Mansfield Middle School
Mrs. Achane-Miller
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Language Arts Grade 8 (Writing Center)                                                                                                                     School Year: 2014-2015

Please note: Students should check in with the teacher the following day after an absence in order to gather any missed classwork. If  a student, who was absent for a period of time, is unable to make-up missed work during the school day, then it will be assigned for homework. Of course, an extension will be given as needed in order to successfully complete any missed assignments.  

In addition, students have been informed about the importance of staying focused during class. Students will have a menu of tasks each day, which will include independent work time. If a student uses his/her class time wisely, then he/she will have a minimal amount of homework when it is assigned.


Week of December 8th ---Notice Change

Monday Homework: Write 5 sentences; Use commas effectively based on today's discussion 

Wednesday Homework: Type two paragraphs (Students were given further directions about this assignment.) 

Friday: Final Informational Draft due at the end of class. 




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