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Language Arts Grade 8 (Writing Center)                                                                                                                     School Year: 2014-2015

  Reminder: Please put forth your best effort to keep up with the homework, especially during this debate unit. 

Week of 3/23/15--Monday, Tuesday (3/24/15), and Wednesday (3/25/15) 

Homework: Continue reading and note-taking from both types of sources--articles and video clips. You could also find other articles and clips not provided in class, but you'll need to print/record those sources. 

Wednesday--mini-quiz as a result of your notes to date.

Friday 3/27/15 Should complete all note-taking by the end of class. You should have notes from at least 10 sources. This includes the video clips shown in class. Remember, you could always watch those same clips at home as well. Notes will be collected on Friday. 













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