9/11/2012 - Biomes Aquarium Enrichment Program starts Sept. 19th

Starting September 19, the UConn interns and Southeast School will be hosting the Biomes Aquarium Enrichment Program in the enrichment classroom. The aquarium will be at Southeast until October 17th. Each week the sea life will change and every class will have the opportunity to visit and participate in hands-on interactions with the new creatures. Some of the creatures that will be visiting Southeast are:  

Week 1: Echinoderms- sea star, sea urchin, sea cucumber

Week 2: Crustaceans- spider crab, barnacle, shore shrimp

Week 3: Mollusks- periwinkle, oyster, quahog

Week 4: Fish- striped minnow, puffer fish, flounder 

We are very excited to begin this exploration! For more information, contact enrichment teacher Susan Irvine susan.irvine@mansfieldct.org; or UConn interns Amanda Grady gradyal@mansfieldct.org and Jennifer Almonte almontejl@mansfieldct.org.

Visit the Biomes website http://www.biomescenter.com/schools/aquarium-1month.html