Non-Native Invasive Species Policy

In November 2004, the following policy was adopted on the staff level after a briefing of the Town Council at their 11/22/2004 meeting:

The Town of Mansfield recognizes that the spread of invasive plants and animals is a serious environmental problem threatening our local natural ecosystems. Therefore, in the Town’s continuing effort to preserve, restore, and protect native plant and animal communities of Mansfield, we establish this policy for invasives control.

  • Include the development and implementation of an invasives control plan in Town properties’ land management plans.
  • Train staff and volunteers in control methods, and apply to selected sites.
  • Educate residents about the invasives problem.
  • Work with other groups concerned with invasives control.

Are you concerned about non-native invasive species such as Asiatic bittersweet, burning bush, multiflora rose, autumn olive, Russian olive and others? Comprehensive information is available through through the Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group (CIPWG) and the Invasive Plant Atlas of New England (IPANE).

If you are interested in working to control non-native invasives in Mansfield’s Parks and Preserves, join us for a  Natural Areas Volunteers (NAV) workday. Email Jennifer Kaufman, Senior Planner at for more information.