School Construction Timeline

Priorities during the construction phase of this project include the safety and security of students and staff, and minimizing disruption to the educational process during school hours.  

Construction of Mansfield's New Elementary School is estimated to take 16 months, although final sitework will extend into the early winter of 2022 as the project is closed down. Here's an update on progress and immediate next steps:

  • Construction for the new elementary school at the former Southeast Elementary site continues at both the interior and exterior of the structure. At the exterior, the building envelope continues to progress with spraying of the air/vapor barrier at the external walls in the grade 1-4 wing. Once the air/vapor barrier is complete at one location the contractors will proceed with spraying the other walls of the building while the grade 1-4 wing receives the next layers of building envelope (e.g., insulation and exterior facade siding/panels).
  • Elsewhere on the building, the installation of exterior framing and sheathing is ongoing at the gym wing and roofing detailing continues at the office/pre-K wing in preparation for roof-mounted solar panels. 
  • The building envelope installation will continue over the next few months as the interior of the building continues to be built out. The building, the walls and structure of the mechanical pumphouse continue to progress, and the general contractor has also begun preparations with its subcontractors, the town, and the town's consultants regarding the forthcoming demolition of the existing Southeast school building once the school year ends. 
  • At the interior of the building, drywall installation and taping continues at the grade 1-4 wing and the remaining concrete slabs are being prepared for pours in the next few weeks. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components and other infrastructure continue to be installed with much of the work complete in the grade 1-4 wing. The lower portions of the office/pre-K wing also have seen progress with the installation of sprinkler pipe and the upper portions of the office/pre-K wing should see rapid visible progress in the coming weeks as walls and infrastructure are placed atop the recently-poured slab.
  •  In terms of project logistics, a key focus for the contractor has been to expedite and track procurement of materials considering the manufacturing and shipping delays encountered with the pandemic. As before, the contractor is continuing to coordinate with subcontractors and vendors regarding the remaining project materials to help mitigate potential impacts to construction progress. 
  •  Separate from the school site, the reconfiguration work at the intersection of SR-89/Warrenville Road and SR-195/Storrs Road has kicked off and is scheduled to extend through early May.
  • TSKP Architects, energy experts and the building team working on how to create an engaging Net-Zero Energy educational "wall" for students to monitor how their school is performing4-8 pic 34-8 pic 14-8 pic 2

Construction Timeline