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 Today's Date ALGEBRA ASSIGNMENTS Work is Due at the Beginning of Class. Due Date

Read the closure problems. Prepare for a SOLO test on 9. Finish this too:

CCA 9 Quad, Inequality Etc... (Solo Practice) 35Q


Finish the classwork. Earn an A- or better. Repeat as needed.

CCA 9.4.4 Inequality and other Algebra Practice Problems (2018) - 12q

 5-29 RP 9.105 to 9.110. Skip 9.109  Wednesday
May 24

Tonight: Look over the Review Guide and Answers at Google Classroom. 

For Tuesday:

9.94 - 9.100 from the book.


CCA 9.4.1 - 8 Practice Problems (25)

Monday, May 28
May 21

1) 9.59 --> 9.62 (Due Tomorrow)

2) On a separate sheet of graph paper, please fix any problem on your chapter 8 solo test. You must hand in the the original test as well as your corrections to get credit. (Due Wednesday.)

Tomorrow, May 22 

Wednesday, May 23

May 18

Choose one of the following assignments:


CCA 9.2.1 Intro to Inequalities (25Q)


2) 9.50 through 9.55 

Monday, May 21

Review and Preview: 9-17 through 9-23

Expect a Solo test on Ch. 8 on Wednesday, May 16

 Wed 9-6 through 9-11 Friday 
Monday, May 7 Do this again if you scored less than a C. Thanks!
1 SBAC - Team Practice Learning Activity 2017 (35 Q)

Wednesday - 8:10 am 
Fri, May 4 Please complete the HW worksheet: Volume Practice 1. Show your work. You must remember these volume equations.   Monday, May 7
 Wed, May 2 No HW! We will have a little more time to finish your team test on Friday. Enjoy the weather!  Friday
Tuesday, May 1

Team Test tomorrow on 8. Small assignment here:

CCA 8.2.5 Completing the Square (15Q)

 Wednesday, May 2
Monday, Apr 30
CCA 8.2.6, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 HW (25Q)

 Tuesday, May 1
Friday, 4-27 Finish the front of the Real-life Quadratic Examples worksheet as well as the back. Remember that Desmos Graphs are available at Google Classroom. Happy Weekend!  Monday
Wed, 4-25
CCA 8.2.3 Quadratic Practice: Zero Product Property and Vertex

Tuesday, 4-24 RP: 8-72 --> 8-75  Wednesday, 4-25
Monday, 4-23

Welcome back! Earn an A or better: 

CCA 8.2.1 Water Rockets and Parabolas

 Tuesday, April 24
Sunday, April 22

Hi! I hope you have had a nice break. If you are here, you might be looking for some Optional Extra Credit. 

Algebra April Break Extra Credit!!! (15 Random Review Qs)

 Monday, April 23
April 13

No HW. Happy Friday. See you Monday? 

Optional Extra Credit: 

8.2.1 Factoring and Foiling 2

April 11 

Review and Preview: 8.58 through 8.60.  I will be checking your graph. Make sure they are precise and complete.  Skip 8.61 and 8.62. Complete 8.63.


CCA 8.2.1 Parabolas, Factoring and Foiling (10Q)



Review the video at Classroom if necessary. Then, earn an A+: 

Log Practice


Correct your Chapter 7 solo test if you got less than a C-. You must show your work. Solve and circle your answers.

 Logs due Tuesday

Tests due by Wednesday.


Test on Chapter 7 as well as previous concepts from chapters 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 etc...

Understand the closure problems. 

This is optional, but may help you: 

CCA 7.2.3 Solo Test Practice (Plus 5, 4, 3 and 2)


Earn an A+. 

CCA 8.1.5 Practice HW Qs

4-2 8.31 --> 8.33. Skip 8.34. You will hand this in and it will be graded. Make sure your work is neatly done on a separate piece of paper. Make sure you write stems and show your work. Circle your answers.   Tomorrow.

Earn an A+ on this:

CCA Probability Problems (20Q) 2018

Repeat as needed. 

 Monday, April 2

This was late. Sorry. At this point, this will be extra credit and not HW. 

CCA 8.1.2 Factoring


3-27 8.6 - 8.11! Skip 8.8.  3-28

Presentations on Monday for your y=ab^x projects.

You must submit your project via Google Classroom before class on Monday. 

3-20 Team Test next class. Look over the closure problems in chapter 7. Do them if you like?   Tomorrow! (Or next class...)

Earn an A+ on this. Repeat as necessary.

7.2.3 Review of Previous Chapters

 Tuesday, 3-20-18
 3-16 Review and Preview: 7-106 through 7-111. SKIP 7-108! Monday, Mar 19

Team Test on Friday. Earn an A+ on this. Repeat as needed. You will keep your best score. 

CCA 7.2.3 Qs


Take notes from the Math Notes Box: Negative and Fractional Exponents 

Complete 7.96 - 7.101

 Wednesday, Mar 14

Earn an A+ on this. Repeat as needed. You will keep your best score. 

CCA 7.2.1 -> 2018 Fractional Exponents etc.

 Monday, Mar 12

Earn an A+ on this. Repeat as needed. You will keep your best score. 

CCA 7.1.5 Exponential Practice Questions (and other stuff too) 20Q

 Wednesday, Mar 7

If we have a snow day... it will be due before the next class. 

3-5 R&P: 7.24 through 7.29 Tuesday, Mar 6

Earn an A+ on this. Repeat as needed. You will keep your best score. 

7.1.2 y =ab^x, Credit Cards and other important concepts

 Monday, Mar 5
2-28 Review and Preview: 7-48 through 7-53.  Friday. If we have a snow day on Friday, please complete all of the questions in the R&P section by Monday. 
CCA 7.1 HW Practice - (Intro, review and probability) 25Q

2-26  7-7 through 7-12; skip number 11.  Tuesday, Feb 26

Review and Preview: 6-110 through 6-115. 

Test Friday on Chapter 6 and former chapters. 

Look over closure Qs and As. 


Write an introductory paragraph and insert it at the top of your paper. What did you look at? Why did you choose it? What did you expect to see? What did you learn?


Review the Stars and Wishes from your peers. Edit your paper for Homework. Incorporate the suggestions. Your final copy is due by tomorrow. Please turn your work in classroom. Coordinate with your team members now before you leave class.  


Coordinate with your team members to complete your work. 

Your paper is due BEFORE class on Tuesday. 

Please read the directions of the assignment. Again. 

Write complete paragraphs that anyone who is not in advanced math can understand. 

We are making posters in class on Tuesday. 


Earn an A+ on this: 

CCA 6-121 Practice Questions through 6-1 (30q)

2-12 No HW! Use your time to study for your social studies mid-term. 

Earn an A+ on this: 

CCA 6-109 through 6-1 (25Q)
Repeat as necessary. 
2-5 RP 6.87 - 6.90  Tomorrow
CCA 6.78 through 6.1 plus former concepts

1-29-2018 Review and Preview: Go to Google Classroom. There you will find directions for 6.55. Tuesday. 

Earn an A. Repeat as needed: 

CCA 6.1.1 through 6.2.1 (Problems ranging from 1 to 50) 27Q

 1-24-18 6.35 - 6.41 Friday

6-16 through 6-21. 


Star 2 - Pythagorean T. transformations and volume of solids etc... 2018 (25Q)


This quia quiz is meant to remind you of skills an concepts that you learned last year. Please repeat until you achieve a good grade. Thank you.

 Wed or Friday (Whichever happens first.)
1-12-18 6-4 through 6-9. Solo Test is Wednesday. Prepare by reviewing the closure problems.  Tuesday! 9-16

 Team test tomorrow. This will prepare you. Earn an A+:

CCA 5==>1 Practice Problems (20Q)


Earn an A+! 

CCA 5 Individual Practice for 5 (20Q)

1-3-2018 5-101 through 5-108 Friday, 1-5
1-2-2018 Finish your classwork: 
CCA 5 Team Learning Activity (with questions from previous chapters too...)


Earn an A+. 

5.3.2 Exponent Checkpoint and Sequence Problems

12-19 Problems 5-85 through 5-90 Wednesday, 12-20

Earn an A+. Repeat as needed.

CCA 5.2.3 Recursive vs Explicit Equations (22Q)

 Tuesday, Dec 19

Earn an A+. Repeat as needed.

CCA 5.2.2 --> 5.1.1

 Monday, Dec 18
 12-13 Review and Preview: 5.34 - 5.39 Friday, Dec 15

Earn an A+ on the following: 

CCA 5.1.2 Questions (15Q)

Repeat as needed. 

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 


 12-8 Review and Preview: 5-6 through 5-15. Yes. Ten problems!   Monday, Dec 11

Solo Ch. 4 Test tomorrow. Review the closure section of chapter 4. 

A present for you: 

CCA 4 -1 - Ten Random System Questions


 Tuesday, Dec 5, 2017
 12-1-17 No HW. (We will finish our project on Monday)  
CCA 4.3.1 - 12 Random Qs. Systems, Rearranging, Exponents and Absolute Value


Welcome back! Homework: 

Problems 4-71 through 4-76

 Tuesday, 11-28

No HW! Enjoy your break! However, if you'd like some extra credit, do this: 

Thanksgiving OPTIONAL Extra-Credit -36Q

11-15 Solo Test on Ch3 on Friday. Look over the closure questions. Examine your Ch3 team test.   Friday. 
CCA 4 - Systems Review Practice HW #2 2017 (27Q)

11/13 Problems 4-49 through 4-54
Tuesday, Nov 14

Finish the Systems of Equation Worksheet.

Earn an A+ on the following Practice HW. Repeat as needed.

CCA 4 - Systems Review Practice HW #1 2017 (20Q)


November 13


Review and Preview: 

4.25 --> 4.30

Nov 1

Team test next class. Review the closure questions. 

CCA 3, 2, 1 Practice Qs for Team Test - 2017 (22Q)


Rearranging Equations WorkSheet

Monday, Oct 30

Review and Preview: 

3-81 through 3-86. 

CCA 3.2.4 --> 3.1.1 Practice HW (25Q)


Review and Preview: 

3-58 through 3-63. 

 Tuesday (Tomorrow)

Solo Test on Chapter 2 is this Friday. Review the closure problems again. 

Earn an A+ on these practice questions:

CCA 2 - 20 Practice Qs for Chapter 2 Solo Test


Friday, 10/20 

Review and Preview: 3-48 through 3-52. 



Wednesday, Oct 18

10- 16

Assigned Monday, Oct 16:

CCA 3.1.2 Negative and Zero Exponents + Ch 2 and 1 (20Q)

Tuesday, Oct 17 

Earn an A+. Repeat as needed:

CCA 3.1.1 Exponent Practice (23 Q)

 Monday, October 16

'tis the middle of the week! 

HW due Friday: 2.90--> 2.94

 10-3 Happy Tuesday! R&P: 2.82 --> 2.86  Wednesday

Happy Monday! Earn an A+. Repeat as needed. 

CCA 2 Practice Questions - Earn an A+ 10Q - 5 Random


Earn an A+. Repeat as needed. 

CCA 2 and 1 Practice HW - 2017 (30Q)

 Monday, Oct 2

Finish your graph. Rider information can be found here.

R&P: 2.70 - 2.74

 Friday, 9-29
9-25 Solo test on chapter 1 tomorrow. Review your team test as well as closure questions for chapter 1.   Tomorrow.

Earn an A+ on this. Repeat as needed. 

CCA 2.1.3 y = mx + b practice questions! (30 Q)

 Monday, Sept 25

Review and Preview 2-6 through 2-10.


Team Test tomorrow. Review the closure questions as needed. 

CCA 1 Random Practice Qs (10Q)


No HW for students who took this practice team test. 

German Hosts: Please attempt this: 

CCA 1 Team Test Practice Questions (30 Questions) - (Domain and Range too)

You may work with a friend and you may take this more than once. 
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 9-13 R&P 1.78 through 1.82 Friday, 9-15
CCA 1.2.5 Chapter 1 Practice Questions - Earn an A+ (20 Questions)

 Wednesday, 9-13
Sept 11  R&P: 1.57 through 1.61 Tuesday, Sept 12
Sept 7

Earn an A+ on the following assignment. You may repeat as needed. You will keep your highest score. 

CCA 1.2.2 Algebra HW practice Questions. Earn an A+. Repeat as necessary.

 Monday, Sept 11
 Sept 6

Review and Preview:1.34 - 1.41

Left-justify your writing. Please write the stems. Show your work. Circle your answers. 

 Friday, Sept 8
Sept 5.

Take notes on symmetry. You may use these notes and all other notes during tests. 

Review and Preview: 125-129.


Left-justify your writing. Please write the stems. Show your work. Circle your answers. 


 Sept 1

Earn an A+ on this assignment. Repeat as needed. You will keep your highest score. You may save your work and complete it at another time. 

CCA 1.1.1 HW (10 problems)

 Tuesday, Sept 5

Problems 5-85 through 5-90

Problems 5-85 through 5-90