6/28/2009 - PTO Meeting Agenda- Nov. 21st

PTO Agenda


November 21 Meeting @ 6:30pm Monday in Art Room


-Thank you: Election Day Bake Sale, Book Fair, Thanksgiving Feast


-Adopt a family: Gifts to be in by 12/9


-Cocoa and Crafts or Game Night for December?

          Any Interest? Who will run this? Date?


-Do we want to sell coffee in the am December 19-32rd?


-Ben Wiles update on Mansfield Food Initiative


-November 23rd deadline for newsletter


-Should we use PTO money for guest speakers? January? February?


-Volunteer for Wed 11/23 to help with refreshment table


-Principal’s Report


-Teacher Representative Report

  Room Parents?


-Teacher requests


- Green Living Committee (Veronica Herrera)


7:30 Healthy Food on the Go Presentation



We look forward to seeing you at the meeting tonightJ

Food and Babysitting will be provided.