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4/24/2019 - April 24: Community NACAN Training Event
Community NARCAN Training Event
MANSFIELD--- A free community NARCAN training event will take place at the E.O. Smith
High School Library on April 24, 2019 between 6pm and 7pm. This event is open to all
members the public. NARCAN is a lifesaving medication which reverses the toxic effects of a
potentially fatal overdose of opioids such as morphine, heroin, and oxycodone. Attendees will
learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of an overdose, safely administer NARCAN to
an individual, and about local resources available to individuals for support in treating opioid
addition. All attendees will be given a free NARCAN rescue kit. Grant funding, NARCAN kits,
and training for this event are provided by SERAC (Southeastern Regional Action Council).
Mansfield Youth Services has partnered with the Town of Mansfield, Eastern Highlands Health
District, the Region 19 and Mansfield Boards of Education, to make this event possible. Opioid
addiction can happen in any community and the epidemic of overdoses has become a national
crisis. Communities embracing access to NARCAN treatment, providing information, and
engaging in open dialog about the opioid epidemic will help to drive out the associated stigma
that might otherwise prevent individuals from seeking help.
For questions please contact Mansfield Youth Services at 860-429-3319.