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Today's Date 

Science Assignments  

Due at the beginning of class on this date:

Finish the Momentum Transfer Sheet. Due Next Class

Momentum, gravity, graphs, variables,  and average speed TEST next Tuesday.

Read and take notes:


Average Speed


 Earn an A+ on this practice quiz. Repeat as necessary. 

2018 Momentum, Gravity and Average Speed HW 20Qs




 12/4 Momentum, gravity and average speed test next Tuesday. 12/11

Play this game for at least 10 minutes. Don't start over if you make an error. Just backspace and try again. 

2.0 Momentum Rags to Riches Game-2018i

You will be presenting your momentum results on Friday!!

Your graph should be customized! 

You should have  a diagram that shows your track set-up. I recommend that you draw this in a slides presentation. This drawing will help us understand what you did during your experiment. :) 

You should also show your independent, dependent variables as well as those you kept constant. 

Friday, 11/30 

Solo Gravity Test = Tuesday, Nov 13!

Play this review game for at least 10 minutes. You should reach the top at least twice. 

2.0 - Gravity Millionaire Game - Basic - 2018i pics


Consider reviewing your actual team test from last week. You can access your test from Quia. 


Gravity Introduction


Falling masses





Read this and fill in the appropriate words:

Gravity Cloze - 2018

Thursday, Nov 8

Friday, Nov 9

10/25  Consider working on your chemistry project. They will be due at the end of class on Monday.   End of class on Monday
10/22  Complete the Chemistry Review Guide.  Thursday/Friday

Sign in and play this game for 10 minutes or more. Solo quiz next week. 

1) Atomic Structure and Elements Game-i 2018 with pics

10/18 , 10/19 

Finish the molecule sheet.

Assignment at Google Classroom. Create your own Lewis Structure molecule using elements from columns 4-->7 plus H. You may draw your molecule on paper or in google drawing. If you make a google drawing, add and attach it at Google Classroom to turn it in. 

9/27  Density Question Worksheet. Please follow the directions on the sheet.  Tuesday, Oct 2nd 

Play this rags to riches game to learn about molecules.

1) Molecules Rags to Riches with Pictures-2018i

A slides presentation for notes has been shared at Google Classroom for your convenience.

Expect a quiz on Tuesday, Sept 25. 

 Sept 25. 

Play this game to learn the symbols of each element. You will have a quiz on elements and their symbols on Tuesday. 

1) 25 Elements and their Symbols - 2018 (Matching and/or Flashcards) with pics

Tuesday, Sept 18


9/12  You will have 50 minutes to work on your projects next class. After t9hat time, you will be presenting. If you feel that you will need more than 50 minutes to complete your project, please work on your project at home.   9/12 or 9/13

Answer these 2 questions. 

Two Science Lab Questions about Phenol Red

Sept. 12 
8/30  Please get a notebook OR binder for science by Tuesday.   September 4th



Get to the top at least twice

Get to the top at least twice

Go to Google Classroom for details:

Pedigree and Punnett HW (Eye color or Tongue Rolling)