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2/4/2019 - 2019 Revaluation Update Mailers


The 2019 Town-wide Revaluation project is underway!  Residential Data Verification Reports, aka, “Data Mailers” were mailed by our vendor, Vision Government Solutions, Inc. (Vision), on January 30th

It is extremely important to the success of this project that you confirm the data contained therein. We’re looking for a 100% return! It should only take a few minutes of your time to review the information. We ask that you make any necessary corrections right on the form. Corrections or not, please be sure to fill out your contact information at the bottom (remember to sign and date it) and return to Vision directly within 10 days of receipt, via mail, fax, or email.  Their contact information is located in the upper right corner of the mailer.

Please note:  There has been some confusion regarding # of fireplaces. The first line is the actual count, while the second line, “# of additional fireplace openings” is duplicate information, pulled from another code in our database.

To learn more about Vision Government Solutions, Inc., AND for answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Revaluation, click here.