Mansfield Board of Education





It is the mission of the Mansfield Board of Education, in partnership with the Mansfield community, to ensure that all children acquire the knowledge, skills, and attributes essential for personal excellence in learning, life, and work within our global community.


We Believe: 

  • It is our obligation to teach academic and social skills while promoting the emotional, physical, and behavioral development of all children.

  • Children thrive and experience success when we provide instruction and opportunities that value individual abilities and interests.

  • Equal access to our district’s programs and services will be afforded to all children.

  • All children and staff deserve a safe, secure and supportive school environment.

  • Schools excel when staff engage in continuous improvement of practice and life-long learning.

  • It is the responsibility of our schools to engage, support, and involve families.

  • Our schools are strengthened when the school and community work together, each contributing to the success of the other. 

District Framework:                       

  1. The district is committed to promoting rigorous academic outcomes, social skills, and the habits of mind necessary for growth in life, learning, and work beyond school including the ability to communicate effectively, work collaboratively, and think critically and creatively.


  2. The district is committed to providing student-centered instructional practices that are responsive to student learning styles, promote resilience, and allow for personalization and individual growth in academics and the related arts.


  3. The district uses purposeful assessments to inform instruction and monitor individual student progress aligned with learning goals.


  4. The district supports embedded professional learning that advances the goals of the district and engages staff in continuous improvement.


  5. The district celebrates the unique and diverse community of Mansfield by building partnerships between families, schools, and the larger community.


  6. The district works in a fiscally responsible manner to align its organizational systems and resources to achieve established goals.