2/15/2018 - Southeast School recognized - CT School of Distinction

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am pleased to announce that the CT State Department has announced that Southeast School was recognized as a.... 2016-2017  CT School of Distinction!

We were recognized for two distinctions.....

1.   Highest Performing Elementary School (top 10% in the state)

2.   Highest Growth of all Students (top 10% in the state) 

We earned an overall school rating of (1 is the highest ranking).
Additionally, our overall school percentage (which looks at a broader scope including absenteeism and physical fitness - in addition to our standardized test score results) rated Southeast a  92.1% .

That's an A!  Congratulations to all our students, staff and families for continuing to make Southeast the best school it can be!   We share this award with you!

Lauren Rodriguez, Principal

Southeast Elementary School