Property Assessment

The Town Assessors Office, plans, directs, organizes and implements a continuing town-wide program of real and personal property assessment for the purpose of fair & equitable local taxation as prescribed by Connecticut General Statutes

Annually conducts inspections for new, existing and under construction properties to determine their value. Administers state and local exemption programs for veterans, elderly, disabled, and blind taxpayers, farm buildings and special land classifications among others. Compiles the Grand List of both taxable and tax-exempt property assessments for real property, motor vehicles, and personal property. 

Every five years the Assessor coordinates and oversees the town wide revaluation of all taxable and non-taxable property to reflect current market trends. Supervises all contracted appraisal work for said revaluation and superior court appeals.


The Assessor’s Office, like the rest of Town Hall, has re-opened for public-facing services, however many of our services are available online via the links below. 

Appointments are recommended for in person visits. Please wear masks and adhere to 6 Ft. social distancing guidelines. Email continues to be a great way to reach our department (see link above right).

Be well, and stay safe.

Sales Information

For recent sales information click HERE.

Online Property Information

For an informal look up of property information please use our online Geographic Information System. Please use the Chrome Browser to access Main Street Maps. Once you have found a property on the map, you will be able to access the most recent property record card by clicking on "PDF Property Card" from the list to the far left of the screen.

Upcoming Tax Bills
The Mill Rate for the 2019 Grand List is the same as last year, 31.38.

The July 2020 Tax Bills will be based on the 2019 Grand List (covering the assessment year October 1, 2019 through September 30, 2020), and are paid during the fiscal year running from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021. Taxes are due without penalty by Monday, August 3, 2020*. If you do not receive a tax bill on your property or motor vehicle by July 15, 2020 please call 860-429-3374. 

* Please see the Tax/Revenue Collections web page for information regarding Deferment Program for July 2020 Taxes.

Motor Vehicles

Adjustments to your motor vehicle tax bills may only be made with two proofs of disposal. (see Motor Vehicle Tax Bills Q&A)

Members of the Armed Forces serving in Active Duty must annually file application and proof of eligibility with the Assessor's office to claim exemption from motor vehicle taxation for that tax year. 

Non-Connecticut Resident Servicemembers may use the Federal Exemption Application Claim Form for vehicles they or their spouse own or the Connecticut Exemption Application Claim Form for one leased vehicle. 

Connecticut Resident or Non-Resident Servicemembers may file the Connecticut Exemption Application Claim Form to exempt one vehicle that they own or lease.

Veterans Exemptions

Please open link to exemption programs brochure pertaining to Veterans Exemptions: Information for Veterans

Elderly & Disabled Homeowners and Additional Veterans Income Qualified Exemptions

Biennial filing period for Elderly & Disabled Homeowners is February 1 - May 15 and is based on income qualifications*. For information on the Homeowner’s Program application process, please contact the assessor's office:

COVID-19 Update for Re-filers only:

Pursuant to Governor's Executive Order 10-89th COVID-19 Order:

"3. Suspension of Reapplication Filing Requirement for the Homeowners’ – Elderly/Disabled Circuit Breaker and Freeze Tax Relief Programs. The biennial filing requirements imposed by Sections 12-170aa(e) and (f), 12-170v, 12-170w, 12-129b, 12-129c and 12-129n of the Connecticut General Statutes, for taxpayers who were granted tax relief benefits for the Grand List year 2018 and who are required to recertify for the Grand List year 2020, are suspended and such taxpayers shall automatically maintain their benefits for the next biennial cycle ending in Grand List year 2022. The municipal requirement to notify taxpayers concerning re-application requirements by regular mail is waived."

Biennial filing period for Additional Veterans, Income Qualified is February 1 - October 1 for the upcoming grand list year (i.e., October 1, 2021).  For additional information, please Click HERE.  For a printable application please Click HERE.

COVID-19 Update for Re-filers only:

Pursuant to Governor's Executive Order 10-89th COVID-19 Order:

"2. Suspension of Reapplication Filing Requirement for the Additional Veterans Tax Relief Program. The biennial filing requirements imposed by Sections 12-81g, 12-81f, 12-81ii and 12-81jj of the Connecticut General Statutes for taxpayers who were granted tax relief benefits pursuant to those sections for the Grand List year 2019 and who are required to recertify for the Grand List year 2021, are suspended and such taxpayers shall automatically maintain their benefits for the next biennial cycle ending in Grand List year 2023." 

First time filers, new applications: 

*2020 Calendar Year Income Qualifications for these programs are:                                $37,000 Unmarried and $45,100 Married.

Board of Assessment Appeals 

In accordance with Connecticut General Statutes 12-111, the Mansfield Board of Assessment Appeals will hold scheduled appeal hearings in March 2021 pertaining to the October 1, 2020 Grand List for Real and Personal Property appeals and the 2019 Supplemental Motor Vehicle Grand List of registered Motor Vehicles only. The hearings will be held on March 9, 13, and 16 by appointment only. At this time meetings are expected to be held virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Written appeal petitions must be submitted to the Board PRIOR to February 20, 2021. ****POSTMARKS NOT ACCEPTED**** Please note, Town Hall is closed Saturday, February 20th, so applications must be received by close of business February 19th to meet deadline.

Please print online application or arrange to pick one up in the Assessor's office by emailing your request to:

Income & Expense Forms

All owner's of Commercial, Industrial Real Estate and/or Rental Properties (5+ units) are required to file annual Income & Expense Reports. The deadline to file the form with the Assessor's office is : BY June 1st annually. Failure to file by the prescribed deadline will result in a 10% assessment penalty. Please direct any questions to the Assessor's office: .

2020 Income & Expense Forms were mailed to property owners February 1, 2021. Fully completed and signed forms must be submitted to the Assessor BY June 1, 2021. Failure to file by the prescribed deadline will result in a 10% assessment penalty by law.

If you received a form and you are owner occupied, please note that on the form, sign the affidavit and return to the Assessor by June 1, 2021 to avoid penalty.

2020 Income & Expense Forms will be mailed in February 2021 to registered property owners. If real commercial, industrial or rental property was purchased after January1, 2020, please complete Verification of purchase price.

PLEASE NOTE: 2019 Income & Expense Forms were mailed to owners of commercial properties. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the return date was extended to Aug. 15, 2020. Failure to file by the prescribed deadline resulted in 10% assessment penalty applied to the 2020 Grand List. Increase Assessment notices were mailed February 1, 2021. 

Pursuant to the provisions of C.G.S. Sec. 12-111, a written appeal petition must be filed with the Board of Assessment Appeals by February 20, 2021. ****Postmarks not accepted****

Defective Concrete and Crumbling Foundations Information Update

Mansfield is one of about twenty plus municipalities in Northeastern Connecticut known to have properties built using defective concrete in building foundations. Legislation has recently passed allowing owners of properties built in 1983 or later, who have been impacted by defective concrete, to receive a reduced property assessment. You must, however, have a licensed, professional engineer inspect your property and provide you with a written report indicating that your property has defective concrete.  A copy of the engineer’s report must be submitted to the Assessor’s Office, and the assessment staff must also inspect your property.  For more information about the process of receiving a reduced assessment, please contact our office by phone: (860)429-3311 or email:

Below are links to important information.

Below are helpful links regarding the process to claim a casualty loss with the IRS. Disclaimer: the Town cannot provide any specific recommendations or assistance regarding this matter: 

IRS Revenue Procedure 2017-60:

IRS Revenue Procedure 2018-14:

Personal Property 

Please see the following sections of the Connecticut General Code if you have questions about the particulars of what is due and when:

Sec. 12-71. Personal property subject to property tax.

Sec. 12-42. Extension for filing declaration. Assessor preparation of declaration when none filed.

Charitable and Certain other Organizations

Pursuant to the provisions of C.G.S. §12-81 and §12-87. Scientific, educational, literary, historical, or charitable institution, an agricultural or horticultural society, a cemetery organization, or a hospital society*, or corporation* or sanatorium* must file a return every four years. An additional report must be filed in any assessment year that is not a required filing year when seeking exemption for property acquired or previously not exempt. Applications must be filed with the assessor in each town in which exempt property is situated and owned on the assessment day. Applications or returns must show all property for which exempt status is sought, and must be filed with each assessor on or before November 1, or if such day is a Saturday or Sunday, on the next business day. 

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