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Language Arts Grade 8 (Writing Center)                                                                                                                     School Year: 2014-2015

  Tip: Even though the year is winding down, you still want to put forth your best effort. End the year on a strong, positive note. 

Monday 6/1/15 

  Continue brainstorming ideas in your notebook. You may lost references and allusions as well for homework. 

Tuesday 6/2/15 

Continue brainstorming ideas. You may look back on the poems we reviewed in class for ideas. 

Wednesday 6/3 No Homework---unless you want to start working on a possible poem--Be sure to keep length, purpose, and structure in mind. 

Thursday 5/28/15 

Finish the poetry analysis and essay. Final is due on Monday (June 1) at the start of class. I am available after school and during A/A on Thursday and Friday during x-block if you are not on the special trip. Consider watching Andrea perform her poetry again in order to spark new ideas and push your thinking. You can google the title of the poem and her name in order to access the video of her performance. 


Next week-we will begin brainstorming and drafting ideas. 










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