Mansfield Open Space Program

How does the Mansfield Open Space Program Work?

  • A property becomes available for purchase by the Town.
  • The property is referred to the Open Space Preservation Committee and staff for review.
  • Subject to estimated acquisition costs, budgetary considerations, and property owner conditions, the -Open Space Preservation Committee recommends properties that meet criteria in the Town Plan to the Town Council.
  • As appropriate, appraisals are obtained, grant assistance is sought, and purchase agreement is negotiated.
  • For properties actively being considered, neighboring property owners are notified and a public hearing is held.
  • The Town Council votes on whether to purchase the property, using the Open Space Acquisition Fund. 
  • The Council may apply for a grant to reduce the cost to the Town. A management plan is created, approved by the Town Council, and implemented by the Parks and Recreation Department

Further Information

If you have questions about the program or wish to recommend an open space purchase, contact the Town Manager’s office at 429-3336.