Mansfield Middle School

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Grade 6: No homework assigned. All work is completed in class.

Grade 7: Homework is due every Monday and Wednesday  There is a quiz every Friday.

Grade 8: Homework is due every Monday and Thursday.  There is a quiz every Thursday.


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Week of November 17:

7B: Monday, November 17: Worksheet - forming questions.  Quiz Friday on forming questions.

     Wednesday, November 19:  Pages 38 and 39 in text book, #5, 6, 7 - complete sentences please

  8A: Monday, November 17: Pages 64,66 and 67 in your workbook (65 is extra credit).  quiz Thursday on

vocabulary (ch 5 list 1)

Thursday, November 20: Vocabulary List Ch 5 List 2


Week of November 10:

7B: Wednesday, November 12: Pages 15-17 in your workbook

No quiz Friday

8A: Thursday, November 13: Read page 124 in your textbook and complete exercises 1-4 on pages 125

and 126 .

Week of November 3:

7B : Monday, 11/3: Family Tree Project - see handout for details.  Due Wednesday, November 12.

                             Quiz Friday - Family members, English - German!! Know the correct gender, plural and

spelling of each noun!!

Wednesday, 11/5: 1. Continue work on project and STUDY for the quiz on Friday!

                             2. Complete pages 13 and 14 in your workbook

8A: Monday, 11/3: Read pages 132- 134 in your textbook, and take notes in your notebook.  Do exercises

10 and 11 on page 135.  Complete sentences, please!  Quiz Thursday - open note on pages 132-134.

Thursday, 11/6: Copy your vocabulary list (Chapter 5, List 1) into your vocabulary books.


7B: Monday, Oct. 27: Read page 34 in your text book, and complete exercise #1 on page 35.  Complete

sentences! Quiz Friday on basic family members - German to English

Wednesday, Oct. 29: copy the new vocabulary list (family members) into your blue books.

8A: Monday, Oct. 27: : Study for the Chapter 4 Test on Tuesday Oct. 28 (Listening/Speaking) and

Thursday October 30 (Written)

     Thursday, Oct. 30: No homework!


Week of October 20

7B: Monday, Oct. 20: Read pages 40-41 in your text book, and take notes in your notebook.  On a separate

piece of paper, complete exercise #8 on page 42 - complete sentences, please.  No quiz Friday.

Wednesday, Oct. 22: no homework :)

8A: Monday, Oct. 20: Copy your vocabulary (Ch. 4, List 5) into your blue books - quiz on Thursday

Thursday, Oct. 23: Study for the Chapter 4 Test on Tuesday Oct. 28 (Listening/Speaking) and Thursday

Oct. 30 (Written). See review packet for exercises to help you study, as well as reviewing your notes, text

book and vocabulary books.

Week of October 13

7B: Monday, 10-13 - no school, Columbus Day

       Wednesday, 10-15- Study for the Chapter 1 test (see below for details)

8A: Monday, 10-13 - no school, Columbus Day

      Thursday, 10-16 - pages 57-58 in workbook

 Week of October 6

7B: Monday, October 6: Copy the vocabulary list into your blue spelling blanks.  Quiz Friday.

       Wednesday, October 8: Study for the Chapter 1 test on Friday,October 17 (written) and Monday, October 20 (listening and speaking)- work on review packet.

8A:Monday, October 6:  Copy the vocabulary list into your blue spelling blanks. Quiz Thursday: Accusative case - WER, WEN, WAS?

     Thursday, October 9: Read the Lesestuck (reading section) on pages 108 and 109 of the text book and complete exercises 17 and 18 on page 110 (complete sentences!)

Week of September 29

7A- Monday 9/29: Read pages 20 and 21 in your text book and take notes (in your notebook).  Complete

exercises 14 and 15 on pages 20/21 on a separate sheet of paper to hand in. Quiz Friday - vocabulary.

Wednesday 10/1: Complete pages 7 and 8 in your workbook.  Quiz Friday - vocabulary, list 2

8A- Monday 9/29: Read page 103 in your text book and do exercises 10 and 11 (complete sentences for

#11 please!!) Quiz Thursday - school subjects Eng. to German!

Thursday, 10/2 : Read page 106 in your text book - "Fur Dich" and "Sprache" and take notes in your

German notebook.  Complete exercises 14, 15 and 16 on pages 107-108 - complete sentences please!

Week of September 22

7B: Monday, 9/22: Complete pages 5 and 6 in your workbook, continue practicing your dialogue lines -

performing dialogues on Weds!! quiz Friday - vocab list 2 (see vocab list for details)

Wednesday, 9/24: Worksheet - subject pronouns and regular verb endings

8A: Monday, 9/22: Copy the new vocabulary list into your blue spelling blanks (Kapitel 4, Liste 3), Quiz

Thursday- Vocabulary (German to English)

 Thursday, 9/25: Pages 55-56 in your workbook.  quiz next Thursday (10/2) Vocabulary English to German

(spelling counts!!)

Week of September 15

7B: Monday,9/15: Complete pages 1 and 4 in your workbook - page 3 is extra credit.  Quiz Friday is based

on the dialogues from pages 7 and 9 that we have been working on. 

Wednesday, 9/17: Copy the vocabulary list (Kapitel 1, Liste 2) into your blue spelling blanks.

8A: Monday, 9/15: Worksheet (Verb endings/pronouns/plurals). Quiz Thursday will be on subject pronouns,

noun gender/plurals and verb endings - review your notes!!

Thursday, 9/18: Read the story "Martin" and complete the worksheet

Week of September 8

7B: Monday, 9/8: Read pages 10 and 11 in your textbook, and take notes in your notebook.  Also complete

exercise #8 on page 11 - complete sentences please and on a sep. sheet of paper from your notes!!!

Wednesday, 9/10: Copy the vocabulary list (Kapitel 1, Liste 1-greetings/goodbyes) into your blue spelling

blanks. Study these for a quiz on Friday!

8A: Monday, 9/8: Correct and STUDY your verb quiz.  Retake Thursday.

Thursday, 9/11: Complete the written exercises from our classwork packet in your classwork notebooks. Be

sure to write complete sentences!

Week of September 1

7B: Wednesday, 9/3: Worksheet - "Jungen und Madchen".  Quiz Friday - Jungen/Madchen, er/sie,

numbers 0-20

8A: Tuesday, 9/2: Worksheet - Verb review. Quiz Thursday - Verbs

Thursday, 9/4: Verb "house" and flashcards - choose one irregular verb from the list and make a "house"

and flash cards (Eng/German) for each form.