6/30/2001 - PTO Meeting Minutes- May 2017

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SOUTHEAST PTO MINUTES                     Monday, May 15, 2017

Meeting come to order at 6:37pm by Kimberly Christensen

1. Welcome/Introduction: Kimberly Christensen, Sheralyn Sibilia, Noreen Halbrooks, Rebecca Aubrey, Jon Sgro, Mary deVecchis, Susan Cote, Elle Ouimet, and Lauren Rodriguez.

2. Treasurer’s Report: Noreen Halbrooks

 a. PTO Income

  1. Munson’s - $971.61

  2. Coffee Sale - $21.00 (April)

  3. File Clean Out Find - $26.00

 b. PTO Current Account Balances

  1. Total Checking Account - $2852.56

  2. Total Savings Account - $17,586.64

  3. Green Thumbs Club - $1601.43

  4. Stories for Southeast - $131.96

  5. Science Sampler - $1566.87

 c. PTO Expenses

  1. Luminary Event: Demi - $208.53

  2. Enrichment cluster materials - $105.45

  3. Kids Marathon Registration Fees - $325.00

  4. Teacher Grants: Total - $678.38

   a. Plants - $26.95

   b. ELL Books - $497.43

   c. Ski containers - $90

   d. Sensory items - $64


3. Teacher Representative Report: Mary deVecchis

 a. Thank you for the Staff Luncheon

 b. From a parent: Governor Malloy is picking up Teacher Pensions – CEA has been fighting it. Parents from Southeast to advocate for teachers to rally around – will be in Hartford. Previous date was postponed – will be in contact with new date.


4. Principal Report: Lauren Rodriguez

 a. Thank you for passing the budget at the last Board of Education Meeting.

 b. 20 students below enrollment. Nothing in current budget that calls for reduction (all 3 elementary schools are below enrollment).

c. Mary deVecchis is moving from the 2nd grade to the 3rd grade for the 2017-2018 school year. Some of her current students will be with her next year.

d. Positions available:

 1. Southeast Special Education position (currently interviewing).

 2. Dr. Rachel LeClair – Director of Special Education is retiring at the end of the year.

e. Summer school this year will be here at Southeast (mid-July to mid-August).

f. Completed SBAC Testing.



SOUTHEAST PTO MINUTES                     Monday, May 15, 2017 (con.)


5. Grant Requests: Susan Cote

 a. Sue Irvine & Susan Cote – Sidiki Sousla from Burlington, VT: June 7-9. Note: agenda is still being discussed.

  1. Supplies: water – approved.


6. PTO Representative: Rebecca Aubrey

 a. The Board of Education approved her to be a Liaison to Southeast Elementary.

 b. Next year she will be a Liaison to Pre-K – 4th grade.

 c. Is currently a Spanish teacher in Willimantic.


7. 4th Grade Moving on Ceremony: Kimberly Christensen

 a. Will be Wednesday, June 14th at 7:00pm.

 b. Nancy Banfield will be getting all the addresses from the different households.

 c. We ordered custom signature t-shirts this week.

 d. PTO Support:

  1. Kimberly Christensen

  2. Sheralyn Sibilia

 e. Current parent volunteers:

  1. Elle Randazzo – cupcakes, etc.

  2. Anne Caranci – invitations.


8. Applebees Pancake Breakfast: Jon Sgro

 a. Saturday, May 27th.

 b. Tickets will be available for purchase at:

  1. Game night – Friday, May 19th.

  2. Coffee morning – Thursday, May 25th.


9. 4th Grade Yearbook: Jaime Brown (not present) Kimberly Christensen

 a. Looks great!

 b. Great responses from 4th grade parents.

 c. 46 pages long.


10. Fall Carnival: Elle Ouimet

 a. Saturday, October 14th 9-2.

 b. Erin Clark and Jen Mott will be heading up the Silent Auction.

 c. Sheralyn Sibilia will be in the dunk tank.

 d. Susan Cote will be doing the Cake Walk.

 e. Committee planning meeting by July 1st.


11. Southeast Committee Sign-ups: Elle Ouimet

 a. Plenty events throughout the year to help out.




SOUTHEAST PTO MINUTES                     Monday, May 15, 2017 (con.)


12. Coffee Morning: Ben Wiles (not here) Susan Cote

 a. Thursday, May 25th 8-9:15

 b. Kelly Lyman, Superintendent will be there!


13. Newsletter: Kimberly Christensen

 a. Deadline: May 21st

 b. Needs somebody to take over and do the newsletter.


14. PTO Meetings: Kimberly Christensen

 a. Open meetings Wednesday mornings from 9-10 (5/24 - will be in the conference room).

 b. PTO Board Meetings – Mondays (morning of PTO Meeting) 10-11.


15. PTO Officers for 2017-2018: Susan Cote

 a. Still need a treasurer for next year.


16. End-Of-The-Year Social: Kimberly Christensen

 a. Details are still being discussed.


Meeting adjourned at 8:22pm by Kimberly Christensen


Respectfully submitted by: Sheralyn Sibilia - PTO Secretary