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Town Council

Paul Shapiro, Mayor

Audrey P. Beck Municipal Building
4 South Eagleville Road, Mansfield, CT 06268

The new Mansfield Town Council was sworn in on 11/9/15.

From left to right: (back row) Stephen Kegler (R), Ben Shaiken (D), Mark Sargent (R), Alex Marcellino (D). (front row) Mayor Paul Shapiro (D), Toni Moran (D), Peter Kochenburger (D), Deputy Mayor Bill Ryan (D), Virginia Raymond (R).

To submit your letter for inclusion in the public record, please send your email to TownClerk@mansfieldct.org. All E-mails are for official Town business only and privacy should not be assumed. E-mails are public documents unless subject matter is protected by State or Federal Laws. 

Important Links:
Meetings on TV & Online Video Budget Documents
Council Agendas & Minutes
CERC Profile of Mansfield
Council Goals Open & Transparent Government
Council Policy Resolutions Town Charter & Code of Ordinances
Council Proclamations Town Strategic Plan (13mb)
Council Rules of Procedure Legislation not yet Codified 
Council Committees NextGenCT Economic Impact Analysis
  Intergovernmental Relations 
Public Act #16-45 An Act Concerning Concrete Foundations  Concrete Forum Information
 Concrete Foundations - Letter to Governor 2017 Council Meeting Schedule 


The Town of Mansfield operates under the council-manager form of government, in which the Town Council functions as the legislative and policy-making body, and the Town Manager serves as the chief executive officer.

The nine-member Town Council is elected biennially on an at-large basis. Council members serve without pay and elect one of their fellow members to serve as mayor. A deputy mayor is selected as well. The mayor and the deputy mayor retain full voting privileges.

Regular meetings of the Town Council are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month, and special meetings are held as needed. The Council has three standing committees: Committee on Committees, Finance, and Personnel. Ad hoc committees are appointed as needed to review particular issues and to submit recommendations to the full Council.

Town Council Members 2015 - 2017 

  Paul M. Shapiro
Paul Shapiro, Mayor

William Ryan
William Ryan, Deputy Mayor
860-429-3399 ext. 3408

            Denise Keane, Council Member

Peter Kochenburger
Peter Kochenburger, Council Member

Alexander Marcellino
Alexander Marcellino, Council Member
860-429-3399 ext. 3405

Antonia Moran
Antonia Moran, Council Member

Virginia Raymond
Virginia Raymond, Council Member

Mark R. Sargent, Council Member
860-429-3399 ext. 3403

Ben Shaiken, Council Member
860-429-3399 ext. 3402

View Town Council Meetings:

Town Council regular meetings held in the Council Chamber are broadcast live both on our website (http://www.townhallstreams.com) and on Charter Cable Channel 191.

Additionally, each regular meeting of the Council is available online for 31 days following the meeting for on-demand access, as well as rebroadcast on Channel 191 until the next regularly scheduled meeting is held. Click here to access the online video and view the schedule for Charter Cable Channel 191.

Read Council Agendas, Minutes, and Packets:

You can read Town Council Agendas, Minutes, and Packets.