warriors of the immune system

Then complete the Immune System Parts - Simile and Metaphors worksheet.

Some of you have asked about the Your Magic Doctor video. <-- Here is the link if you would like to see it again. 

Wednesday, December 20

Get to the top of this game at least two times!

1i Inertia Labs - Rags to Riches Game -2017-i-pics

Wednesday, 12/13 

 Read this and take notes: Law 1: Inertia

Then earn an A+ on this. Repeat as needed!

2017 Inertia HW Questions! (25Q)


Monday, December 11 

Average Speed and Position-Time Quiz Tomorrow. Study your notes. 

Read and understand this: Average Speed

Read this too: Position Time Graphs

A present for you: 

10 Random Average Speed and Position-Time Questions

Tuesday, December 5

Invest 10 minutes. More minutes = better grade(s). 

2.2iu Average Speed and Position-Time Graphs - Rags to Riches 2017 with Pics

Tuesday, December 5
Tues, Nov 28   
Average Speed Cloze 2017

Finish your "How Travel Distance Affects Average Speed" lab. 


Prepare for a solo gravity test. Study your notes. Review these gravity notes

Complete this gravity cloze activity. 

Gravity Cloze - 2017


Thursday/Friday of this week 

Finish your gravity quiz (if you need to.)

Log in to this gravity game and get to the top at least two times:

2.0 - Gravity Millionaire Game - Basic - 2017i pics


You must invest 10 or more minutes with this game. 


Play this game. Get to the top at least twice. 

1i) Density Practice - Play and learn! 2017 w/ pics

Prepare for a Solo Density Quiz this Wednesday.

Wednesday, 10/25 

Earn an A+ on this quiz. Repeat as needed. 

Density HW Questions - 2017 (20 Q)


October 19/20


Finish the Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Cloze worksheet tonight. Bring it to class on Tuesday. 

Expect a quiz on matter this Thursday/Friday. To prepare, please earn an A+ on this practice quiz. You may repeat as needed. You will keep your highest score.

2017 Practice Matter HW for SOLO Test (15Q)

Oct 3



Oct 5, 6 


Get ready for your first solo chemistry test. The test will occur this Thurdsay/Friday. The test will cover Molecules, Elements, Atoms, Atomic Structure, and covalent bonding. 

Study your Basic Molecules to Know Sheet.

Log in and play these two games. You must get to the top in each game. 

Also review the quia questions that you experienced during last week's team test. 


At this point you should understand the Octet Rule and how to draw Lewis Structure Molecules.

Use these five elements C, H, O, N and Cl to create a molecule that is at least 10 atoms big. You can make it bigger than 10 atoms if you like. You may use color if you wish. Be creative and make your molecule up!

Neatly draw your molecule on paper. Follow the bonding rules. Show all valence electrons. Be creative and have fun!

Write 5 Haiku poems. Use Haiku Poetry to discuss each topic below and how they relate to your made-up molecule:

  1. Atoms
  2. Elements
  3. Molecules
  4. Electrons
  5. Covalent Bonding

Chemistry Vocabulary

Some Haiku examples. Haiku begins with a 5-syllable line. Then 7 syllables. Lastly 5.

Some molecule examples.




 9/14 Interested in Engineering? Consider participating in UCONN's Pre-Engineering Program. The program meets six Saturday mornings in the fall and six more in the spring. Click for information. 

Earn an A+ on these questions. You may repeat as needed. You will keep your highest score.

2017 Take-Home Chemistry HW Questions -1 (12 Qs)

Monday, Sept 11 

Complete this quiz if you didn't finish it in class. You may also take the quiz again to earn a better grade. 

2017 Chemistry Cartoon Guide Questions Chapter 1

Thursday (1 and 3)

Friday (2 and 4)




Get to the top at least twice

Get to the top at least twice

Go to Google Classroom for details:

Pedigree and Punnett HW (Eye color or Tongue Rolling)