6/24/2009 - PTO Meeting Minutes- Dec. 2016

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Meeting called to order at 6:36 pm by Kimberly Christenson.

1. Introduction of Officers and people in attendance: Kimberly Christenson – Co President, Susan Cote – Co President, Sheralyn Sibilia – Secretary, Noreen Halbrooks – Treasurer, Jennifer Mott, Joe Tinnel, Janice Wehner, Amber Casey, Erin Clark, Jon Sgro, Lauren Rodriguez, and Mary deVecchis.

2. Adopt-a-Family: Erin Clark

 a. Got everything on the list!


3. Game Night: Joe Tinnel

 a. Need to get flyer/form out to Nancy Banfield a week in advance.

 b. Still need a date.


4. Morning Coffee: Ben Wiles

 a. Happening in January.

 b. $1 coffee fundraiser.


5. Principal’s Report: Lauren Rodriguez

 a. Donations for pizza – PTO Meetings: jar in the office.

 b. Meeting with Veronica Herrera – looking at working with waste in the schools, working with Green Thumbs Club, and Chuck Warinsky in regards to talking about composting and what children need and don’t need.

 c. Bringing your own clean plates, silverware, and cups to school for hot & cold lunches:

  1. You would have to bring these every day, wash them, and bring them home every day.

  2. Hoping to make a significant difference in Mansfield.

  3. Mrs. Gagne does a lot to make sure all of the dishes, etc. are clean and look nice.

  4. Gearing towards a 0% waste.


6. The PTO is making an effort not to purchase new paper products and to use what we already have.


7. Upcoming events:

 a. Leo Committee/WAIM: light clothing, boots, etc.

 b. Gym: Tressel trees.

 c. Mr. James Hendricks: CAS (Connecticut Association of Schools) won an award. He presented a project that’s gone internationally.

 d. Would like to do another tri-school basketball game – Feb. 19th.

 e. Peer mediator meeting with Alissa Mahoney.

 f. Mrs. Kelly Villar and Karen Burnham are working on Kindness and making an A-Z Kindness   book. They are asking for $200 to get it done by Staples before the holidays. Sheralyn Sibilia passed it and Erin Clark second the motion.

 g. Gifts for families: The PTO came together and did donations for 3 families:

  1. Gift card,

  2. Photos and a quilt,

  3. $150 for each family.


8. Teacher’s Report: Mary deVecchis

 a. Thank you for the new move chairs for Mrs. deVecchis’s class.

 b. Ms. Smallidge – thank you for the drums for music class.

 c. Letter/e-mail from Alissa Mahoney: thank you to the PTO for being so involved in our school!

 d. Class parents – representatives: how can they help? More parent involvement. Looking for more information and being clear about what the teachers want. A possible dialogue between teachers and parents – possibility of working all of this out in the 2017-2018 school year.


9. Green Living Committee: Veronica Herrera & Ben Wiles

 a. Start doing/sending out the surveys for parents in January.

 b. New menu items to school lunch:

  1. Brown rice (2 oz whole grain) as a side.

  2. Cauliflower (frozen).

  3. Humus.

  4. Tostadas.


10. 4th Grade Moving On Ceremony: (in June)

 a. Selecting a date.

 b. Invitations.

 c. Yearbook/slide show.

 d. Cake & hors d oeuvres.

 e. Gift: a gift bag with yearbook & T-shirt for Mansfield Middle School in inside the bag with their name on it.

 f. Historically, 3rd grade parents have helped out.

 g. Group to be put together in February.


11. Munson Chocolate Fundraiser: Lena Rossi

 a. In the spring.


12. Janice Wehner: her child was nominated for a STEM Award.

 a. Teachers nominate kids for this award.

 b. Ceremony held in Boston for 4 nights/5 days: learn robotics, how to dissect certain things, and solve a crime.


13. Treasurer Report: Noreen Halbrooks

 a. Up-to-date accounts:

  1. Green Thumbs Club: $1505.91.

  2. Stories for Southeast: $131.96.

  3. Science Sampler: $994.80.

 b. PTO income: $300.00

 c. PTO expenses:

  1. Running club snacks: $108.45.

  2. Grant requests/drums & desks: $1789.77.

  3. CAS leadership conference: $90.00.

  4. Sunshine club donations: $309.80.


Meeting adjourned at 7:42 pm.


Respectfully submitted by: Sheralyn Sibilia PTO Secretary