Hazardous Waste

Wherever you live, you live within a watershed. Streams lead into rivers and rivers lead into larger bodies of water. In Connecticut we live in the Long Island Sound Watershed. Pouring paint thinner or cleaning products down the sink or toilet, dumping waste oil or gasoline on the ground or into a street drain, or overuse of pesticides and fertilizers can threaten nearby sources of drinking water and the Sound.

  1. Read the product label. Avoid buying products that are:
    1. Toxic (poisonous)
    2. Corrosive (can burn or destroy materials)

    3. Reactive (can react with other substances to create fumes, heat or an explosion)

    4. Explosive (can explode with exposure to heat or pressure)

    5. Flammable (can easily set on fire)

  2. Look for non-toxic alternatives.

  3. If you buy a hazardous product, buy only what you need and use it up.

  4. Share leftover paint or hazardous cleaning products with a friend or neighbor.

  5. If you are left with hazardous waste, as a resident or small business, bring it to the MidNEROC Chemical Waste Drop-off Facility in Willington.

Mid-NEROC Chemical Waste Drop-off Facility

Hours: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, the third Saturday of each month from April through October. 

Location: 57 Hancock Road, Willington, CT

Cost: There is no charge for household hazardous waste. Businesses will be charged based on the material type and quantity. Businesses, call (860) 965-1910 to make an appointment.

Accepted Hazardous Waste

From The HouseFrom The GarageFrom The Yard/GardenFrom The Workbench
Drain CleanersFire StartersPesticides & Insect SpraysRust Preventatives
Metal PolishOld Chemistry SetsHerbicidesWood Preservatives
Oven CleanersContaminated Gasoline or KeroseneRodent KillersOil/Lead Based Paints
Photo ChemicalsOld GasolinePesticides/Herbicides Latex Paints
Dry Cleaning FluidsOil/Gasoline MixturesMuriatic AcidsPaint Thinners
Floor CleanersWaxes and PolishesCesspool CleanersSolvents
Arts & Crafts SuppliesTransmission FluidsFertilizers Containing Herbicides and/or PesticidesWood Strippers
Mercury Thermostats and ThermometersEngine and Radiator FlushesPool ChemicalsDegreasers
Elemental Mercury