6/22/2009 - PTO Meeting Minutes- January

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SOUTHEAST PTO MINUTES             Monday, January 23, 2017


Meeting called at 6:36 by Susan Cote (Kimberly Christensen was absent)

1. Welcome – those attended:

    Susan Cote, Sheralyn Sibilia, Jackie King, Monica Williams, Joe Tinnel, Emily Tinnel, Suzanne Kelly, Jennifer Mott,

    Jon Sgro, Noreen Halbrooks, Lauren Rodriguez, Senora Diane Hutton, Lena Rossi, Matt Jahn, Ben Wiles, and

    Veronica Herrera.


2. Game Night – Joe Tinnel

    Friday, February 24th in the Gym from 6:30-8:00 pm.


3. Treasurer’s Report – Noreen Halbrooks.

a. Have checking and savings (checking: $5220.40 and savings: $24,580.00.)

b. Check for Ms. Parker $2200.00 – ski program.

c. Green Thumbs Club $1505.91.

d. Stories for SE $131.96.

e. Science Sampler $994.80.


4. Fundraisers:

a. Morning Coffee – Ben Wiles

    Tuesday, February 14th table by Custodian’s door 8:00-8.45 am $2/cup of coffee (Teachers are free!).

                   1. Susan Cote will donate maple syrup.

                   2. Need someone to donate whip cream.

                       Some ideas:

                       a. Order 90 insulated canteens (we pay $14/each and sell them for $25/each) have the Southeast Logo.

            They would come from Washington State. Would take 2-3 weeks to receive. (or)

                       b. Order 150 from another company (we pay $8/each and sell them for $15/each).

                       c. Have one of each of the above at morning coffee and see which one people like the most.

b. Munson’s – Lena Rossi

    1. Pick up April 5th .

                   2. Go out Monday, April 17th .

                   3. Students have 4 weeks to collect orders.

c. Square One – Mother’s Day Project – Suzanne Kelly

                   1. Done in art class with Mrs. Anger.

                   2. Due March 7th .

                   3. Will be working on projects in February.

d. Pancake Breakfast – Noreen Halbrooks

                   1. Will look at having it at Toast (Restaurant at Mansfield Four Corners).

    2. Need a date for the spring.

                   3. Parents in the kitchen and kids serving drinks and food.

                   4. Jennifer Mott will secure a date at Applebee’s for October, 2018.

e. Tri-School Bowling Night – (all 3 elementary schools) Jennifer Scanlon is in charge

                   1. Sunday, February 19th @ Lucky Strike Lanes.

f. Plant sale – Ingrid Hanka’s husband Eric Hanka

                   1. Donation of $100 from the Southeast PTO for: seeds, herbs, and plants.

    2. They want to sell them on Memorial Day.

                   3. All proceeds will go to the Southeast PTO.

                   4. Need help planting the week of April vacation: the Mott’s and the Halbrooks have offered to help.





5. Bird Food Donation – Connie Ziko

               a. Has been on a volunteer basis from: Connie Ziko, Lauren Rodriguez, Michelle Kolomyjec, and Katherine       

                   Smallidge donating.

               b. Donation of $250.

c. Possibility of sending letters with the Southeast letterhead out to businesses to: Thompson’s, Mansfield     

    Supply, Mackey’s, Wal-Mart, etc.

               d. Fund for the rest of the year. Sheralyn Sibilia passed it and Noreen Halbrooks second it.


6. 4th Grade Moving-On Ceremony

               a. Invitations: Sheralyn Sibilia

               b. Yearbook: Sheralyn Sibilia along with other people to do this as a team.


7. Thank you notes from the Adopt-a-Family families that got gifts this past Christmas.


8. Principal’s Report – Lauren Rodriguez

               a. Teacher Requests

                   1. Emily Tinnel – PTO Donation Form: Maker Spaces

                       a. Asking for $600.

                       b. Would like to have it in the library during recess for a group of students.

                       c. Consists of different building materials, art supplies, and games.

                          Sheralyn Sibilia passed it and Susan Cote second it.

                   2. Mr. Hendricks, Mrs. LaBella, Mrs. Core & Mrs. Robichaud – “Pete the Cat Musical”

                       a. Mr. Hendricks won a Grant for $700 to the “Pete the Cat Musical.”

                       b. Asking for a donation from the SE PTO for $600 for transportation fees to the “Pete the Cat Musical.”

                           Sheralyn Sibilia passed it and Noreen Halbrooks second it.

                   3. Mrs. Sangree – thank you for the donations.

                   4. Ms. Parker – new ski equipment Southeast PTO gave $2200 to replace old equipment.

                   5. There is a parent who is an International Chess Player –

                       a. Invite students who are interested (6-14) from 3:45-4:45 on any day, but Friday.

                       b. $120/student for 10 weeks.

                       c. Using the “step-method.”

                       d. Teach tournament-style and receive a book appropriate to their level.

                       e. Budgeted donation.


9. Green Initiatives – Veronica Herrera

               a. Food Too Good to Waste.

               b. Apart of the Solid Waste Committee of the Town of Mansfield.

c. Sign up to promote initiative.

               d. Generate trash at events.

               e. Use re-usables.

               f. Refreshments – green?


10. Bringing in outside experiences – African Drumming & Dancing with Sidikl Sylla – Susan Cote

 a. Passed out a brochure explaining all of the information.


11. Pizza for Southeast PTO meetings

 a. Will have it next time.

 b. Will be put on the agenda for February’s meeting to talk about further.


Meeting adjourned at 8:25 by Susan Cote.