2/29/2012 - Science Fair/Invention Convention Wed., 4/4

Southeast Elementary School
Science Fair and Invention Convention



The annual Southeast School Science Fair and Invention Convention is scheduled for Wednesday, April 4, 2012 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. All Southeast students are invited to participate in this exciting event.


                Students may enter the Science Fair or the Invention Convention or both!  The SCIENCE FAIR is your chance to plan and conduct a simple investigation or experiment and show what you discover.  The INVENTION CONVENTION is your chance to show your idea for a new way to solve a problem or make a job easier to do.  Students who enter an invention will be competing to represent Southeast at the Connecticut Invention Convention. 


Can’t think of an idea?  Ask a friend, a relative (older brothers and sisters can be very helpful here), or a teacher for their ideas.  Check the library or at school for books about science experiments and inventions.  Maybe you want to research a question you’ve always wondered about or invent a solution to a problem you’ve noticed. 


A great way to start is to visit the Southeast web page http://www.mansfieldct.gov/southeast and click on the Science Fair and Invention Convention link under Southeast News and Announcements.  We encourage you to try out the link for Science Buddies which has a survey to help you select a topic; many science experiment ideas, tips and even an Ask an Expert section.  We want you to think of a project that is simple and interesting.  The idea is for you and your family or friends to have fun with science.


You’ll need the Science Fair packet and/or Invention Convention packet to begin so if you can’t access or download them from our Science Fair and Invention Convention web page, please indicate that when you sign up so we can copy one for you.  If you plan to participate, please sign up so we can plan for the appropriate number of students.  Sign up on-line from our Southeast Web Page.  Go to http://www.mansfieldct.org/se/sfic and click on the red link to sign-up. If you are unable to complete the form on-line, please return the form.