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Our 2019 Revaluation project is nearly complete and Assessment Change Notices are being mailed Friday, October 25th, to all residential and commercial property owners by Vision Government Solutions, Inc.  

Per instructions on the Notice, anyone wishing to have their new assessments reviewed, must schedule an appointment online with Vision Government Solutions

If you do not have a computer, or if you have more than two properties you wish to discuss, please call Vision directly at 1-888-844-4300 to schedule your appointment. 

Please note, although these informal reviews will be taking place at the Mansfield Town Hall, the Assessor’s Office is NOT coordinating the appointments.

The 2019 Revalued Property Record Cards are now available for viewing via Vision’s Online Database at:

Online Property Information

For an informal look up of property information please use our online Geographic Information System. Please use the Chrome Browser to access Main Street Maps


The Town Assessor's Office administers the Town's property tax program in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes. On an annual basis, the Assessor's Office compiles the Grand List of taxable and tax exempt property. This listing is composed of real estate, motor vehicles, and personal property owned or leased by town businesses.

The Mill Rate for the 2018 Grand List is 31.38 

The upcoming July 2019 Tax Bills will be for the 2018 Grand List (covering the assessment year beginning October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019), but are paid during the fiscal year running from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.  Taxes are due without penalty by August 1, 2019. If you do not receive a tax bill on your property or motor vehicle by July 15, 2019 please call 860-429-3374. Adjustments to your motor vehicle tax bills may only be made with two proofs of disposal. (see Motor Vehicle Tax Bills Q&A). Active Duty Veterans must annually submit their active duty orders or a Property Tax Exemption Application signed by their commander to the Assessor's Office in order to receive Motor Vehicle benefits.

Defective Concrete and Crumbling Foundations Information Update

Mansfield is one of about twenty plus municipalities in Northeastern Connecticut known to have properties built using defective concrete in building foundations. Legislation has recently passed allowing owners of properties built in 1983 or later, who have been impacted by defective concrete, to receive a reduced property assessment. You must, however, have a licensed, professional engineer inspect your property and provide you with a written report indicating that your property has defective concrete.  A copy of the engineer’s report must be submitted to the Assessor’s Office, and the assessment staff must also inspect your property.  For more information about the process of receiving a reduced assessment, please contact our office by phone: (860)429-3311 or email:

Below are links to important information.

Below are helpful links regarding the process to claim a casualty loss with the IRS. Disclaimer: the Town cannot provide any specific recommendations or assistance regarding this matter: 

IRS Revenue Procedure 2017-60:

IRS Revenue Procedure 2018-14:

Personal Property

Please see the following sections of the Connecticut General Code if you have questions about the particulars of what is due and when:

Please see the following sections of the Connecticut General Code if you have questions about the particulars of what is due and when:

Sec. 12-71. Personal property subject to property tax.

Sec. 12-42. Extension for filing declaration. Assessor preparation of declaration when none filed.

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