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3/31/2017 - Stormwater Management Plan

What is the Town Doing?

Your community is developing and implementing a Stormwater Management Plan in accordance with the CTDEEP General Permit. The Plan addresses water pollution from construction, new development, illegal dumping to the storm sewer system, pollution prevention and good housekeeping practices in municipal operations.

Stormwater Management Plan

The DRAFT Stormwater Management Plan was prepared by the Town of Mansfield Engineering Division and is available for review and comment until May 31, 2017. Your participation is encouraged to assist the Town in meeting the Public Participation and Involvement Control Measure. A copy of the General Permit

If you have any questions or comments regarding this plan, please contact Derek Dilaj, Asst. Town Engineer at (860) 429-3334 or via e-mail at dpw@mansfielct.org.