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View a Live Feed of Energy Savings from the Mansfield Community Center

The Mansfield Community Center utilizes Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology from Tecogen to generate both electricity and heat from clean-burning natural gas. By creating two outputs with only one input, the Community Center dramatically reduces it's carbon emissions by approximately 40%, lowers energy costs by a commiserate figure, and provides back-up power to residents in the event of outages and other emergencies.

Residents can now visit a summary webpage online that updates its status approximately every 15 minutes documenting savings both in financial terms and in reduced impact on the environment.

  1. Click here to view the live feed of energy savings.
  2. When prompted, type in the username Mansfield (all lowercase) and the password mansfieldSavings (the "S" in savings is a capital letter).

The above page includes detailed information about the savings. Residents with additional questions after viewing the page can also contact Adam Teff at ATeff@Titanenergyne.com.