Mansfield Middle School
Mrs. Achane-Miller
Homework Page for Grade 5



Please check your child's plan book in order to note classwork tasks and homework assignments.

Week of Monday starting 11/28/16 to 12/2/16 

Language Arts Class

Monday: Complete sentence investigation; Look for an interesting sentence from your independent book. Could be a complex/compound sentence or something other. Copy carefully, neatly, include page number, book title/author, and check spelling as well as capitalization. Only one or two sentences needed. Due by Thursday. (Can hand in early though.) 

Tuesday : Write 3 sentences using 3 different verb tenses. Due Wednesday 

Wednesday: Share Realistic Fiction plan with parent for feedback. (CW: Spelling pretest) (If parent does not have time during the afternoon/evening; bring plan back to school and take it home again the following day.) 

Thursday: Start making flashcards (Should be neat; Should have another study method on the back; Check spelling) 

Friday: Finish flashcards due by Monday (12/5/16) 

Reading Class 

Monday: Read/Track/ and write 1 sticky note using the three components discussed in class. 

                 A sticky note Example from the book: Alabama Moon

    I was surprised that Moon became friends so quickly with Kit. After all, he hasn't been around any kids his age--ever. Though, I think they are becoming good friends and this may  be important later on in the story. Moon offers to make Kit a deerskin hat. He says: " As soon as I get out of here, I am going to find a deer and make you a hat." (page 80) Kit was the first one to reach out to Moon when they were eating lunch. All of the other kids were afraid to talk to Moon. As I read on, I'll pay close attention to how their friendship grows. 

Tuesday: Read/Track/ and write 1 sticky note using the three components discussed in class. 

Wednesday: Take information checklist about topics and Read + 1 sticky note. 

                                  CW: Pretest on Informational Reading

Thursday: Read/Track/ + 1 sticky note--be ready to share on Friday. Think about what you'll focus on for your reading response during class on Friday. 

Friday: HW--Read/  CW--Share notes and Write a Response 









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