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8/23/2012 - 08/23/2012: Price Chopper Signs Lease for Storrs Center

Price Chopper Signs Lease to Bring Neighborhood Market to Storrs Center
Well-Established, Family-Managed Company Takes Innovative Approach to Supermarket Design

August 23, 2012 - Storrs Center is getting a grocery store.  Howard Kaufman, Managing Member of LeylandAlliance LLC, developer of Storrs Center, announced today that a lease has been signed with Price Chopper to open a custom-designed supermarket in Storrs Center.  "Price Chopper is planning a neighborhood market that is innovative in its design and will cater to the needs of the Storrs/Mansfield community.  We're especially pleased that the grocery store will be walkable for many people who live or work nearby," said Kaufman.


Price Chopper has been working with Storrs Center Alliance, Leyland's local affiliate, to design a building that is in keeping with the architectural design and sustainability guidelines for the neighborhood and will help foster the vision for Storrs Center to become a vibrant downtown where people can live, work and play.  A grocery store located at the crossroads of the Town of Mansfield and the University of Connecticut, within walking distance to many residences and civic uses, such as the Mansfield Community Center, is a key component of this vision.  Plans for the new 32,000 square feet grocery store include an in-store bakery with artisan breads, custom-cut meat shop, seafood department, floral shop, natural and organic products, pharmacy, indoor mezzanine-level café with WIFI access that is designed for convenience and accessibility, outdoor seating area, and a community room to serve and connect the local community.    


Price Chopper recently began modeling select stores upon neighborhood markets.  A similar store to the one planned for Storrs Center opened last April in Saratoga Springs to great accolades.  At Storrs Center, products offered by Price Chopper will meet the neighborhood's day-to-day needs and the community's preferences for fresh, healthy foods.  Price Chopper is committed to providing market-style produce stands that will carry a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables from multiple regional growers.  

Price Chopper is an American-owned, family-managed company with a passion for food that is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year.  As President and CEO Jerry  Golub explains,   "We are looking forward to building a unique, one-of-a-kind Price Chopper in  Storrs Center that will offer outstanding products and customer service, employment opportunities, and support for community needs and causes."  

While the lease for Price Chopper is signed and expectations are that the store could open as early as the fall of 2013, the store will require an amendment to the approved zoning for Storrs Center. The change is subject to review and approval by the Town of Mansfield Planning and Zoning Commission.  "We look forward to working with the Planning and Zoning Commission to make the necessary changes required to move forward with construction of the Price Chopper supermarket," said Mr. Kaufman.  "We will be making an application to the Planning and Zoning Commission in the near future."     


Storrs Center is a new mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented downtown in Mansfield, Connecticut.  The downtown features shops, restaurants, services, and apartment homes that are interspersed with a town square and public areas in a new neighborhood located at the intersection of Storrs Road and the University of Connecticut.


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Storrs Center is a mixed-use town center and main street corridor at the crossroads of the Town of Mansfield, Connecticut and the University of Connecticut.  Located along Storrs Road adjacent to the University, the Town Hall, the regional high school, and the community center, Storrs Center will include a new town square across from the University's fine arts center and will combine retail, restaurant, and office uses with a variety of residence types.  The town center plan will knit thoughtful architecture, pedestrian-oriented streets, and public spaces into a series of small neighborhoods that will make up the new fabric of the town center.  Ground floor retail and commercial uses opening onto landscaped sidewalks will reinforce traditional street front activity and will be supported by residences above and shared community spaces.

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