6/30/2001 - PTO Meeting Minutes- June 2017

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SOUTHEAST PTO MINUTES                   Monday, June 5, 2017

Meeting called to order at 6:38pm by Kimberly Christensen.

1. Welcome: Kimberly Christensen, Sheralyn Sibilia, Noreen Halbrooks, Dave Correll, Elle Ouimet, Jon Sgro, Lauren Rodriguez, Jennifer Mott, Susan Cote, Maraiah Popeleski, Ben Wiles, and Veronica Herrera.


2. Treasurer Report: Noreen Halbrooks

 a. Introduction of Dave Correll – our new Treasurer for the 2017-2018 school year. Everyone approved!

 b. June Account Balances:

  1. Total Checking Account - $4671.06

  2. Total Savings Account - $17,588.23

  3. Green Thumbs Club - $1601.43

  4. Stories for Southeast - $131.96

  5. Science Sampler - $966.87

  6. PTO Balance - $19,559.03

 c. PTO Income:

  1. Square One - $1446.29

  2. Coffee Sale - $7.00 (May)

  3. Pancake Breakfast - $888.00

  4. Plant Sale - $753.91

 d. PTO Expenses:

  1. Key Chains for Ms. K’s Class - $175.49

  2. Museum Passes (Sturbridge and New England Air Museum - $550.00

  3. Books - $29.82

  4. Yearbook - $431.40

  5. 4th Grade Moving on Ceremony (invitations, autograph books, gift bags, tissue paper, etc.) –


 e. Proposed Expenses for the 2017-2018 year:

  1. Skis and containers - $2600

  2. Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day - $350.00

  3. Teacher grant request: increased from $1500 - $2000

  4. Increased museum passes from $750 - $800

  5. Added parent-teacher conferences - night snacks: $200


3. PTO - summer: Kimberly Christensen

 a. The PTO Board is meeting a couple times throughout the summer – continuous members can attend.

 b. The goal is to get the calendar of events done ASAP!


4. Principal Report: Lauren Rodriguez

 a. Enrichment clusters – authentic response to the students. 1 ½ sessions with kids – learning aspect with  

Sue Irvine.

b. Groups

  1. Over the loud speaker.

  2. LaCrosse (group to talk about).

  3. Dedication for Demi’s “happy place” garden in front of school.

  4. Thank you to each parent who gave time.

 c. Sidiki – West Aftrican musician and dancer June 7-8.

  1. Small groups: Grades 1-3 (Wednesday, June 7th)

  2. Assembly: Pre-K - 4 (Thursday, June 8th)

  3. Night event (Thursday, June 8th)

 d. Kids Marathon (Saturday, June 3rd) - participants did an awesome job!

 e. Mystery Hike (Monday, June 5th)

 f. Hiring: Special Education Teacher - forward name to Superintendent.

  1. Rachel Leclerc - Director of Special Education is retiring - 3 people moving on to 2nd interview.

  2. Letter going home to parents of 3rd graders going into 4th grade - classes are smaller. On the report cards it will say “Teacher: TBD.”


5. 4th Grade Moving on Ceremony: Kimberly Christensen and Sheralyn Sibilia

 a. Yearbooks - Jaime Brown

  1. Will have Monday, June 12th.

 b. 4th grade graduation invitations went out - Ann Caranci.

 c. Cupcakes and drinks (water with floating fruit) - Elle Randazzo.

 d. Staff Appreciation Luncheon - thank you to everyone involved.

 e. Thank you to Kimberly Christensen and Sheralyn Sibilia for taking on the 4th Grade Moving On Ceremony.

 f. Will do a sign up genius for other parents to help with set up and clean up.


6. Coffee Morning: Ben Wiles

 a. Kelly Lyman, Superintendent - parent feedback.

 b. Ben has decided to continue with this next year.

 c. If indoors, will be in the shelter.


7. School Lunches - Maraiah Popelski

 a. Negative balance in accounts.

  1. Some children are getting alternate lunches.

 b. Sunshine fund.

 c. Food app to control what kids eat.

 d. Lauren Rodriguez will talk to Stephanie Richards about a “Sunshine Fund,” pre-paid card, etc. $50 card to be created. Passed by everyone.


8. Fall Carnival/Silent Auction: Kimberly Christensen and Susan Cote.

 a. Elle Ouimet has volunteered to run the Fall Carnival this year.

 b. Will be held on Saturday, October 14th this year.

 c. Erin Clark and Jen Mott will do the Silent Auction this year.

 d. Will try to make as “green” as possible.

 e. Committee meeting: 1 in July and 1 in August - will be lead by Elle Ouimet.


9. End-of-the-year Ice Cream Social: Kimberly Christensen

 a. Friday, June 16th 6:30 - 8:00 pm at Southeast Playground on the blacktop.

 b. UConn Dairy Bar - cones, cups, and gloves: Susan Cote.

 c. Elle Ouimet will send out flyer.


10. Added: (per Kimberly Christensen)

 a. The 3rd grade had a terrific field trip today to the Nathan Hale Homestead!


Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm by Kimberly Christensen.


Respectfully submitted by: Sheralyn Sibilia - Southeast PTO Secretary