Pearson Inform

(applicable to staff only)


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Pearson Inform.

Step-by-Step How-To Reference Materials:

1) How to Do Score Entry (for your class of students)

2) How to Do Score Entry (for students not assigned to your class) 

3) How to View Test Score Reports in Inform

4) How to View Sub-Test Scores in Inform

5) How to Record Interventions in Inform

6) List of Interventions

7) How to View or Print Student AIP Reports in Inform

8) How to Record Interventions to Groups of Students in Inform

9) How to Assign Students to Student Groups in Inform

10) Overview of Pearson Inform 

Tutorial Video: Part 1 - Login and Context Manager (SchoolTube)

Turtorial Video: Part 2 - Test Results Tab (SchoolTube) 

Tutorial Video: Part 3 - Students Tab (SchoolTube) 

We encourage you to connect with your colleagues in your building as they may already be familiar with the task that you are looking to complete. You can see your building and district curriculum and subject-area specialists for questions about particular assessments as well. For technical issues, please send an email to your building's I.T. support team.