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Planning Documents

All documents are in pdf format except those noted with an asterisk (*).

Downtown Mansfield Master Plan (2002)
   Target Market Strategies Report (2002)
   Appendices to Target Market Strategies Report (2002)

Character Survey for Storrs Center (2003)
   Analysis of Character Survey (2003)

Environment Impact Statement (2002)
   Record of Decision for Environmental Impact Evaluation (2003)

Municipal Development Plan (2005)*
   Downtown Mansfield Municipal Development Plan Market Study (2003)

Special Design District Applications and Approvals (2007/Design Guidelines updated November 19, 2012)*

Army Corps of Engineers wetland permit (2008)

CT Department of Environmental Protection stormwater discharge permit (2008)

Sustainability Guidelines (2008)

State Traffic Commission certificate for Storrs Road (2009)

Storrs Road Rendering (2010)

Parking Lease between the Town of Mansfield, EDR, and Storrs Center Alliance (2011)

Storrs Center Phases 1A and 1B
    Zoning Application (2011)*
    Zoning Permit (June 3, 2011)

Parking Garage and Intermodal Center - Storrs Center Project
   Intermodal Center/Parking Garage Design Certification Form
   Zoning Permit Application
   Zoning Permit Application - Supplemental Information
   Intermodal Center/Parking Garage - Site Plan
   Storrs Center Parking Garage Zoning Plans
   Intermodal Center - First Floor 
   Intermodal Center - Second Floor

   Intermodal Center - South Elevation
   Parking Garage - Rendering 1 Through Village
   Parking Garage - Rendering 2 Overall
   Parking Garage - Rendering 3 North Stair
   Parking Garage - Rendering 3 North Stair - Night
   Preliminary Renderings for Storrs Center Intermodal  Transportation Center 1
   Preliminary Renderings for Storrs Center Intermodal  Transportation Center 2
   Preliminary Renderings for Storrs Center IntermodaTransportation Center 3
   Preliminary Renderings for Storrs Center Intermodal  Transportation Center 4
   Preliminary Renderings for Storrs Center Intermodal  Transportation Center 5
   Public Hearing Presentation on Storrs Center Parking Garage and Intermodal Center (May 4, 2011)
   Zoning Permit (August 11, 2011)

Post Office Road and Post Office Site
    Zoning Application
    Zoning Plans Phases
    Zoning Permit (September 12, 2011)

Village Street and Transit Pathways - Storrs Center Project (2011)
    Zoning Application
    Zoning Plans
    Storrs Center Design Review Checklist
    Zoning Permit (April 16, 2012)

Storrs Center Parking Management Agreement (2012)
    First Amendment to Parking Management Agreement (2013)
    Second Amendment to Parking Management Agreement (2017)

Storrs Center Parking Management Plan (2012)

Public Spaces Plan (2012)*

Fiscal Impact Study Power Point Presentation by HR&A (October 4, 2012)
     Fiscal Impact Study Memo by HR&A (December 21, 2012)

Storrs Center Phases 1C and 4
    Zoning Application (2013)*
    Zoning Permit - Phase 1C (June 17, 2013)
    Zoning Permit - Phase 4 (June 17, 2013)

Mansfield Town Square
    Town Square Zoning Permit Application and Design Guidelines Checklist (August 2013)
    Zoning Permit (November 6, 2013)
    Master Plan (2013)
    Conceptual Drawing 1
    Conceptual Drawing 2
    Conceptual Drawing 3

Storrs Center Village Street - 11 Building (September 2013)
    Zoning Permit
    Statement of Use
    Storrs Center Design Review Checklist
    Zoning Permit Application Plans (Revised October 16, 2013)
      Cover Sheet
      Existing Conditions Plan
      Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan
      Grading and Drainage Plan
      Layout and Materials Plan
      Details 01
      Details 02
      Plantings Plan
      CP03C66702-VS11-CP-02.VS11 40SC
      Colored Elevations
      Elevation 02
      Lower Floor
      Main Floor
      Upper Floor
Authorization for Zoning Permit: VS-11 (Foundation only) (November 20, 2013)

Storrs Center Phase 2 (April 2014)
       Zoning Application
       Architectural Plans
         Cover Sheet
         Site plan
         Site plan (color coded)
         VS-2 First Floor Plan
         VS-2 Second Floor Plan
         VS-2 Third Floor Plan
         VS-2 Fourth Floor Plan
         VS-2 Fifth Floor Plan
         VS-2 Elevations 01
         VS-2 Elevations 02
         VS-5/6 First Floor Plan
         VS-5/6 Second Floor Plan
         VS-5/6 Third Floor Plan
         VS-5/6 Fourth Floor Plan
         VS-5/6 Fifth Floor Plan
         VS-5/6 Elevations 01
         VS-5/6 Elevations 02
         VS-5/6 Elevations 03
         VS-8-9 First Floor Plan
         VS-8-9 Second Floor Plan
         VS-8-9 Third Floor Plan
         VS-8-9 Fourth Floor Plan
         VS-8-9 Fifth Floor Plan
         VS-8-9 Elevations 01
         VS-8-9 Elevations 02
         VS-10 First Floor Plan
         VS-10 Second Floor Plan
         VS-10 Third Floor Plan
         VS-10 Fourth Floor Plan
         VS-10 Elevations 01
      Site Plans
         Cover Sheet
         Part 01
              Site Plan East
              Site Plan West
              Alternate Site/Grading & Drainage Plans
              Site Details I
              Site Details II
              Site Details III
              Grading & Drainage Plan East
              Grading & Drainage Plan West
              Grading & Drainage Details I
         Part 02
              Utility Plan East
              Utility Plan West
              Utility Plan Details I
              Utility Plan Details II
              Utility Plan Details III
              Utility Plan Details IV
              Soil Erosion & Sentiment Control Plan East
              Soil Erosion & Sentiment Control Plan West
              Soil Erosion & Sentiment Control Notes & Details
              Lighting Plan East
         Part 03
              Lighting Plan West
              Lighting Notes & Details
              Landscape Plan East
              Landscape Plan West
              Landscape Plan East Alternate
              Landscape Plan Notes & Details I
              Landscape Plan Notes & Details II
Phase 2 Zoning Permit (August 2014)

Parking Garage Settlement Agreement between the Town of Mansfield and Desman Associates (April 2014)

Storrs Center Phase 3 - Main Street Homes Zoning Permit Application (March 2015)
             Phase 3 Zoning Permit Application
             Clubhouse Technical Drawing
             Midrise Elevations
             Midrise Technical Drawing
             Rendered Site Plan
             Site Plans
             Townhouse Elevations
             Townhouse Technical Drawing
Phase 3 Zoning Permit (August 2015)

Storrs Center Trail Access Zoning Permit (May 2016)
              Zoning Permit Application
              Site Plan
              Grading and Draining Plan
              Trail map
              Mansfield Inland Wetlands Agency Memo (June 2016)
              Zoning Approval (July 2016)

Storrs Center Public Spaces Study (October 2016)

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