7/6/2009 - PTO Meeting Minutes- September 2016

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Southeast PTO Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order by Erin Clark at 6:38pm.

People in attendance were: Erin Clark, Sheralyn Sibilia, Noreen Halbrooks, Lauren Rodriguez, John Sgro, Janice Wehner, Sara Steward, Mary deVecchis, Kimberly Christenson, Susan Cote, Lena Rossi, Amber Casey, Liping Zhang, Veronica Herrera, Dan Blanchard, Xicomin Wang, Lingly Zhang, and Xianoly Jin.

1. Introductions of officers, parents, and staff:

Everyone mentioned above. Erin Clark – PTO President for the past 2 years, Sheralyn Sibilia – PTO Secretary, and Noreen Halbrooks – PTO Treasurer.

2. Upcoming PTO Events:

a. Open House: Tuesday, September 13, 2016 6:30-7:30

    Erin Clark, Sheralyn Sibilia, and Noreen Halbrooks will each take a 15-minute shift.

b. Fall Carnival: Saturday, September 24, 2016 10:00-2:00

- Fall Carnival Committee Meeting: tonight Monday, September 12, 2016 after the PTO                 Meeting and Wednesday morning, September 14, 2016 9:00am at Erin Clark’s house. Committee members: Erin Clark, Sheralyn Sibilia, Noreen Halbrooks, Kimberly Christenson, Susan Cote, Mary deVecchis, Janice Wehner, Lena Rossi, and Veronica Herrera.

- Less trash, more “green.”

- StaBake Sale: Noreen Halbrooks

- “Mini Mudder” idea from Chaplin Elementary School PTO given by Lena Rossi.

- Silent Auction: Main fundraiser - Erin Clark and Jennifer Mott.

- Staff Support – Mary deVecchis will tell staff what we need and where they can help out.

3. Upcoming Fundraisers and Events that need coordinators:

a. Square One Art - TBD

b. Pancake Breakfast – Saturday, June 10th (was a possible date) Jennifer Mott.

c. Book Fair – November and June (Barnes & Noble vs Scholastic, or Barnes & Noble for both?)

d. Munson’s Chocolates – Lena Rossi

4. Principal’s Report:

a. Great first day of school!

b. Superintendent Kelly Lyman – great first year with her.

c. School money:

- 3rd and 4th grade Reading Workshop – Mrs. Doyle: waiting to be passed.

- Running Club – PTO granted form from Mrs. Irvine. Providing snacks

d. 21st century skills: What does this look like?

- Principal Lauren Rodriguez will be presenting in a conference in Denver, CO later this month.

- Building projects – while still including it into the education sphere.

e. First Day Celebration: Senora Hutton – Teacher of the Year Recipient will be speaking around October 21st.

f. Staff Openings:

- Special Education: Sheralyn Sibilia is our Parent Representative for the incumbent.

- Librarian: Mickey Maheu has been filling in while we wait for someone to take over the position.

g. Leadership - I am pleased to announce the PTO Officers for the 2016-2017 School Year:

- PTO President:         Kimberly Christenson

- PTO Vice President: Susan Cote

- PTO Secretary:         Sheralyn Sibilia

- PTO Treasurer:         Noreen Halbrooks

h. Bus App.: IT will be at Open House – Jamie Russell will help be able to help people download the app. – includes estimated time of arrival with your child’s bus#.

i. Parent Conference Sheets:

- At Open House sheets with the Teacher’s name and times available will be posted outside the main office.

- Held in November: the week of Thanksgiving.

- Opened to feedback.

- Will send out reminders for those that have not signed up yet in November.

Meeting was adjourned at: 7:47pm.