4/9/2012 - Special Persons Week - May 1 to May 4

All sign-ups are needed as soon as possible.

April 5, 2012

Dear Parents:

It is time again for our annual celebration of special people in our lives.   Special Persons’ Week is scheduled for the week of May 1st.  As in the past, we would like to invite grandparents and special friends to our school.  Parents have the opportunity to attend many school functions throughout the year, but this special week is intended to enable each child time to share part of their school day with a grandparent or special adult friend.  However, if your child does not have someone to invite please feel free to be his/her special person. 

In order to minimize the impact of large numbers of people visiting the school, we have developed the schedule below:

Date Grade Time
Tuesday, May 1st PreKAM 9:30-10:30
  Grade Four 2:00-3:00
  PreKPM 2:00-3:00
Wednesday, May 2nd Grade Two 9:30-10:30
  Grade One 2:00-3:00
Thursday, May 3rd Kindergarten 9:30-10:30
Friday, May 4th Grade Three 2:00-3:00

 All visitors are asked to park in the lot next to the school.  Staff will be parking in a designated area in order to keep open spaces close to the building. Student ambassadors will be waiting to escort visitors to classrooms.  After a visit to the room, all guests will be invited to the cafeteria for refreshments.  As in the past, we are unable to dismiss students with a grandparent or special friend unless we have received a note from the parents in advance.  In order to prepare for the correct number of visitors for this special week, please sign and return the attached portion of this letter to school no later than Monday, April 23.  We are looking forward to having our special guests spend time with us at Southeast.

New Option
Fill this form online instead of returning the paper form!
Visit http://www.mansfieldct.org/se/specialpersons

If you would rather use a print copy, please print it and return it to your classroom teacher.

If you use EITHER form and you are allowing your child to go home early
with his or her special person please send a paper note providing that permission.