Project Background

How Our Project Has Progressed

  • In November 2019, the Town of Mansfield citizens voted at the referendum to move forward with building one new elementary school for students PreK through Grade 4.
  • The Building Committee, was appointed by the Town of Mansfield, and met twice each month to review plans
  • TSKP Studios was selected as the architectural firm to design a new elementary school.
  • Other key partners were also appointed, including Collier’s International as the owners’ representative working on behalf of the town, and CMTA, a building science and net zero construction firm.
  • These professionals led a charette--a visioning session--with community members to inform the design process
  • Conceptual designs, then schematic designs were created, reviewed and revised throughout 2020.
  • The plan for the site, where Southeast Elementary School is presently located, was refined and approved.
  • To review documentation of the design and development process for this project, visit
Timeline of Development Events
New Elementary School
  • Geothermal test wells--the first step in preparation for the system to support a net zero school--were dug in fall of 2020.
  • With combined verification of the Board of Education and the School Building Committee that the plans meet the Educational Specifications and are within the approved budget, the plans were submitted to Connecticut’s Office of School Construction Grants & Review
Model of New Elementary School

Next Steps:

  • Tree-clearing continues to remove unhealthy trees from the edge of the construction site.
  • The building is being constructed in three segments.  Workers are erecting structural steel in Area A while perimeter foundations are being formed in Area B, and in Area C form footings and foundations are being installed while also pouring concrete at the retaining walls.  Waterproofing is being applied at retaining walls, and dampproofing on foundation walls.
  • Complete the geo-thermal well-drilling, and install geo-thermal tubing.
  • Install perimeter and site drainage
  • Interior furnishings, fixtures and way-finding plans finalized so procurement can begin