3/8/2012 - Southeast Mileage Club Volunteers Needed

Southeast Elementary School

Mileage Club is a recess activity. It is available to all First and Second Grade students on Monday and Wednesday. For Third and Fourth graders, it is available on Tuesday and Thursday. This club provides an opportunity for kids to walk or run laps at his/her own pace at recess.  It’s a way to have fun while making a healthy choice. Kids have a chance to set and reach goals and to build self-esteem. They can participate for part of a recess or all of their recess. They can come one day or two. It’s their choice!

Parent volunteers are always needed to punch mileage marker cards and to encourage the kids as they work hard to reach goals.


Please let us know if you would like to help out. If you have any questions, please contact Diane Hutton at huttondm@mansfieldct.org or Betsy Parker at Parkerbb@mansfieldct.org.

The Spring 2012 Mileage Club will be up and running soon!  We need parents to help facilitate this great healthy activity.  Please read this flyer for details.