Exercise Videos & Workouts

Silver Sneakers members have an option to check out programs offered through their membership, known as Silver Sneakers on Demand. You will need to log in to view these programs with your Silver Sneakers membership number, but the programs are free. Or modifying some of the programs below. More are added daily. Link to On Demand

Dynamic Warmup

Kettlebell Basics

Kettlebell Swing

Alphabet Workout

Pilates warmup with Margherita

Kettlebell overhead press

Bridge Exercise- Double and Single Leg Versions

Cardio Barre with Donna

Bodyweight workout with Jerry

Front Plank with 3 Variations

Adding Resistance to your workouts at home

Morning Yoga Stretch

Bird Dog exercise 

Squat and Pushup workout - 3 variations-great for the whole family!  - posted on Wednesday April 2 on our Facebook Page